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Protect your threads with Backup Tactical

Ava got in touch with Backup Tactical to take a look at their threaded barrel protectors. We threw them on a gun and had a fun range day. This isn't a review, just taking a look at a product that many people need from a pretty cool company. Enjoy the outtakes.

Packing heat to fight fires – Guns in the fire service

...the thing we fear the most is failing to make good on our promise to come home to our families. There is no amount of training and no type of equipment that can account for every eventuality. But we CAN equip ourselves, to the best of our ability, to deal with as wide a variety of situations as possible.

UTM Brings Sim Rounds to the masses – #big3east

Ava had the chance to shoot Shawn with the UTM and the experience was similar to most. The first time you raise that UTM enabled firearm and look at someone through the sights, it is very surreal. It took her a minute to get past that, then she shot me. It seemed like she liked it. Even though only one round was loaded, I think she pulled the trigger 50 times. I'm trying not to read into it.


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