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We Like Shooting
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 by YeatingHerOut

I’ve really been enjoying this podcast lately. The report between the hosts is entertaining and the content is informative. It’s really refreshing to hear from normal hunters doing normal hunter things and not a glorified ad for the latest gizmo. So many hunting podcasts and shows amount to nothing more than “hunting porn”: completely contrived and trying to sell you an unrealistic view of reality. It’s also pretty that the hosts have stepped out of the normal types of hunting and into less popular things like trapping and small game. It’s not the norm for hunting shows, but it’s real. At least it’s not a 30 minute play by play of a walk through a goat pen to shoot a farm raised animal.

Remember, sitting still is the best camouflage, rain is a reason to stay not to leave, and Let’s Go Hunt!

 by DrSccaryGuy

Lots of juvenile humor, a bit of gun knowledge, and a whole lot of changes on the music. Seriously, the music seems to be the worst thing about this show. They keep switching it and clearly have no idea how to pick a "theme" and stick with it. I thought we had finally gotten away from that crap intro music, but it came back. Please, cast, pick something other than that terrible intro. It's clearly a knockoff, which can best be referred to as a very fitting "don't fear the raper" by Blue Waffle Cult. Honestly, it's hard to decide who would most likely be the raper they don't want you to fear because it could be any of the cast members - the one who brags you couldn't stop him from raping you, the one who will sleeze on your wife, the keyboard commando, or the quiet guy who acts all meek but you know is just waiting to do something weird when you're drunk. And that sums up why i'm afraid of each cast member. every single one of them.

 by Nick Poz-Kreiger

I fucking hate you guys. Every time one of my kids says “I have to pee” my brain now whispers gently in my ear that “pee is stored in the balls”. I’m really glad that it isn’t because I would have to piss as often as Nick shits. Please keep doing what you are doing or else my wife will find something productive for me to do on Monday nights.

 by Eric J

I am writing this while waiting at the Burger King drive through. Is a hotdog a sandwich?

 by Hunter270

Great podcast! I have been listening for years now and listen on my drive to work, every week at least one person stares at me while driving because I am laughing like a fool listening to the show. You should definitely have a not safe to listen to while driving disclaimer.

 by Froderick Marpenstien

still enjoy

 by Sparky

Love the podcast, feels like Friday night standing around drinking beers in the garage with old friends. Shawn’s the friend who’s always got stories to tell and is great to have around. Jeremy’s the friend who would always suggest some sort of fun idea, but would definitely get you in trouble if you get caught. Aaron’s the friend you like to hang out with, but always pulls the “I forgot my wallet” trick when you go out to eat. Nick’s the quiet friend who loves to throw out some quick one liners at opportune times and always makes the night better. Savage is the friend everyone loves to pick on and doesn’t really pay attention to when he’s talking. Overall I’ve enjoyed listening for the past few years and look forward to new episodes every week.

 by Nick

Best shooting podcast ever. Love what you guys do for the 2A community. I always look forward every week for the shows to release and they do not disappoint. Nick's sarcasm adds extra spice to the show and his name is Nick so that makes awesome, Jeremy's brute force and knowledge add an extra edge, Shawn ties all the guys together and keeps them civil...kind of. Savage's (the talking thumb) news section keeps me up to date on 2A news, and Aaron, well, he's Aaron. Give this podcast a listen if you enjoy a dang good time!

 by TJ

Hey guys new to the show. You guys are awesome in helping me understand lots of stuff about guns that I didn’t know about so I have to thank you there. Being someone new to optics so much so I have a 40 year old scope on my coyote rifle and me really wanting to upgrade. Would you guys recommend a swamp fox lpvo or red dot with magnifier. Again thank you guys so much. Keep up the great work.

 by Michael C

This review is long overdue and outside the parameters of usual reviews. I discovered WLS after listening to the original AR15 podcast hosted by Jake circa (that means about) 2014. I've listened since episode one and have had the privilege to meet all the cast, except for Savage 1R (does he need an exit visa for the Peoples Republic of Washington State?) on several occasions and feel comfortable in saying we are friends. The firearms community is better off for having this eclectic group to entertain us all. The short meeting at SHOT show 2023 did not give me enough time to thank them, or buy them drinks, for an episode they produced around July 9, 2020.

Short story long: In the morning of July 9th, 2020, I left my house for my father’s funeral. My father meant the world to me, and I really did not know how much he had accomplished in his life until his funeral and wake. My father was an Army veteran who served in the Korean war, but never really talked about it too much. His two favorite stories were getting stranded in Hawaii for a month and having to share Hawaiian shirts, shorts, and sandals with his team members as they didn't have enough money to buy their own attire. So, they pooled their money and bought 3 sets and they rotated through the team. His other favorite story was driving a motorcycle off a cliff at night and ending up in the Sea of Japan. Swimming to shore they waited for daybreak to see if they could dive and salvage any gear. Then they saw the motorcycle and gear on the rocks. Turns out he and his teammate had the good fortune of driving off the cliff at high tide. So good luck for me!

So, what does any of this have to do with the cast of WLS? As I drove to my father’s funeral, I was listening to WLS. As is usually the case with WLS an organic conversation developed, and they began talking about their fathers and the impact they had on their lives. So here I am alone in my car, driving through the waste lands of the dempanic lockdown and I felt like I was traveling with my friends. Hearing their voices eased my heavy heart and comforted me. I knew the world would go on.

I love them all! But it still doesn't stop me from yelling at them when someone is saying something stupid. I wish them all the success in the world.

 by Warrior of the Weekend

The We Like The Gun Collective Show.

This show was started in 2016 by John Patton. After making a name for himself in the gun industry he sold the show to a ragtag bunch of autistic diabetic idiots who can barely keep it together. It often strays from a gun podcast and morphs into a “how to home improvement, what’s the real ingredients in chili, let’s argue about something stupid” show.

Every now and then you’ll get some good gun advice but don’t count on it often.

Once or twice a year the owner, John Patton stops by to check on his bitches. He needs to make sure the milkshake still brings the boys to the yard if you know what I mean. Gay sex.

Anyway, I’ll list one good thing and one bad thing about each cast member.

John Patton:

The good- he has great hair.

The bad- he left the show to these knuckle draggers.

Scheawne Herrin:

The good- has sexual dominance over the cast.

The bad- doesn’t know how to shut the fuck up sometimes. Oh wait. That’s Arron. Nevermind.

Arron the Jew:

The good- mother fucker takes a lickin’ and keeps on Jewing.

The bad-. Mother fucker takes a lickin’ and keeps on Jewing.

Nick Lunch:

The good. He has retard strength when it come to logic and keeping the show from completely being derailed.

The bad- he poops a lot. Like so much. I’m actually worried. Nick, are you taking a good probiotic to replenish good intestinal gut flora? Is it IBS? Don’t know what’s going on with you but I’ll help if I can. Get you in a cleanse or something but for fucks same get your shit together.

Jeremy Positively/Derrick:

The good-he’s the guy you want with you at the end of the world.

The bad- he’s the guy you don’t want to run into at the end of the world. Especially if your a dog.

Savage One Are;

The good- this page intentionally left blank

The bad- this page intentionally left blank

All in all, this stupid show is entertaining, informative and my favorite gun podcast. I love these fucking retards, my dream is to someday be on the show with them and just talk guns. I feel like we’re at the point where we could finish hers sente………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

 by Nick

Is it just me or does Nick look like Tom hanks from philadelphia? What makes it funny is since he’s the youngest guy in the show he probably doesn’t get the pop culture reference. Seriously, did a Gypsie brush his face and say thinner? Someone get this man whatever Jeremy is eating because dad bod is becoming a Gahdamn bod. Great show kept it up. And fuck Aaron

 by Goldenteabag

Have you ever been beaten by a wet spaghetti noodle by your girlfriend because she has a twin sister and you got confused and fucked her dad? Thats what it feels like listening to WLS. 5 stars!

 by Jared

These men are all godless soulless sodomites.

 by Jjjjj

Great podcast. You guys give Jeremy way too hard of a time. He’s the only correct one there. The only way to solve an issue is with brute force and violence. Why talk when you can shoot. Anyways, being a California listener, I would love it if you did some SoCal events because that way I know you’d be unarmed because of California’s carry laws lol.

 by Tactical muffintop

I’ve been a OG listener since the beginning and I wait impatiently every week for the chaos that is we like shooting. This podcast has gotten me through a lot of dark times wether it’s dealing with the VA because they are cunts or a horrible marriage that you just have to bite your tongue because your kid’s happiness is more important than your mental health. I feel like I’m having a beer with my buddies every time I watch/listen so it definitely feel like a family. So whatever you are dealing with in your life just taking a break from your everyday grind and bullshit and listen to these guys will do you good. One of the best days of my life was meeting Shawn, Aaron and Nick at triggercon. Without hesitation they took me around to all the people they knew introducing me to them. Good dudes. One thing that Shawn has said that has stuck with me is “your worst day here is better than not having you here at all”.

 by Daddydog

You fuckers are awesome! Shawn, you are looking more like Dusty Hill from ZZ Top, even more since he’s noe deceased (moment of silence) Love that group. Saw them in Savannah, Ga where my gf dumped me and so I left her with her new boyfriend. Nice enough to drop her shit off at her house. When I got there, she had called her mommy to say I left her and ended up driving back with a 12 gauge pressed against my head. Older brother can suck me. Crazy fucking family. So just wanted to say that new mag loader (slap loader) that Nick talked about, works with every 9mm mag I have…even 9 largo. Tried Walther, Steyr, CZ, etc.
Can’t get binary triggers in Florida since Parkland. Asked my faggot ass rep why he voted for it and he said we had to do something. Rick Scott signed it into law. Then hauled sss to the Senate.. All you assholes rule, even the commies. Next election, Trump sucks but not as bad as Joe”diaper boy” Biden. If Trump wins the Republican candidacy get say guck it and give it to asslick again, This country is wto shit.

 by The Hamburglar

5 stars, 1 for each of you, Savage even gets one for being smart enough to stay home.
It was good to see you guys are the same in person as you appear to be on the show. The authenticity was appreciated. It was like getting to see my old friends. Mayor McCheese aka Shawn giggling away while keeping things in order. His side kick Officer Big Mac aka Aaron standing by to take one for the team, and calling out Jeremy every change he gets. Captain Crook aka Nick stealing red bull from the Brownell's cafeteria. And Ronald McDonald aka Jeremy making everyone laugh, he may have forgotten his red wig, but with the towering height and big feet to match he wasn’t hiding from anyone. -Robble Robble

 by Brown Batman

Five squares. I met the cast yesterday at guncon, explained how I found the podcast after my father died. I have listened religiously since. You guys helped me get through my loss with humor and amazing shooting information! I appreciate what you do and respect you all! Guncon was great! And meeting you was the highlight of my trip despite winning a Daniel Defensive rail. Thank you guys for doing what you do. Disclaimer, i didn't meet nick though i saw him, and the commie was not seen. Thank ypu Jeremy for chatting with me early in the day. Love to all. Come to Iowa and hunt some large whitetails! #wlsislife!

