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Author: Jeremy

SilencerCo Warlock Vs. Ruger Silent-SR – Silencer fun at the range

We decided to do a head to head comparison of two rimfire suppressors, the SilencerCo Warlock, and the Ruger Silent-SR. We wanted to see if we could tell a difference in the abilities of these two cans. In the end, we could tell any difference in their abilities to suppress the report of any of the guns we took to the range that day when compared head to head with various types of ammo.

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Ruger Precision Rifle

So, a day out on the range with the brand new Ruger Precision Rifle; ours was chambered in .308win. The day started off with a 100 yd sight in and then we went to the 300 yd range for a little bit of accuracy testing and to check if getting MOA accuracy was possible. First, a little about the gun.

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Command Arms AQC-1C Red Dot Optic review

The CAA AQC-1C is a very good, well built optic. Command Arms sent us this to T&E and initially I was more thrown back by the price tag on this optic. $899 seems like a lot in the modern world of even high end military grade...

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