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Henry Big Boy .44 Mag Review

H006-1-large[1]I had a chance to go out and shoot the Henry lever action .44 Magnum. What a great gun. Smooth action, good weight, accurate, and easy recoil. Shot the rifle at 100 yds with the stock irons to see how well we could get a group. Definitely accurate enough as a deer or hog rifle at 100 yds. 50 rds of RNFP and 50 rds of XTP bullets and both fed flawlessly. No FTF, FTE, or any malfunctions at all. If you’re a fan of classic rifle looks and designs, want a nice deer rifle in a state that doesn’t allow bottleneck rifle cartridges, or do a lot of cowboy shooting consider this rifle for your next purchase. Everyone that was there and held or shot it wanted to take it home.

Henry Big Boy .44 Mag Review

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Jeremy grew up in a small farm town in Ohio He started shooting at 8 yrs old with a lever action Marlin Gold Trigger. He spent four Years USMC and was awarded the company high shot. He also spent five years riding bulls, and worked several years as a security agent for a heavy metal band. Jeremy is also a NRA pistol instructor. You can also find Jeremy on his website at

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