 by K.Oswalt

I’ve been listening to this podcast for the last 3 years at work, once I found the podcast I went back to the first episode and listened from there to recent and now have to wait for the new weeks episode which is minorly inconvenient. But none the less through the years I’ve enjoyed every episode some more then others, that being said I’m pretty sure 2 of the cast members should be tested for autism(Aaron and savage) just to give the audience a logical excuse for the retardation. And Shawn is a knowledgeable host, but also nobody gives a fuck if you like .22 LR, and Jeremy is a crowd favorite due to his kys attitude and vast knowledge of basically every caliber and firearm from the start of time, and nick is knowledgeable but also could use a more exciting attitude once in a while but fuck it keep up the great show

 by Lurch

If the cast were super heroes, Aaron would be Aquaman because sure he has abilities, but who knows what he can do with them. Sean would be the Thing because he’s not pretty but he sure gets the job done. Nick would be the flash so we could run to the bathroom quicker. Savage would be Dr. strange, highly intelligent, really cool powers, extremely convinced of his own superiority. Jeremy would obviously be Thanos which makes me really glad the snap doe

 by DrScaryGuy

If you like shows that stay on topic, have info that is accessible to all audiences, and are family friendly enough to listen to with your wife and kid, this is not the show for you. If you like shows that give away promos from sponsors, this is still not the show for you. This show used to be very hard to listen to due to conflicts between certain cast members and everybody else in the world, but they bribed you to keep listening with free stuff (and gave extra chances to us "cult' members). Good news: the show is now a lot of fun to listen to if you know a bit about being a millennial (or GenXer) with guns and want to know more. Bad news - they'll keep all the sponsor promos for their own greedy selves (stereotypical Aaron), and laugh at you for being a poor and not getting free stuff.

 by Mark

I’ve been listening to the podcast for a long time but I just recently started tuning in to the live shows and… holy shit. Actually seeing the cast for the first time has only left me with more questions. As far as I know, Shawn’s never actually gotten his balls out on the show but if they’re half as disturbing as the top of his uncovered head, the mere inference of their exposure would have the power to scare politicians into coming through on their promises. I knew Aaron was the oldest cast member, but good god I didn’t know he was such a geriatric, liver spotted, bald Adam Driver, owl nosed fuck. The grey in his beard spread through my monitor like a cancer, and it only plays in black and white now. Until seeing video evidence, I wasn’t sure that Savage was even a real person. Unless he and Aaron are talking over each other, I can barely tell a difference between their voices, opinions, and overall commie pinko tendencies. I actually searched Jeremy’s name on YouTube before settling in for the show. I didn’t know that he won the African hunt he brags about every once in a while, that’s pretty cool. I also found an interview he did with another small business owner in Ohio on TV. Pretty slick man. But the one thing that really got me is how comically huge he is standing next to any other member of the human race. I would support a genetic test if any of you can hold him down long enough. Guarantee he’s at least 33% man, 33% squatch, and 50% black angus bull. Nick looks exactly how I thought he would. He looks as uninterested in the rest of y’all as he sounds, and I’m pretty sure whenever he’s stopping to think about your answers on gunfights, he’s actually in the midst of a dire losing battle to keep the contents of his bowels in, and to keep his ass from prolapsing.

In all seriousness, I’m a huge fan of the show. I listen to every episode while I’m driving at work, and I’ve almost wrecked a time or two from laughing so damn hard. Best podcast ever, keep being awesome. I love you guys.

 by Scott L

Had to leave a review. I told myself that the first time Aaron says something i agree with ill leave a review. It finally happened a few episodes ago when Aaron said 22lr has a place! I totally agree Aaron. Shawn is not often wrong but he is about 22lr. You guys are great. I dont miss an episode and hope there are thousands more to come.

 by Rimfire? I don’t even know her!

Five Twinkies

Double tap 309 and WLS 510 were pretty great because Nick, while normally having a dry and quiet sense of humor, chose violence over and over again. I’m actually a little worried now. It’s like when you have a pet that’s been sick for a while but then it suddenly starts looking better and acting normal and you think “hey he might be getting better now” but then the next morning you find him dead on the porch. I miss my dog.

Also Savage was gone.

 by CombatWombat_83

My review of the We Like Shooting cast as compared to the cast of the show "The Office". Ya Jeremy we know you didn't watch it, we don't need to hear you repeat that fact 5 times. And anyone else that hasn't watched it, get better at life.

Shawn is Michael Scott
Talks incessantly to keep the attentionon himself. Thinks he's a lot funnier than he actually is. But once he left the show took a steep dive.

Jeremy is Dwight
Raised on a farm, can't imagine why life is different outside of his podunk town. Probably shits in an outhouse. Pretty sure he's autistic

Savage is Toby
Annoying, everybody hates him, boring af. Left for a while and nobody missed him... kill yourself.

Aaron is cousin Moes
Creates some of the funniest moments, jobless, half retarded.

Nick is Todd Packer
Comes in about once a month, drops some epic one liners, shits in Michael's office and dissappears again.

All in all, both are great shows with great chemistry. But only one encourages me to train and build more firearms thus leading to a happier life. Thank all of you fellas and cuck Aaron.

 by JM_in_Ky

WLS 509
Thanks for making me the winner in the comments, there was a cough when you announced the email and I had to slow it down to try and write it down so I had to rewind and put the play back speed to half…..which should try about that time because you guys sound stoned for the last five minutes of the show talking about “not the mushrooms guy” and “stop eating!”.

 by Jack B

5 squares. These guys are good eggs.

Specifically, Jerambe is a hard boiled egg. Nick is a plate of cheesy scambled eggs. Savage is a ramen egg marinating in soy sauce. Aaron is a century egg. Lets see, is that everyone? Yeah I think so. Wait, how could I forget the guests? They're fried eggs. They don't always come out right, but when they do, they're the best eggs in the carton.

PS: Next time Matt Larosey-A does gun fights, make him argue the point AND at the same time convince us he is not a weeb. He needs to be handicapped to make it fair for the rest of you.

 by Swuanchy

Extreme respect for Aaron taking a week or whatever to make this odd scope switch thing no one seems to care about. Seriously it's impressive hopefully it works and he can release the 3d print files to the community. I like the odd ball gun stuff keep up the good work guys.

 by Matt J

Listening to this show is a lot like my sex life. My wife is often uninterested so I’m usually the only person involved, but I always manage to have a good time. Even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good

 by 509notacommie

Shawn STOP READING DIRECT FROM A.I. we all get it you are a tech guy and you 100% should use chat bot AI to optimize your search ….. no one wants to hear it .

 by Eric J

When chili was first invented, beans were not a part of the recipe, however, they were slowly added over time. Text and history says no beans, but tradition says beans. If you’re debating beans or no beans in chili though, you’re all wrong. For good chili, trust me, add mushrooms.

 by Jeep Jon

Newish listener, best podcast ever! Great content with everything from guns and gear talk to hilarious banter, engrossing stories and even where to buy horse cum. How much more can you ask for?!?!?

 by Genoa Sydroks

Five polygons!

Great show, very entertaining discussions and hilarious cast members with many chunks of valuable knowledge sprinkled amongst the banter. I love how the podcast addresses both technical questions, legal questions, and isn’t afraid to cross any boundary (except for criticizing Israel or using the hard R apparently). Here is my assessment of the cast members:

Sheawhn is the glue that holds everything together and seemingly the only one who knows how to operate a computer. I love how he is both the voice of reason as well as by far the biggest asshole on the podcast at the same time. Kind of a poser for acting all prepper like but living in an apartment like a cuck. Overall though I’m glad he’s here.

Jeremy pretends to be what Sheawhn often is, aka a giant douche, but it’s pretty obvious he’s actually a giant teddy bear who is always helping a brother out despite his harsh words. I guess raising daughters does that to you. There’s a reason he’s everyone’s favorite, his opinions are usually right, except regarding the definition of chili.

Nick is great gameshow host, though I think the first rendition of gunfights was the best, please go back to that. Despite being the most monotone and depressed sounding cast member, he always manages to surprise everyone with a well timed quip or ill timed bowel movement.

Aaron and Savage are the retarded kids that everyone is friends with just because they love seeing the stupid shit they get up to. When they argue with each other, it’s probably one of the most hilarious bits of the show. It’s like watching a crackhead fight a creepy serial killer.

Keep it up guys and just know that I cry myself to sleep every night because I live in California and 90% of your subject matter is illegal here.

 by Jaden D

Absolutely fantastic podcast. Best damn firearms podcast there is! I’ve been listening for a while now and went back to listen to many more. I’ve probably listened to 100-150 episodes so far. I’ve learned a lot and been entertained for hours. I’d love to meet the cast someday, they’re all great! I’m even friends with shawn on call of Duty, though I’ve never got to play with him. Ps. My clan tag is WLS69 for easy identification. Keep it up guys!!

 by Q Cooper

Great show with a knowledgeable cast. My one gripe is that I now have to defend Aaron, according to the International Chili Society there are two types of chili, red and green, they are made of red or green peppers, meat, spices and sauce, no beans. The Chili Appreciation Society International also forbids beans from their competitions classifying them as a filler like macaroni or rice. So Aaron is right.

 by BJS

Having John Patton on the show is great. Please fire Aaron and bring John on permanently.

 by Bill P.

You guys continue to pump out great episodes week after week.
When I first started listening, couldn't understand why Jeremy was always a dick to Aaron. After the third episode, I couldn't figure out why Jeremy hadn't driven over her to Michigan, kick-fucked Aaron to death, then smiled at the jury when his charges were read. All he'd have to do is play about 45 seconds of Aaron's autistic screeches and all charges would be dropped. Hell, he might even have a civil case against Aaron's family for psychological damages.
The latest episodes with Jon (aka TGC Beardy McBearderstein) have been incredibly informative as he and Jeremy just bring so much firearms knowledge to the table it's insane.
I do like the fact that Shawn et al won't shill for bullshit companies but have the 3 bullet-point requirements before you'll let them be a sponsor. I think back to all the groups that sold Big Daddy Unfuckyoulimited with zeal. Only person I saw actually apologize for that Ponzi bullshit was Jon, so props to him.
Keep bringing the good info; keep allowing only good sponsors (I've spent Canada's GDP on Nutrient Survival); and keep the humor dark.

