Short-barrel Suppressed 9mm AR

This rifle is just stupid fun to shoot. A 9mm SBR with a suppressor just makes you wanna load up 1000 rounds and go to town. This build was started when I was given a 9mm AR barrel from Faxon Firearms (coupon code: wls10) and it just spun out of control from there. 2 years later we have the final product, and trust me, you want something similar to this. A soft shooting, quiet, ammunition unloading device. Everyone that shoots this thing has a blast. One thing we noticed about this rifle when we first started shooting it, was...

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SilencerCo Warlock Vs. Ruger Silent-SR – Silencer fun at the range

We decided to do a head to head comparison of two rimfire suppressors, the SilencerCo Warlock, and the Ruger Silent-SR. We wanted to see if we could tell a difference in the abilities of these two cans. In the end, we could tell any difference in their abilities to suppress the report of any of the guns we took to the range that day when compared head to head with various types of ammo.

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Bar-Sto Barrels

Bar-Sto sent us a barrel that we used to replace the broken barrel in a Colt 1911 chambered in .38 Super Auto +P. After a little bit of fitting, fitting, and some more fitting the barrel was finally ready to be dropped in the pistol and tested. The barrels come a little over sized in some areas, on purpose, so that they can be properly fit into any gun.  With that done we went to the range. **Note** If you do not know how to do this properly please take it to a gunsmith. All work done on this...

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Ruger Precision Rifle

So, a day out on the range with the brand new Ruger Precision Rifle; ours was chambered in .308win. The day started off with a 100 yd sight in and then we went to the 300 yd range for a little bit of accuracy testing and to check if getting MOA accuracy was possible. First, a little about the gun.

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Command Arms AQC-1C Red Dot Optic review

The CAA AQC-1C is a very good, well built optic. Command Arms sent us this to T&E and initially I was more thrown back by the price tag on this optic. $899 seems like a lot in the modern world of even high end military grade optics. Setting that aside though we mounted it on my AR-15 and went to the range to do some drills with it and get a feel for it. AQC-1C Review It is a really well designed optic. The sighting in was very easy to do. The controls are large enough to use even with gloves on and in a easy to get to place without being in the way. The glass was clear and was bright enough to see in the day. The reticules got a little fuzzy at they’re brightest settings but not so much it was indistinguishable or distracting in any way. Once it was sighted in it stayed zeroed and was right on target. The center dot, which is visible in all three separate reticules, is 1.7 MOA. Which is very nice to take a distance shot and not cover a majority of the target. My only regret was I wanted to do a little durability testing but was told I couldn’t. So I have no reports on how well it will take a far drop or a 50 yd...

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M1A Scope Mount Comparison

SO I decided after un-bullpupping(?) my M1A that I wanted to to scope it up and maybe try and see how that would work. The problem is with so many options to choose from which one do you get? So we got in contact with our friends at Brownell’s and they were kind enough to send us two different M1A/M14 scope mounts. We received a Sadlak Industries mount and an A.R.M.S. Inc, mount. I compare the two side by side and give my personal opinions on the two. I only wish we could’ve had more to test, but nonetheless...

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“Zombie Hunter” AR-15 Chambered in .204 Ruger

We gave this to one of our amazing patrons. Our show is crowdfunded and we do all kinds of great things for our audience. You can find out more at This build originally started because A-aron wanted an AR15 that rivaled the awesomeness of one of mine. Knowing he would never be able to handle something that cool we decided we were going to build a rifle with parts from whoever would sponsor us to see what kind of badassery we could get. In the end I think what was given to us was pretty cool. A few...

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