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Gift ideas for gun people

What do you get that special person who loves firearms? Many have realized that it’s not a very good idea to buy someone a gun unless they know exactly what that person wants.

UTM Brings Sim Rounds to the masses – #big3east

Ava had the chance to shoot Shawn with the UTM and the experience was similar to most. The first time you raise that UTM enabled firearm and look at someone through the sights, it is very surreal. It took her a minute to get past that, then she shot me. It seemed like she liked it. Even though only one round was loaded, I think she pulled the trigger 50 times. I'm trying not to read into it.

Empty Shell Microgun – what else weighs 16 lbs?

We got to talk to Glenn Fleming from Empty Shell about the XM556 Microgun. Not necessarily something most civilians will be able to use, but very very cool nonetheless. It is chambered in 5.56 and shoots 3,000-6,000 rounds per minute. That's an expensive proposition! Who wants to shoot this?


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