 by Trash Cannon

How's it going you filthy, stinking, {REDACTED]s?
Been listening since 2018 and I think I'm fully equipped to explain why this show is the one and only podcast I have consistently went back to since.
This cast is fuckin wild. Not once have I experienced the dysfunctional education of this show elsewhere. I've learned more from this show than pretty much any other piece of media has taught me.
Shawn is honestly one of the absolute BEST hosts, keeps it insightful while getting drunk and doxxing himself, all for our amusement, thanks Shawn. The fact that you can wrangle this merry band-o-bri'ish cigarettes is incredible especially considering one can punch your organs into jelly. I appreciate the different things you attempt and report back on, its a great way to expand horizons and I know you have motivated me and others into trying new things. Also, if you have to flee your state, pls come to Tennessee, us east cost listeners wanna drive out for events as well.
Nick has got to be the most hilarious, yet deadpan, fountain of insight and he's always there to keep things on track, drop some super useful info, or find a way to verbally dropkick an argument hard enough to make you entirely question it sometimes. IBS/10 I shit often too.
Savage is a couple inches shy of being considered for the part of the rest of the fingers. Jokes aside, Savage does have a set of knowledge he brings that is a bit more unconventional in the firearm world but I believe it translates well, especially with new tech and how it relates. Insert next savage complement here.
Jeremy, you and I are a lot alike. My dad died at 14, my dad left me a Pre-64 94 in.30-30. Ranch. But aside from literally everything else, yeah. Your knowledge on firearms is fucking incredible, I swear I try to learn as much as I can every day, but you will still come on air and speak about something I never would have thought to be a thing and give me a new rabbit hole to fall into. Truly a spectacle to listen to not only how something like jacket composition can affect a round's accuracy, but also the pure beauty of hearing a well placed kys. Truly a brutally honest take we all need. I'll be making a 9 hour drive to Valley City one day just to give you money.
Aaron. You are the friend people keep in the group because its more of an inconvenience to kick out than to just tolerate. It's actually brainmelt listening to your logic when you get heated about something you don't understand. Are you fuckin with me? Are you pretending to be r*tarded? If not, we should send you to the Ukraine so all that knuckledragging can help build trenches. Honestly though, Aaron gets a lot of shit, which he probably deserves, but he does bring a crackhead energy, interesting stories, funny anecdotes, and some occasionally useful personal experience. despite the many, many, many, many shortcomings, the show wouldn't be the same without ya pal.
Sincerely, this show is amazing, I've recommended WLS to just about everyone, no one has even slightly disliked it yet. As long as you'll make em', I'll listen and watch every chance I get.
Load Bearing Suspension says hi.
WLS is life. WLS forever.

 by Josh R

Really difficult to masterbate to, not impossible just difficult, I usually cum when Jeremy screams and insults Aaron

 by Dependable Don

Thicc cast and even bigger laughs. Ps this is for the Glock broney fan base http://www.ghpc.at/en/at/glock-stallions/

 by 50calBaumer

Fun show to listen too, but you don't do a very good job of promoting your sponsor's convincingly. Clearly you shill for these guys and I get that, but you should be more honest about it. BTW- Take a Kel Tec firearm apart (it does require some skill) and take a look at the engineering ingenuity. What's more surprising, especially for small minds, is how well those designs work and how there are so few innovators who can pull this off. Give respect where due.

 by Thanks Aaron

It's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Even though the sound of Aaron is something quite atrocious

he always says stupid shit, he needs an autism diagnosis


Um-little-pickle -um-dittle-I

Because I was afraid to speak when I was just a lad

Me neighbor (Aaron) gave me hose a tweak, told me I was bad

But then one day I learned a word that saved me achin' hose

The biggest word you ever heard and this is how it goes


Love you Aaron.

 by Eric J

I am writing this in traffic. Been stuck because of roadwork for about 15 minutes now and I want to see how much stuff I can get done before

 by Dependable Don

5 squares. It’s a little unsettling how well they know each others bodies but other then that it’s good.


Seems like the standard format for a review is to say one kind thing and one nasty thing about each cast member so here goes: Shawn brings the content and keeps the podcast going; it would be nothing without him. Shawn also says don't participate in peaceful slavery then gets on his hands and knees to reconfigure his furniture so the phone vacuum can continue creating a 3D replica of his building for the CIA. Nick has great input on a lot of topics when he's allowed to talk; hey Nick, ask your partner for a W pass, it's fun to call them that and most of them don't actually care if you use the word around them. Jeremy is like every Marine I've ever met: cocky and arrogant to the point of it being funny and epic, and also has seemingly unlimited money from who knows where. Aaron has bad takes but is definitely irreplaceable on the show. I don't mind that he argues with everyone randomly, I know it's just that revolutionary spirit. Savage is reddit as hell and fake laughs at everything when you guys have a guest on. I also discovered the show during covid and haven't missed a single episode. Love you all but if you ever have a woman cast member join I'm fuckin out.

 by Chris L

A lot of people tend to rag on Nick for being dry and monotone, but he is clearly the wittiest of the lot, and his husband Tyler has a lot to be proud of. Speaking of witch, Angel sounds like a name for a skinny Dominican twink who snaps in a Z formation when Shawn argues with him. In typical AAron form, he’s such a narcissist that he married a man with the same name as him, so that he could yell his own name during sex. I’m pretty sure savage mail ordered his partner and they sent him a female by mistake. Jeremy is definitely the straightest of the lot, as evidenced by at least two human offspring in addition to several litters of puppies that he is likely to have fathered. All in all, I’m surprised this stunning and brave cast doesn’t have its own special edition bud light cans. Keep it up boys. Cheers to 500.

 by Mike E

I have only been listening for a couple years. I really enjoy the show It is very educational. I have heard of of Lil, but didn't hear her on the show until episode 500. She is great, I fell in love with her, not in a creepy way, but like a uncle proud of his niece way, You need to get her back on the show, she completes y'all. Y'all have a great show, I really enjoy it. Hope y'all keep this going for another 500.
Ps, I am going to give a review once a month until you get Lil on the show full time again, and I'm going drop a star every time until she's back.. HA HA

 by Andrew S

Five Soundings (for Aaron).

I found WLS after listening to a couple episodes of This Week In Guns and getting annoyed with the inconsistency of show postings. WLS is honestly fucking great and anyone who doesn't like it sucks ( and is likely a furry).

The balance of personalities is great. Between Shawn's attempts to keep the show semi-professional, Aaron's just fucking terrible arguments, Jeremy's da-da da-da da, Savage's ultimate faith in our 2A salvation by the courts, and Nick's somewhat level headiness but also general disconnect during the progression of the show (seriously Nick - use the code word "Turtles" if you are under duress) it is just the right balance of content, hilarity, comedy, and just pure jackassery.

Thanks fellas (and Aaron), keep up the good work!

 by Squanchy the bitch ass trick

Episode 499 sounding. Thank fucking God you shutdown Aaron and Jeremy argument on education. I hate to make your head any larger Chawn (Sean? Sawn?) But solid work for a mouth breathing extra chromosome having sack of balls who thinks chili can have beans. I guess the sun can shine on any stinky butthole no matter how dingy it is. Actually this episode resembles one hairy butthole surrounded by dingleberries (the cast) and an old limp dick -Jeremy- that is useless 90% of the time.

Love the show, not sure how I feel about having lil on episode 500.

 by Blacksimas Maximus

(This review was written by ChatGPT, please void the ability to win a T-shirt)
WLS Cast: Funny Poem

The prompt: Write a funny poem about the cast of the podcast of We Like Shooting.

ChatGPT's response:
There's a podcast called We Like Shooting,
Where the cast is always hooting,
From Shawn to Nick to Jeremy too,
Their humor is quite the brew.

There's Aaron, the man with the beard,
Whose jokes are always well-rehearsed and cleared,
He's quick with a pun or a snide remark,
And his laughter is heard even in the dark.

Then there's Savage, the Canadian bloke,
Whose wit is sharper than a poke,
He's always up for a good debate,
But he's just as likely to procrastinate.

Let's not forget about Lil Chantilly,
Whose laugh is positively silly,
She brings a bit of feminine charm,
And keeps the boys from coming to harm.

Of course, we can't leave out Shawn,
Whose love for guns goes on and on,
He's got a passion for all things bang,
And his humor is always on point, no twang.

Finally, there's Jeremy, the machine,
Whose beard is almost obscene,
He's a master of all things tactical,
And his jokes are sometimes just as radical.

Together they make quite the crew,
Their humor is fresh and never askew,
If you haven't listened, give them a try,
But be warned, you might just die laughing, oh my!

 by Drew

Caught the last episode. One of the best parts was when Kriegman didn't say anything for like 10 minutes. You are a good mix because you are like a dessert buffet table, except Kriegman, he's like a bowl of vinegar and onions in the middle of the dessert table. I enjoy your opinions because everyone brings something different to the discussion, except Kriegman, he just repeats stupid crap he reads on the internet. You guys are like Voltron, together you form a powerful enemy to the anti-gunners and I even include Kriegman, because even Voltron needs a butthole. Love, peace and chicken grease from Bonner County.

PS: Savage > Kriegman
PPS: I don't always agree with Pozderac, but he's spot on about commies, they are subhuman
PPPS: Nick is the least insane of all of you
PPPPS: Shawn is King of the Gun Show
PPPPPS: I actually like Kriegman, LOL JUST KIDDING
PPPPPPS: Quit using Savage as a punching bag, how embarrassing it would be to get 187'd by one of his guns, haha savage

Seriously, congratulations on 500!

 by DrScaryGuy

The cast has never declared their pronouns, so I will have to assume, and abbreviate names for space reasons. Jeremy(Ogre) is never even remotely polite, but says what needs to be said more often than not. J/Ogre also reads the reviews, which can frequently be hilarious. Nick(her) is some kind of squeaky hipster chick(?) who almost speaks more about an undefined life partner than guns. Nick(her) doesn't even show up half the time, which is fine. Aaron Krieger identifies by their appearance of advanced age rather than by other characteristics, but claims to be only around 47. AK47, in true communist fashion, wants to float around with silly notions that the world will just take care of everybody and things will be okay even for those who don't pull their own weight. Dumb. This is America and no decent person likes AK47. Savage1r is a giant thumb that's not worth the energy to review. Fuck Savage. Shawn Herrin (it) is the piece that holds the podcast together, but talks way too much. I'd go so far as to say this podcast is full of SH(it). SH(it) is apparently the backbone of the whole Fire Arms Radio thing, and is always promoting the other shows; where you have SH(it) you have FARt. The other shows on FARt may be worth your time, but this one isn't. Assuming the star rating system refers to dark chocolate stars, aka SSB, aka buttholes, this show is all 5 rank stars, full of SH(it). It stinks.

 by MrMcGiblets

A podcasting douchebag named Aaron
When he speaks he sounds more like a Karen
He can’t hold a job
But he slobs a mean knob
It’s a good thing he’s friends with Shawn Herrin

 by Squanchy

6 seconds 6 inches

Wtf guys is this we like bitching about insulin or we like shooting. Love the show but at least argue about guns and firearm news not healthcare crap. Sound like a bunch of high schoolers just arguing that he should just kill off his diabetic kid because he has $0 in the bank.

 by Heywood Jablowme

For the love of Shawn’s SSB and everything else hole-y, would someone else please do the news. I don’t think I can listen to Savage1r butcher it one more time. The cast sometimes has insightful commentary that I enjoy, but I can’t sit through another one of Savage’s thoughtless rants to get to the others’ commentary. The funniest part is that I can tell the rest of the cast feels the same way, because they obviously check out, take bathroom breaks, etc., as soon as Savage starts his summarizing and editorializing.

 by Chris B

Well I be done enjoyed this so much like when Sean shits on us in da chat for liking 22lr ..i gave yall 2 webbed thumbs up that's just the one hand also ■■■■■ fur the show.... i lick that theyre Aaron feller and would like to have a four-way with him because I hear hem be by-curious with me and my sister-cousin-wife.....that bald commie Savage feller kind of gets my grits a boiling with all that commie gobbledygook.... and I like that Nick feller two you know the one that shits all the time I feel bad for him all those trips too the out house and wish I could help and he's much better than 9 mm because he has a full auto asshole.... and I like that big feller Jeremiah he loves his animals tooo ❤️ itS my property and my dog two LOVE!
Much sum love from the great state of Alabammer

Pms ....I do agree with that big feller that we did should still have slavery....we just did it wrong ... we should have used commies then they would a felt right at home

THE SOUTH IS RISING AGAIN!!!!..........I took one them blue pills .....heading to the duck pond...... sea yall later

 by DennisE is a man

1 commie star, one chocolate star(fish), 1 ogre star, 1 aids beard star and 1 Star of David equals 5 stars for this just as good podcast. If the cast were all AR manufacturers, Savage wouldn’t be because canik doesn’t make them, Nick would be Aero precision because it’s pretty mid but is known to crap out, Jeremy would be spikes tactical l because I only know 4 guys who own spikes and their all marines for some reason, Shawn would be something Gucci like radian because people who own them never shut the fuck up about them, and Aaron would be Anderson cause poverty pony,

 by AJ

Listen to this podcast is a lot like going in for a prostate exam. At first you dread the experience but before you know it the cast is 2 fingers deep and you kind of like it. Keep up the good work and remember to wash your hands before you eat that sandwich.

 by Bart big D Samson

Great podcast for all silly sons of bitchs! Cast will keep you laughing an lurking at 3am balls hanging whiskey in one hand bast mate m&p slaying all the SSB's im craving. Oh lord SSB thanks for the laughs!

 by JFC!!!

Overall, I enjoy the content on the show. I am so close to not listening anymore because of Aaron‘s stupid arguments. I mean, I understand that some of you play characters on the show, or there are certain things that may be suggested, if not scripted, but I am so sick and fucking tired of listening to a half an hour of his bullshit that has nothing to do with fucking anything. it makes me rage and I want to fucking stop listening to the show when it happens. I would imagine that most of us that listen to your show, are not the same people that watch fucking reality TV and look for the dumb ass drama that Aaron brings. Seriously! I fucking hate it and it ruins the show. Two fucking shows in a row, ruined by his dumb ass that won’t shut the fuck up!

 by Anonymouse

A sonnet for We Like Shooting.

Amidst the world of guns and podcast talk,
There stands a group of five, a motley crew,
Each with their quirks and personalities to stalk,
And on We Like Shooting, they share their view.

Shawn, the leader, with saggy balls and drink,
Commands the show with boisterous charm and wit,
While Jeremy, a blunt country boy, won't shrink
From calling out any foolishness he sees fit.
Aaron, the trickster, always on the hunt
For ways to game the system and come out ahead,
While Nick, the Montana mountain man, so blunt,
Shares his wisdom and subtle humor instead.
But then there's Savage, the commie in their midst,
Whose views are always sure to spark debate,
Yet despite their differences, they still persist,
To share their love of guns and educate.
So here's to Shawn, Jeremy, Nick, Aaron, and Savage,
On We Like Shooting, they all find their leverage.

 by Joe fukyouself

The Rock 5.7 will handle a suppressor fine as long as it doesn’t hit the guide rod. PSA’s Barrel needs a spacer for some suppressors to not hit the guide rod. The SICO switchback 22 works fine on it but others cause malfunctions. Love the show.

 by Codey p

Stopped in to see Jeremy on February 18th at RET sadly didn’t see the giant bastard, figured I’d share my take on if the cast were handgun calibers, starting off with Shawn he would most likely be .45acp because he’s fat and slow, second AAron I think he would be .357mag because he’s way too much in a small package. Savage would be .22lr because fuck .22lr. Jeremy would most likely be .50de because he’s giant and you don’t want to fuck with something that size. Nick would be 9mm because well he’s bland and average. But on a second note absolutely love the show you guys make each week something to look forward to, 10/10 would recommend thanks for everything you do!

 by WVShooter

Only lost a star due to the misinformation by Jeremy on a recent show. Jeremy told listeners that 350 Legend shared a parent case with 223 Rem, therefore it was a superior round due to case availability. However that is not the case, 350 legend is a completely different case then 223 Rem. 350 legend is a rebated rim case and cannot be made from 223 Rem brass. Just wanted to fact check Jeremy for the listeners sake. Keep up the great work. Would like more of Nick on the show, I feel like his knowledge is overlooked some times.

 by Richard Rider

Good podcast.. This is 5 Stars itself. It's probably the best review we've ever had.

 by Lil Stan

2 stars for letting Aaron host gun fights. Hey Aaron, get Shawn’s dick out your motherfucking mouth. Rest of the show is great. Bring Lil on as a guest again. Fuck Savage.

 by Not a Canadian

5 stars. Only thing I’d change is to make Shawn a little more American. Fucking apologizing for every little thing. Might as well put a hard O in those sorrys to embrace it fully!

 by Ryan W

So Inspiring!

It's refreshing to listen to a gun podcast that is produced and run by an all female cast. These ladies provide a unique perspective on a predominantly male driven industry. I am consistently impressed by the wealth of knowledge and quality of information provided each week by these strong women.

Shawna is savvy enough to seamlessly cover and correct her almost constant on-air tech mistakes so that the audience is almost unable to notice them. She is a natural leader and able to guide the show through the often turbulent waters that is the gun world.

Erin is a strong female who doesn't let the fact that she is an unemployed housewife hold her back from pursuing her firearms hobby. She has come a long way in her decades-long journey from beginner to novice shooter. So inspiring!

Nicole's wallflower demeanor and occasional wit allows you to forget about her encyclopedic knowledge of firearms and their function until she is forced to take the spotlight and explain how something like radial delayed blowback works. She is always quick to drop a hilarious, witty remark to lighten the atmosphere when the other cast members become too catty.

By contrast, Jenny's bombastic, almost exothermic personality is overwhelming! Long periods (no pun intended) of silence while she updates her social media, followed by a jarring, Kanye style mic snatch (no pun intended) to rant about how every question is mission specific and every scenario that falls outside of her twelve-degree world view is stupid. However, she, too, has unending firearms and gunsmithing knowledge, and you WOULD be stupid to not listen carefully when she is explaining such things. (But between you and me, I think she might be a dude)

Sage is a hippie from Portland or whatever.

Love the show, Ladies! Keep doing what you're doing and show the misogynistic patriarchal gun industry that there is plenty of room for you girls, too. 5 squares.

 by Thomas Leeth

5 rectangles with equal sides

Great podcast highly recommend. The things I like about the hosts are Nick comes across as extremely knowledgeable about firearms. Shawn is a great herder of the squirrels. Jeremy is the crazy friend that says what most of us are thinking #rooftopscomingsoontoacitynearyou. Aaron is a constant source of unemployed drama. What can I say about Savage other than he almost never appears on double tap.

Now for the dislikes Nick doesn't talk enough about most topics provide some input. Shawn is the former IT guy that consistently has tech issues. Jeremy comes across as the fudd from Ohio. Aaron is Aaron. Savage is a reddit conduit that never seems to understand how politics work.

Overall a great show and the cult is a great way to make friends in different states with like minded opinions. On a side note Shawn's two options for a less oppressed state are Texas and Tennessee for real dude. Texas isn't as Texas as they think they are and is constantly being flooded with California refugees it's going to be Colorado in 20 years or less at the rate it's going minus the scenic views. Tennessee is a meh choice at best moderately better from a gun law perspective and mountain lite from a geographic standpoint. For the love of God do we need do a fundraiser to get Jeremy a computer from this decade?

 by K.Oswalt

Enjoy the show, it’s always a good listen no and the amount of knowledge from all the host along with your retardation is outstanding with that said, I have a question for Jeremy more of what’s his opinion, I’m wanting a lever gun in 30-30 which is going to cover the role of home defense and pretty much an all around truck gun grab and go type gun just for something different, but I can’t decide between the Henry X or at least a side gate model or waiting for the Ruger Marlin 336 clone to come out I want a side gate load option either way but not the biggest fan of the Henry being tube load and side gate or if that even matters but someone else’s opinion along with knowledge of these two rifles would be appreciated! Thanks and keep up the great content!

 by Dusky (snek)

5 Squarrels for WLS -

But no nipples.
And there better not be any knees. (Nick)
This podcast is just good enough for me to walk my ass 3 miles to the truck and drive an hour and a half home just the catch the live show cuz its fun az shit. So shit up and listen, but also talk shit. and fuck yuutuub.

Great show - Keep on keeping on

 by Topgun

You guys are great, as a citizen of the lovely California, im glad to see you guys are out here promoting freedom, and keeping things real with reviews of different products. Id also like to say that every group Of friends has the one who talks to much, the feisty one, the one who needs permission from their spouse
For everything and the one that everybody picks on (sorry aaron) regardless you guys are awesome and im glad your all able to come together and make a great and entertaining show. I tell all my friends to get on and listen to your bitching, whining and shit talking.. keep
It up and if you end up in socal let me know

 by Randy

Like the show but not going to write some long ass story. Also I am not that creative.

 by Go Go Auto-felatio

5/5 insulin needles

Best gun podcast by far. Been listening for 2 years and wish it were sooner. I do have a few observations though.

- Savage, you giggly chucklefuck. You laugh at everything except when talking about NFTs. How the hell is this possible when you’re so enthusiastic about a fake commodity?

Aaron - is it pure coincidence that you posted a picture of yourself in uniform from your deputy sheriff days just after the Maegen Hall thing came to light? How many of your superiors did you sleep with?

Jeremy- I haven’t heard about any dog sex lately.

Nick- The podcast is much better since you stopped calling in on the rotary phone.

Shawn- I want to have a beer with you someday (all of you guys for that matter)

Thanks for the laughs and making my commute or home projects easier to get through.

Take her easy. If she’s easy take her twice. If she’s that easy give me a call.

 by Rick

Sorry for the all CAPS review previously submitted. I must have been high! Love the shows, sober or not! Do the podcast supporters get a discount at Jeremy's gunrange? I would like to take the wife there so she could shoot a machine gun. Oorah!

 by RICK


 by Squanchy

5 baconators. The cast reminds me of a Thanksgiving meal maybe I'm just a fatass but there could be some truth in it .

Sean is the ham, the baseline for the meal and what all your sides are piled up on.

Jeremey is the cream corn, it's a necessary evil. It's messy, a pain in the ass to fit on your plate and not fuck up everything else but you enjoy it for some reason.

Nick is the cranberry sauce - who cares if it's there or not.

Aaron is the mashed potatoes, alone it's just okay. But thrown on a slice of ham with extra butter and salt and hot damn this is good.

I think that's everyone right? Enjoy the show keep up the good work.

 by The mad fister

Five raccoons shot in the face at point blank range with a 6.5 creedmoor. An extremely entertaining podcast with a very knowledgeable group of guys. Being in Coloradoan myself, Shawn feels my pain. If these guys were all magically turned into a gun, what would they be. Jeremy, his Rock chucker. Loud, obnoxious and massive Overkill. However extremely useful on communists. Shawn, a Cobalt kinetics AR. competent, well-made but kind of niche. Aaron, a Kel-tech KSG. Weird, not terribly popular, they have some serious issues but fun. Nick Lynch, an FN SCAR. Definitely the one you want around when shit hits the fan. Savage, an AK because communism. You guys have gotten me through some rough times and I appreciate your podcast. It affects people in ways you don't know. It's like being with a group of friends you can just bullshit with and forget your troubles for a couple of hours. Keep doing what you do and we will keep listening.

 by HMP/Garrett

You had me at the moviephone part, but it just kept getting better from there. New listener, I dig it.

 by Vince H

5 Canadian made pistol barrels

Usually I’ll bag on the cast but today it’s the listeners’ turn. I didn’t write a funny ass review to show up and have no fucking competition. Bunch of lazy ass twat waffles can’t be bothered to show up here and give their worthless opinions. Like y’all have anything better to do? Shawn slaved for minutes to put all this together. You don’t deserve to have Jeremy read exactly what you say regardless of what you meant. You don’t deserve to be ridiculed for your inability to string half a fucking thought together. Go pound a beer, hoist up your sweaty jock-straps, and fix yourselves…lazy fuckwits.

 by Vince H

Five Squirrels.

If life were a video game here is what I think would make each member of the cast Rage Quit:

Aaron rage quits when he finds out that the only available job in town is teaching about radial delayed blowback to preschoolers. He could probably learn what radial delayed blowback is but a court order is a court order.

Savage: he rage quits any time he comes into contact with a cogent thought. I only say this because it doesn’t seem like he’s ever heard a complete one.

sHaWN does any time he hears any positive comment about 22LR or if he loses GunFights. Bonus points if he loses gunfights to 22LR

Nick can’t stand the sight of display toilets at Home Depot. The shear temptation of the Forbidden Thrown is too much for him to handle after all he’s been through.

TWIST ENDING Jeremy never rage quits. So many things cause him uncontrollable rage that he can’t. He just endlessly rage masterbates to cope with his unfathomable disappointment in THE GAME.

 by Zachary

It seems like every review lately has been an attack on Aaron. I find it uncalled for based on personal experience where he let me borrow his coat at a Michigan cult meetup where i miss judged the weather. Would any of the other cast members share their jacket? Shawn would spend an hour explaining why he bought the jacket, what it’s intended use is and what every pocket is used for. By the time he gets done with the explanation you would freeze to death. Jeremy’s jacket would be giant sized and not wearable. Nicks jacket would more than likely have feces on it. Savage doesn’t own a jacket because communism. I think all the Aaron hate is overused at this point. Anyways thanks for the great podcast and the only podcast I look forward to every week.

 by Richard Munch

5 Squares.

Shawn is like that weird uncle that has all the mid-life crisis toys.

Savage is the bald guy nobody knows who invited to the party but you let stay anyways because he informs you on all reddit news.

A-Aron is the creepy cousin that you get told "is from a different time" when he hugs the 14 year olds a bit too long

Nick is that one cousin that gives you your first cigarette and drops 13 books worth of gun knowledge on the back porch at a family gathering

Jeremy is the fun big brother that will drink to much and will go on a 3 hour rant with 2 full essays cited in MLA format on why commies (aka Savage) are the real reason he can't get cheap ammo every 4 years

All in all this podcast is like a toxic relationship. 5 personalities that you want to run away from, but seem to always get brought back by that sweet sweet SSB.

 by Joey gunz

Five orgasmorators. I won’t lie I really just want a free tshirt. I would buy one but I have a severe addiction to buying and shooting firearms. Which in return has put me in crippling debt. Some days I feel like I’m just a R-tard in way over my head but then I listen to the show and feel right at home. I wish I had something witty and funny to say but I don’t sooo…. Yea. Thanks for being the dysfunctional entertaining firearm Brady bunch that you are. Really appreciate everything you do for the 2A community. Look out for me when SHTF I’ll be the one with the anime girl high point and head to toe in dickoflage. Keep it classy.

 by CC

I look forward to the new episodes each week. This podcast reminds me of my group of friends that give each other crap all of the time. I hope you guys know how uncommon a group of friends that always has your back is. I really enjoy the banter and the conversations about gun related topics. I feel like part of the inner circle when I listen. This is the best gun podcast by far. Now I am going to pitch my sympathy vote for a t-shirt. In January I had surgery for prostate cancer. This is a very invasive surgery. After a few days in the hospital I finally came home with a catheter and abdominal drain tube. I had those in for about 10 days. The nurse pulled out the catheter like she was starting a lawn mower. After that you piss blood for several weeks and have piss leakage when you strain or cough until your muscles learn to control it. I no longer ejaculate and typically you lose 1/2 to 1 inch of penis length. Luckily I had the robotic surgery and my nerves were spared. I still can’t get a full erection. That can take up to 18 months. The prognosis looks good and Hopefully have many years with my family. I am ok if you guys joke about it. I literally have a doctor’s recommendation to self stimulation and a prescription for Cialis to help jump start my full recovery. I was lucky mine was caught on a yearly physical and I am fairly young. Hopefully this review will prompt others to be tested. The 6 weeks I was home recovering I waited impatiently each week for new episodes. Thanks for all you guys do to make people like me smile. All I want for Christmas is an erection. If I can’t get a full erection maybe a t-shirt for Christmas. Keep up the good work and keep fighting the 2A fight.

 by Lil Stan

Great show, it’s been really nice hearing Jon lately, I miss him being on podcasts. Been real fucking nice without the commie. Shawn, you owe the listeners an explanation for your about-face regarding FPC, the whole point of your platform is to inform. Mr. Job services, hang in there, you’ll find another two week gig soon.

 by Jon

5 blow back gas systems? I’m BACK, first off any review shitting on aaron should be at the top of the list secondly John P is just mad bc he looks like a guy who was rejected from the Star Trek fan fantasy club for taking it too seriously, also John p was shitting on aaron so he’s dumb. Explain this as well John P, guncon is “for the people” but won’t make a public range day for the people? So you’re dumb, just sell limited amounts of tickets for it!?!? Anyhow love the show have been listening for a while now and a cult member as well, keep up he good work guys. Oh oh one more thing aaron sucks harder than a Mexican whore during the Alamo. I heard every time a bell rings aaron gets fired from his job! Is that true ?

 by Jj mc muffins

Hey just wanted to say thx your podcast is great i was depressed and so i tried to hurt someone and they died twice but thank goodness they brought him back and he is doing great. I used to want to hurt ppl but now that i have this podcast i have something else to do. Keep up the episodes so i dont get bored. #sicario

 by Joshua hammons

So how the f do i get on the cult pages. Been in the cult forever and i lose track of where everyone talk now. I been wanting to do the Christmas thing but can never find how to login. I will send a great gift to a cult member just give me the info. Sadly this show is the highlight of my week its the gun guys podcast and a great mix of stupid ass shit and great information. We have everything in this podcast you could ask for from a guy with giant smooth nuts he can use as a wingsuit and another guy who shits himself to death a commie so everyone has someone to hate on a commie killer so everyone has someone to chear for when he isn't threatening to kill the rest of the cast and then theres aaron who is... well idk he is just there and i dont understand why. I tell u one thing i was listening to the twinkie burn episode and as i was i got a call that a plane registered to twinkie llc just crashed and burned and killed both passengers so thats sus.

 by Joshua hammons

This podcast is great you have the cast who are very informative except when they arnt. And you can learn alot from them sometimes. The only thing i don't understand is why aaron is alive i said it like 5 times put he down bc he is suffering. Poor guy has so much to not be thankful for at Thanksgiving when it was his turn to say what he is thankful for i heard he just started crying and saying he wished someone who pit him out of his commie misery. I dont believe in letting things suffer unless its fun. But seriously have some compassion and tell him you found him a new job behind the barn and boom he wont see it coming. #freearon #commiegobyebye #compassion

 by Matt J

This show is like boobs. I like boobs


Hands down my favorite podcast. 5 stars.
Wsl is like a disfunctional family dinner every week. Jeremy is the old grandpa who longs for the days when Americans actually killed commies. He also hates everything modern you like because "two world wars" mentality. Aaron is the pervy uncle who tries to flirt with the waitress and is always in-between jobs. Shawn is the gaudy aunt who hates coming to dinner but can't wait to brag about the new designer thing she bought it the lavish trip she has planned. Nick is the little brother that you kinda forgot is there until the conversation swings his way then he can bring up some obscure fact that no one knew. And Savage is the little nephew who just wants attention. If you replace roblox and fortnight with shitty reddit posts and crypto he will babble incessantly for hours. The people at the other tables wonder how you guys dont kill each other but somehow you makenit work every week.

 by David P

Thank you first for helping with my 1903 rifle. There was a tight spot on the stock. That was part of the problem. I also switched from a 180gr bullet to a 150gr bullet. Something you people mentioned on a previose episode. These fixes helped me to get my fist elk. I appreciate you fellas and the show. Thank you.

 by Mbrown

You guys are pretty great. Basically the only podcast I listen to. I’m not really sure why everyone shits on Aaron all the time he seems like he’s knows how to have fun no matter the situation. I also miss the rants by Jeremy. Keep it up

 by Presten W

Long time lurker and listener. Love the show and have learned some good info from the cast. I can always expect to get my WLS fix. Keep up the good work.
P.S thanks for not being fudds, and savage needs to go to meme school taught by flannel daddy.

 by Jon Eric

Five Square toe boots
Love the pod but not the cast, honestly shawn holds its together but the others are like a bunch or remedial stooges that all have their own faults but don’t know what they are until their called out and even then they just start yelling or calling each other names. Aaron is by far the worst doesn’t bring anything to the show but unemployment and dumb your wife jokes. The thumb well he’s a thumb, Jeremy I don’t mind has great knowledge and love his outburst but he’s one of those I know it all guys and that can get annoying. Nick is dead or on the toilet so there’s that, over all love the podcast and it brings joy to my ears until aaron opens his dumb mouth.

 by Keith

Five stars , It’s nice to listen to while I’m running my forklift at work ( South Florida beer distributor 😜) I’ve been able to pick up some good info but it does get hard to listen to Nick, (it’s like listening to a stuttering squirrel ) & after listening to y’all go on and on about Second call defence I was able to talk the wife into getting some coverage, (where’s my shirt ?) LOL., again 5 stars guys.

 by Ill Call You Daddy

5 Stars. Best podcast!
Been a long time listener! It brightens my day to get to listen to the WLS podcast. The cast is good and hilarious!

Jeremy is the best! Favorite part of the podcast! I'm waiting for him to start stacking commies! He owns his own gunshop and range, so thats pretty badass. Probably drinks good American whiskey and chases it with Budweiser . He could beat the whole casts ass's drunk, blind folded and with one hand tied behind his back. He wouldn't even break a sweat. He's probabaly nailed more hot snatch in his day than the whole cast has ever even seen. He seems like a classy guy who would be carrying a nice FN or HK possibly even a 240 belt fed just because. Whose gonna stop him? So fuck it, why not!

Shawn is a cool dude. Seems like he drinks IPA beers and tosses his ole ladys salad though. Hey I don't judge. Whatever tickles your pickle He seems like he's probably always got the newest CZ like all hipsters and wants to show everyone he meets.

Nick is always shitting. His SSB must be raw by now. He drops some pretty random good knowledge when least expected. Probably drinks Busch beer or Keystone. Nothing wrong with that. And gets lots of missionary style except he's on bottom because he might shit. Easy going kinda guy. Probably carrys a Glock or a cool revolver.

A A Ron is always a communist. He is always talking about how he's fag curious or making everything into a gay joke. Which means he hasn't come out of thr closet yet. He's just to scared to tell the cast he's gay in fear they might give him the soap in a sock treatment. He probabaly drinks Cosmopolitans and Fuzzy navals while wearing his wifes dresses down to the local tranny drag show meet and greet. He's definitely seen a few up close. He probably carrys a Taurus curve in his prison purse, or a jennings .22 with a nickel finish.

The other guy thats on here and there...dont remember his name. Always blabbing about something he saw on some reddit think aboit hos Washington state is gonna bend him over again. He probably drinks hard seltzers or mikes soft lemonade. He's definitely held a few in his hands waiting for the cream suprise. Probabaly carrys a 5 shot charter arms chic lady revolver and swears its because it's cheap.

Anyways good show great cast! Highlight of the week is listening to the WLS show. And remember folks, blast a commie in the face because we dont have the space!

 by Adam

Five squares. A wildly entertaining podcast hosted by incredibly knowledgeable cast. However I think what most listeners are concerned with is who are these overweight middle-aged gatekeeping larpers during the boogaloo. Jeremy, probably honestly believes everyone will be his loot drop. In reality, he gets smoked within the first 18 minutes by a twink with a 380 Taurus spectrum who then whispers "just as good" in his ear as the world goes black. Shawn will last a long time but may find himself in trouble by trying to help or be nice to the wrong people. Fortunately, he has the ability to pull his ball sack out of his pants and much like a flying squirrel, float away from danger. Aaron is killed by Jeremy 6 minutes in. Savage is on the side of the state and eventually becomes a high ranking government official. The man most likely and most prepared to make it through the inevitable collapse of society is Nick. However he has no idea that it ever happened because he spent the entire time on the toilet.
Just having a little fun, in all seriousness keep doing what you do because you do something very important. I have learned a hell of a lot from listening to you guys and have also acquired a different perspective on some things. Oh and Aaron, please for the love of God keep up the crudity for crudity's sake, don't let them dull your shine! It's hilarious. #wlsislife #ssb.

 by Nick f

Still waiting on that WLS tattoo.

 by Proud american

Great american patriots

 by TheColonel

I cant wait for my newsletter to arrive. Love it. Nuff said.

 by Big Daddy sugar stick

5 stars not squares. Been listening to this show for about 3 years i think? Who knows, time flies when you like a podcast. Always good information. Best podcast in the gun industry.

Shawn is a good host. Always gitty when he can nerd out on some new product info. Hes always very informative. Cool guy kinda off but still cool. He puts the podcast together very well.

Jeremy is the best. Hes like a wizard of the gun knowledge. Hes a walking encyclopedia of baddassery and gun knowledge. I could see Jeremy as the guy I could drink beer and whiskey in the garage with while throwing rocks at commies as they drive by and waving our American flags. Jeremy is the high light of the show. He hates libtards, democraps and commies just as much as I do. He has the set Aaron straight on his bullshit all the time. Keep up the good work Jeremy.

Nick.is cool. Hes the sleeper. Forget hes on here half the time until he drops some good knowledge or shawn says he went to poop. Mostly the pooping. I envy him for getting to live in Montana though. Its beautiful country up there and yall get a real winter. In from Texas where its always hot and turning into a little LA. Keep on moving commies, Texas dont want yall.
Then theres A A ron. Hes always making everything homosexual. Im pretty sure hes gay. And probabaly held a few in his mouth till the swelling went down. He always seems to be stating a new job. Not sure if its because he touches somebodys pecker at his new job and gets fired, or if hes just a lazy commie. Stop being a commie dude.

Then theres the other guy. I cant ever rember his name, or if theres 2 commies named A A ron. But he seems to only talk about washington state and their absured communistic dictatorship and some thing called reddit. Which i still have no idea what that is. He always laughts at his own stories like communism stories are funny.
Anyways I listen to everyshow every week. Im to much of a poor to join the cult, but it seems like its probabaly a lot of fun. Saw yall at thw NRAAM meet and greet at brownells. Was the highlight of my trip!
Always remember: diabetus sucks, but not as bad as being a ginger.

 by Willis Dickfiner

A cast a lot like their sponsors. Savage, the alopecian commie, is like patriot patch company. He has been around since the beginning but a lot like their patch of the month club he only shows up about once a month. Nick is a lot like medical gear outfitters in the sense that they both deal with medical issues. Medical gear outfitters with edc first aid and Nick with his gut issues. A-A-ron is just like black rhino concealment. Black rhino can fit any gun and accessory into their holsters and A-a-ron can fit into any job because he's constantly in a different one every month. Jeremy, the one who cannot accept through training RDS are better than irons on pistols, is like Brownells. Both have a wealth of knowledge of firearms and firearms accessories and both offer great products in their own respective store. Finally there's Shawn is like second call defense. Even though Shawn is not an attorney, both he and the attorney you can get from second call defense in a self defense situation will overtalk anyone and will always be right.

 by Fucking Bill

Awesome show… I look forward to it Tuesday at work. It makes my work day suck a little bit less.
Ps I can’t afford new work clothes.. and WLS apparel is approved work wear.

 by Jon Gouchenouer

Hey guys, love the show so I haven’t heard a review like this yet so here goes, Shawn is the don of the show since he try’s to keep the peace between the other cast members but is also the owner of the firearms radio network, Aaron is the underboss who often disappoints the don with his occasional annoyance, nick is the lieutenant who just sits quietly and listens to everyone’s bullshit and responds with confidence, savage is your typical ass kissing yes man who thinks everyone should share the wealth like the commie bastard he is, and Jeremy is the enforcer/hitman of the group doing the dirty work no one else wants to after he does a line of coke.

 by Jason

Did Aaron really get a new job or are you guys just covering bc Jeremy murdered aaron for calling him a pogue?

 by Nathan Carrier

I have listened to this show since the beginning. Over the years it has gotten better and better. I have heard many people come and go but the original cast is the best. I was able to mert and greet them a couple of time at different NRA shows and i was great to see all the different podcast people associated with WLS. This show is hands down one of the best i have followed. The cast is great to listen to and hang around. Keep up the great work 5 squares all around.

 by Dragon Arcadia

I messed up. I’m pretty sure I annoyed Jeremy last week with how many times I asked if and when he’d be at the shop. I was on vacation, and I wanted to go visit the Lord of Hate and spend some money there. I figured “I better go no matter what tomorrow in case he remembers this; I don’t want to anger him.” I woke up the next day hungover as hell, and didn’t feel like making the two hour drive. I’m giving the show five squares in hopes of forgiveness. Take care gentlemen, and Jeremy, I’d ask for mercy, but I know that’ll only turn into another chance for you to prove your dominance that I don’t want to be a part of.

 by Froderick Marpenstien

I enjoy

 by Ken

What a crap show! It is like making a casserole, just throw whatever you can in the pan top it with with cheese, bake it and blam a casserole. You guys rock! Everyone has their own unique style or hatred for something and it just makes a great listening experience. No show is the same and they all will have you spewing whatever you have out of your mouth at any given moment, Thanks everyone for entertaining and informing us at the same time.

 by TX Mafia Mexico Chapter

Best podcast hands down. If the cast members were a season they would be the following. Shawn would be spring because it’s gray and mushy. Jermey would be summer because the sun is unbearable and hates you. Nick would be fall because like the leaves his poop changes colors. Savage would be winter because fuck winter. I think that covers the cast. Oh and A-a-Ron was not included because the beatus took him. Not soon enough in my opinion.

 by Damnit Brad

In last weeks show, Savage called Shawn out for long, rambling stories. This shows that Commies don’t pass the self-recogition test and can’t be considered sentient. You’re welcome, Jerombe…

 by Not Aaron

As a listener since a drive trip back from Commiefornia, just needed something dumb to listen to and I found it, episode 165. Holly shit, my wife woke up in the passenger seat and all she heard was - Bleeep the Bleeping after we Bleeped. I am sure Jermey was just ranting again like every episode. He seems to have mellowed out a lot since having kids. Still miss the drinking games, Demented Pozderic song, and washinton only news. Keep up the good work #SSB

 by Lil Stan

I first discovered this show February 2014 when Lil was on the precision rifle podcast and have been listening since. Pretty fucked up that I’ve put myself through that but here we are. Other than the dark ages, IYKYK, it’s a great show, still look forward to it every week. P.S. Shawn, if you still disagree with it, then they didn’t convence you of their answer.

 by Turd Ferguson

WLS is by far my favorite thing to listen to while driving all day for work. Because of this show, I have finished the AS program from SDI, covered myself and my family with Second Call Defense, and continue to gain knowledge daily. The variety of entertainment you all offer across all the different shows always keeps me on my toes and I have to say, even though it is brand new, We Like Skateboarding on the unloaded show is probably my favorite segment.

Keep it up, you guys fuck hard

 by John Doe

Holy smokes, what a mess of a podcast.
It starts with Grizzly Adams as the main host, seemingly rational and kind but then also prone to leaving civilization to be totally alone at the drop of a hat.
It also includes the troll that can't seem to hold a job, but makes it every week to argue points he doesn't necessarily believe in, just to provide a contrarian argument and enrage people, eventually he starts to believe his BS.
Next is the human Q-Tip. The guy that reads the news word for word from whatever web site he plagiarized it from. Please get this guy a telecaster to make his delivery smoother than its current William Shatner-esque delivery.
Next is the calm guy that no one is sure actually really exists. It could be he's just a digitally generated amalgamation AI of youtube personalities. However the AI has glitches, which explains why he's in the "bathroom" so much.
Lastly is the gun control leftists poster boy stereotype for angry white males with guns. He talks about how many commies he'd kill, but hasn't killed any yet. We'll eventually see pictures of him with a red circle and slash at Moms Demand Action events.
The podcast is sometimes enjoyable, as long as alcohol is involved; by alcohol I mean high proof that both the hosts and listener is drinking.
Sometimes they talk about guns; but usually they are discussing trailers, RVs, cast iron, bacon grease, sucky jobs, stabbing people, MineCraft, and most any topic other than guns.
Their sharing of firearm knowledge is so good in fact, their listeners can’t make a decent guess in Family Fudd.
All of them are probably on some Federal “alphabet bois” watch list, and half the listeners are too.
Listening to this podcast won’t make you smarter, may not make you laugh, you probably won’t learn much about guns, but it’s better than a sharp stick in the eye, barely.

 by Dennis

Great show! Except when the machine gun moron is hosting! What a shit show! Here’s a couple ideas give Savage the this week in guns show with the cast of gun and gear review. Savage can give us all the news like he doesn’t now. Savage can ignore the other cast members so we don’t have to hear them fail at trying to be funny. Let Jon Patton and Othais do the gun and gear review podcast.

 by Jack Mehoff

Semi functional alcoholism and full retardedness at its finest.
This podcast is a mix between a sirens song and cats fucking. Shawn is trying to herd chickens while Savage is knuckle deep in his nose, Jeremy is either muted, pissed off or throwing out some obscure knowledge on a topic nobody cares about. AARon is being AARon and Nick is probably shitting has pants or dead. I love every minute of it and will recommend this podcast to all! Five squares.

 by Not The Poe

The Herrin

Once upon a podcast query, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volumes of episodes to view—
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my screen to view.
“’Tis some pop-up,” I muttered, “tapping at my screen to view—
Only this, but that to do.”

Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December;
And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.
Eagerly I wished the podcast;—vainly I had sought to broadcast
From my mother’s basement of sorrow—sorrow for the lost venue—
For the rare and radiant hosts whom the devils named Herrin,
Nick, Thumb, The Ogre…and a Jew.

And the podcast, sad, uncertain, claimed to never be a burden,
Thrilled me—filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before;
So that now, to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating
“’Tis some episode entreating entrance at my cochlear door—
Some late episode entreating me to listen to;—
This it is, and that’ll do.”

Presently my soul grew stronger; hesitating then no longer,
I smashed the download button while I caressed my phone anew.
But the fact is I was napping, and so gently you came rapping,
And so faintly you came tapping, tapping at my screen to view,
That I scarce was sure I heard you”—here I opened Stitcher to view;—
Pure bliss there, and that’ll do!

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing,
Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream Fix by Q;
But the silence, it was broken, and the stillness gave no token,
And the only words there spoken were exasperated, “That’ll do?”
This I whispered, and an echo murmured back the words, “That’ll do!”—
Merely this and the Fix by Q.

Back into the chamber turning, all my soul within me burning,
Soon again I heard a tapping somewhat louder than before.
“Surely,” said I, “surely that is something in this podcast entrapping;
Let me see, then, what the threat is, and this mystery of blue—
Let my heart be still a moment at this mystery’s debut;—
’Tis an Aaron!”, what will we do?!?

Open here I flung my jacket, revealing Bertha from the Hackett
In the hopes their steely raven contents to ignore;
For the ramblings of Aaron, leaving a paradise near barren,
Would drive a sane and psycho both their views askew—
For his mouth, it would not close, until a giant man arose,
At the behest of the Herrin, “Arron, that’ll do!”

The juggernaut was not beguiling, the Aaron’s face no longer smiling,
By the grave and stern decorum of the lashing that he spew,
“Though thou may be a friend, thine logic hath no sense,
For your words often show that liberty you eschew.”
As the rage-quitting begins, another cast member steps in.
Quoth the Herrin “That’ll do!”

Much I marveled at one ungainly, to hear discourse so plainly,
Though his bubba answers had little meaning—little relevancy bore;
For we cannot help agreeing that no living human being
Ever yet was blessed with seeing only Washington state’s news.
It begged to question the sanity of those cultists who paid their dues.
Quoth the Herrin “You’ll pay, too!”

But the Nick, sitting lonely on the Herrin’s right, spoke only
A few words, as if his soul in those words he did outpour.
Often quippy, though he mutters—and his beard sure needs some cutters—
And his wisdom he imparts on the variants of AK-74—
His stints are oft quite brief, his bowels demand relief-
Then the Herrin queries, “Number two?”

Startled at the stillness broken by the ogre’s burping token,
“Doubtless,” said Herrin, “what it utters is its only stock and due.
And the Thumb, he keeps repeating, like a ravished sheep is bleating,--
The silliness of Washington, its many laws askew.
Followed fast by Nick and Aaron, one is sick and one a Karen.
That’ll do. Yes, that will do.

But the Cast still beguiling all his fancy into smiling,
Herrin placed a Savage Hi-point in front of screen, and cast and crew;
Then, upon the barrels glinting, He betook himself to licking
Fancy unto fancy, thinking that this ominous hue of blue
What this grim, ungainly, ghastly, gaunt, and ominous gun of poors
Meant in croaking “You’re a poor!”

This he sat engaged in guessing, many syllables expressing
To the cult whose fiery eyes now burned into his half-beard core;
This and more he sat divining, his head with whiskey reclining
On the cushion’s velvet lining of a couch the back room bore,
But whose velvet-violet lining with the lamp-light gloating o’er,
The Ogre presses, “eight inches more!”

Then, he thought, the air grew denser, perfumed from an unseen censor
Swung by Facebook whose foot-falls tinkled on the tufted floor.
“Wretch,” he cried, “The Dems hath sent thee—Politicians of the lefty,
Respite— and nepenthe from memories of Facebook, The Censor;
Quaff, oh quaff this kind whiskey and forget this hag censor!”
Quoth the Censor, “Nevermore!”

 by Bryan G

Five lotion bottles. Listening to this podcast is like an episode of COPS where the drunk boyfriend starts beating on his girlfriend, and she calls 911. The police show up to the trailer park and get pointed to the right place by denizens who they're on a first name basis with. They wade through piles of bud light cans, and start dragging him off, and the girlfriend starts screaming at them about how he didn't do anything wrong and starts throwing things. Meanwhile, the backup arrives and start chasing a couple of randoms who bolted because of warrants. Like COPS, it's a lot of fun and very educational.

 by Jeremy’smomslover6942069

Big good

 by Richard Cranium

5 Squares! I will keep this short and to the point unlike Savage's news segment. The show is great and provides good information on guns while also being completely ridiculous at the same time. The cult Signal group is always a good place to share information, get a laugh or argue like retards over something completely useless. The show and the cult make a great community to share ideas and listen to like minded individuals. Keep up the good work.

 by rhino

Gay, boring and stupid! 40 CAL RULES BITCH!

 by Zeke_1977

5 squares for Jeremy. I believe that I have been listening since back when she that shall not be named, was a part of the show. I thought that it was cool that you had a girl on the show. Sorry

Now that I am officially a cranky old man. I have been enjoying Jeremy's rants even more! Keep them coming buddy. You guys provide gun stuff info, future attractions & plenty of Dude-Bro comedy. Remember, I'm CRANKY! Keep up the good work guys and catch you on the flip side. Remember, I'm OLD!

 by Lenny W

Rating =Three octagons, one parallelogram, and a trapezoid.

Been listening since show 80 something, and unlike she who shall not be named, I can still tolerate this great group of Goobers. OG saggy balls actually knows his shit and sometimes can be humble about it, Nick is damn near a bona fide genius who's achievements are only limited by his tether to the toilet, Aaron hasn't raped anyone that we know of yet, so I guess that's a good thing
Savage is still one of my favorites even if we can see his face now. Jeremy is probably the most caring, loving, sensitive individual on the show and he only yells curses and becomes violent to try to hide how much he cares. He's like Gru, intelligent, wants to be evil, but those little girls changed his heart. Now he's a bitch...

Excellent podcast, it just become super expensive because they tell you about all the fun stuff. And to think all I had to do was send BH pictures to Shawn to get into the cult.

 by Shill

I almost just shit my pants doing squats at the gym trying to not laugh at these guys. Been listening since before jeramy could close, savage had a face, nick learned how to talk, Aaron was creepy with the wives, and Shawn got 171ed still feels like a group of friends getting together. Now that I’m noxious cloud has faded and people no longer are looking at me like I’m dieing inside I’m done with this review.

 by Mark Jawn

Five squares
The best podcast there is, love when Nick Lunch comes back from a shit and drops more knowledge on the topic than he did waste in the toilet, and although Aaron Kegel sometimes says things that are flat out incorrect I still really like his stupid crude for crudity sake comments too, But I’m bi curious as to why the black lawyer fella who can’t take anything seriously isn’t on the podcast more he’s very enjoyable. I really like Salvage’s news segment where he’s incapable of summarizing and going to the cast for comment, despite him being a crypto cuck. The Down syndrome Shrek character Jeremy Posdicklick is the star of the show though and would shine On a short form rant show like you guys have done in the past. Finally I’d say what I like about the host Shane Harding but it’d probably trigger him to go off talking about himself for an hour so I’ll spare us all. Seriously though the podcast is fucking great I love you guys.

 by Patrick Benson

5 Stars not squares.
Best podcast! This podcast brings comic relief to my day. Jeremy is my favorite! He is like a book of knowledge and is truely an inspiration. He is probabaly the most normal one on the podcast. He is a international lord of hate! And he will pimp slap yo ass with some gun knowledge then litterally beat the shit out of you. Shawn is pretty cool also. He is always upbeat and optimistic. He is like a kid getting to go to the candy store with new products. I like his honest opinion of reviews and his integrity on sponsors. Nick is cool but i forget hes there half the time becuse hes so quiet. Not sure if its because his internet sucks or if hes always pooping. Either way hes cool and always pretty chill. Everytime i hear A Arron talk i swear theirs 1980's comblock russian national anthem music in the back ground. He seems like the type of guy that would trade his weeks cheese rations and first born for a highpoint.380. And Mr. Reddit. Always reading reddit(even though i still have no idea what reddit is) and always acts like hes surprised of the new edict from the grand masters supreme king prime minister hollier than thou of Washington state. Washington is a failed state. They pass a new commie law everyday. They literally hate America. We should sell Washington state to canada and buy Mexico. Move out of washington state unless you like taking it in the ass from big daddy government. In which case youll catch the monkey pox and probabably spread it to A Arron. Anyways love the podcast keep up the good work.

 by 509notacommie

Ill give you 5 stars all based on Shawn I have deep respect for Shawn's approach to females in the industry I am raising 3 daughters an I am a happily married man. Shawn's anti gun bunny stance has been noble in an industry that rewards Gun bunnies.
I will aslo say as a long time listener listening to episode 25 of unloaded .... I was a bit shocked to hear Shawn announce Aero as a partner when he damned them a few episodes back . The company called him and threatened to remove his dealer status for not ordering, Shawns response "fuck them cancel my account ill buy your stuff whosale instead of direct" ( i paraphrased a bit. fastforward a few weeks now they " are good people, good product and good business. It raises questions on the "this dosent smell right note". Wrting a 5 star review and raising a question like this will undoubtedly ensure i will not win the tshirt LOL. keep up the good work I am sure there is a reason for the flip flop with Aero but.... seems susssss.

 by Vince H

Five Canadian Hub Caps.

My respect for Savage went up considerably after the steady cam gun rig. That thing is awesome, but why can’t he just summarize, editorialize, and go to the cast for comments? It should be called “Going On and On and On with Savage1r”.

Aaron has gotten way better over the last year or so but every now and then he has to pick some dumb fight. I guess the only way he can get off after the show is if Shawn loses his cool and yells at him.

Jeremy, congrats on the new kid. I think God knows better than to let you have a son. I hope your blood pressure remains acceptable.

I think Shawn just hates 22LR because it’s bigger than him and the only way he can cope is by pretending it misfires more than he does.

Nick, have you ever seen the movie Kung Pow: Enter the Fist? It’s the worst movie ever made, but it’s funny because it’s supposed to be the worst movie ever made, which makes it great. I think you’d like it.

I’ve written a sea chanty about the cast. Maybe one day I’ll record it. Probably not.

That is all.

 by David P

Thanks WLS. I enjoy listening to your podcasts and will someday watch one. Gunfights and Family Fudd are great new additions. I say you up the stakes and do these segments of the show where everyone is within arms reach of Jeremy. Thanks for all the entertainment. oh and also, more bald man...

 by Rainer B

Blame the cult
The Drunken Cult
-a joke-
It started as all great adventures do.
In a tavern.
They were sitting at the local tavern nearest their hobbit holes called the sweet and salty burrow.
The celebration was for Shawn's new invention, the glorious blunderbuss! Jono helped of course, at
least if you hear him tell it… he means well. But it was an invention of need, the great grey wizard
Aaron is seeking help from these crafty few to help stop an orc rising in the south east who’s being led
by a new warlord. The tales tell of a beast of great size and rage who wants to sweep through the
kingdoms and crush the people under his feet.
“No Jono, I have it covered, I’m just testing it for now before I release it to the Aaron the grey”
“But you asked for my help” Jono says with a false pout.
“oh hush you two, its going to take many more of those to get this job done! I’ll trust to my
woodsman axe, it hasn’t failed me yet” says a dwarf with a great red beard that jiggles as he
‘hurumphs’ at the two.
“we only have so long before the hordes reach us Nick” says Shawn to the dwarf. “don’t upset
your stomach worrying about what I’m doing.”
The bitching is interrupted as the local gays start arguing to the side, a Sam and Mike as they
are known. Its not Mikes fault, Sam was never the same after his master Frodo left him so long ago.
“If you keep this up im going to go fuck THAT one” Sam says as he points at a confused Jono
“Wait man thats not my thing, chill and listen to your wife” says Jono as he backs away from
the stick that Sam threatens him with yet again.
“Lets just get to bed guys, I cant get this to work but I know of a human in a nearby village that
may help. We can go there tomorrow.” Yawns Shawn as he rolls up his blunderbuss in a dark oiled
They rose early the next morning singing ‘this is shit” as they readied their ponies for the short
journey away. Shawn takes the lead as he munches on his favorite breakfast cake followed behind by
his trusty Jono. Sam and Mike, now sober and made up yet again, meet with them as they leave.
“Wheres the dwarf?” ask Mike, “ all that talk about his axe, I thought he would be charging
“ Blowing up the privy I’d imagine” says Shawn “ You know he needs to go every damn hour”.
“I’m here, I was filling my wast purse with shot. You forgot it for you new toy there,” says Nick
as he hobbles out with a suspicious trailing of paper on his boot.
They traveled through the morning, staying to the well trodden path enjoying the shade from the
tall, old, trees with their long drooping limbs. The cool breeze in their beards and hair refreshing them
from all they drank the night before. With some lighter spirits they follow along a freshly painted fence
leading to the entrance gate with a hanging sign reading “Savages gadgets and wonders”.
“This is the place” says Shawn to the others as the dismount and tie their ponies to railings “
Think they’re here?”
As he ask an explosion shakes the ground with a black smoke rising from behind a stoutly built
sod house with a low hanging roof. Bursting through the gate, the troupe run to the smoke as a
coughing pair walk out from around the corner laughing loudly. With googles on his pale head and a
leather apron with an array of tools the shorter of the two wave a greeting to them.
“No worries friends we are fine, just a mishap with some black powder, turns out you can make
quite an explosion when you pack it into a clay ball and ignite it… around the barrel you forgot wasnt
empty!” he says with mirth. “ I’m Savage and this is my assistant Craig” he says as he waves to a man
with a hood and mask waving as the sounds of deep laughter comes from him.
“ Is that a plague doctor mask?” ask Nick
“ yes it is! It helps with the fumes of the chemicals I’m working with, I stuff the beak with
flowers and herbs”.
Though Jono noticed something strange, a symbol in dark thread on the side of the mask like a
great octopus of some sort. Memories of long ago flash in his head of a cult he longed to be in. could
this man be a member? The lost Cult of the flaming arms?
“I’m glad to see you well, we need your help. Were trying to get my creation to work properly
and maybe make more to hand out to others. A horde is soon to come led by a beast of a warchief.”
says Shawn.
“ I’ve heard of him,” says Savage “ he has slayed many of my people to the east… Hes known
as Jerambe the slayer of men.” He tries to hid it but a trail of wetness flows gently down through the
dark stains upon his face. “if I can help destroy that creature I would gladly do so!”
It took two days of drinking, yelling, breaking things, and finally coming to terms with the fact
that the blunderbuss wasn’t what they needed.
After many hours, Savage and Craig worked together with the help from locals to gather
supplies for a new redesign. It was so close and genius, a controlled explosion that can propel a led
arrow with great force into an enemy! But it needed fine tuning. With the help from Shawn and some
how Jono they made a working prototype. It had a 16in barrel, a comfortable stock that could adjust
from hobbit, to dwarf, to even an elf, a box that could be exchanged for a fresh one and best of all…
little brass tubes filled with the great powder and capped with the lead arrow. A single hobbit could
hold off thirty orcs in a narrow way with such a creation.
“well shawn” says Craig “what shall you name it?”
After a long though he felt it was only right he named it after the grey wizard that started them
on this adventure, “I shall call it Aaron Rage!”
“It took a few tries to get to this one” Said Savage “Fifteen to be exact, but we got it right
finally… me and my team can make many more, we’ll arm every hobbit and dwarf within these hills
and stomp Jerambe and his horde.”
“Then I shall tell everyone to get ready for their very own AR15 and send them for all the
supplies you need.” Shawn shouted back as he ran out the door.
Jono learned. It was the cult of the flaming arms and they welcomed him in, it was the cult
members with their magical metals and powders that were helping Savage make such devices to hold
off the evils but they needed help. Jono was their man, in his annoying ways he brought more to the
table, Craig shouted at him from time to time but Mike showed him support and gave guidance. Sam
took notice, with a glare he gripped his wooden staff. Truly was never the same after Frodo.
They took shifts, the whole cult, one third rested, one third trained, and one third pumped out
the great arrows that would be needed to oh to soon.
They knew the time had come when the ground shook. They felt the horde long before they ever
saw them coming from the tree lines.
There was a great field between the orc horde and the ragtag army, it would be a great spot for
clashing shield and sword. Poor fools would never understand what hit them.
They came in deep and wide waves, it was nearly overpowering even with the AR15 mowing
them down. Many of the orcs fell but they took many of the Cult and the locals with them. With loud
war cries their axes and swords fell, breaking the guns in half and loosing the limbs of the defenders.
They were running out, the great weapons would be useless without the led arrows. The moment came
too soon, grabbing the barrel the hobbits, dwarves, and even the elves slammed into the orc horde.
Using the buts of guns, knives, and even old swords and axes they chopped at the last wave. Nick died
with axe in hand, shitting on the boots of the brute that finally slew him. Craig lost his mask with his
head, Savage was creaming mad and swinging his work hammers but fail himself with a spear in the
guts. Jono was holding Mike up, they nearly made it but Mike was bleeding to much, his outspoken
counselor died in his arms.
“MIKE!” Screams Sam, “ What have you done you fool!”
“ It wasnt me, I tried to drag him away.”
“I knew something was growing between you two, and now you’ve gotten him killed!”
Sam leaped onto Jono and swung with vengeance, breaking his staff across Jono’s shoulders. “I
swore id would fuck you to death with this damn stick and now I shall make it come true!”
They both bled, Sam didn’t get what he wanted, it was to fucked up, Jono stabbed him right
before the shaft pierced his kidney, he was nearly thankful. It could have been worse.
Trailing through the fallen Shawn absorbed the horrors of what surrounded him, so many gone
but they did it, they stopped the horde.
He dragged himself wearily to where a great orc layed, propped up with his giant sword planted
in the ground as a backrest.
“Are you him, are you Jerambe the slayer of men” Shawn asked.
“Yes, I was.” the orc said with blood leaking from a great many holes.
“ Good, now we can finish this” and with that he lifted the blunderbuss, it wasnt great but it
would do for this. It blew a whole it the orcs chest and as he fell over Shawn dropped his trousers and
tossed away the gun. Straddling the dead orc he dipped down and sunk his mighty low hanging sack
into its mouth and laughed to himself. “That was for my friends”.
late that night Shawn is sitting at the Sweet and Salty Burrow and is disturbed by the ruffling of
a grey cloak.
“You did it my friend, at a great cost, you did it”
“ Go away Aaron, I’m in no mood for your tricks right now.”
“Very well, but I told you I would stop the invading army, that we would. I just needed your
support. A rising to the signal of great virtue. May the weight of heroics not weigh you down old
“ … Shut up Aaron, go get ready… we have to be on stage tomorrow night for our show. The
people of the tavern and the cult will be waiting to hear all about this one.”
Can’t believe I just wrote that. I’m not going back through though, my ass is going to bed. It was all in
good fun and inspired by the BS in the signal chat on the day of march 3rd, 2022. Hope you fuckers
enjoy, I did, this is much better than postal work!

 by Patrick Benson

Best podcast! Been a listener for for about 4 or 5 years. I listen to every show! Jeremy is the best. Shawn is pretty darn cool to. Nick is also pretty cool but often super quiet and forget hes on sometimes. Got to see yall at NRAAM in Houston. Still have to poster Jeremy signed, diabetus sucks, but not as bad as being a ginger. It was pretty cool! Favorite part is when Jeremy rips A A ron. I forgot who the reddit washingotn srate guy is, hes aight.

 by Jorts McDenim-Jean-Shorts

This show is like giving 5 kittens to 5 different Great Apes and seeing what they do.

Jeremy the Gorilla, has torn his kitten clean in half and shoved it up his ass so fast I'm not quite sure he didn't already have these actions planned since birth.

Shawn the Orangutan is kind and gentle to his kitten, he pets and plays with his kit... Wait, that's just his shockingly smooth balls... Where's Shawns kitten?

Aaron the Chimpanzee has swallowed his kitten whole. No further notes.

Nick the Bonobo's kitten has been supplied with fresh milk every hour, we don't know where he is getting the milk. (Can someone get Nick's kitten out of the enclosure? I don't feel comfortable with him having a kitten anymore.)

Savage the Gibbon appears to have given his kitten a hammer, a sickle, a 1933 Mosin-Nagant Model 1891/30, and copy of The Communist Manifesto by Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx. Savage has since been terminated and the kitten sent to therapy.

Enjoy the show guys and keep your kittens close.

 by Blacksimus Maximus

1. Preheat your smoker to 275°F.
2. Slice the pork belly into 1 1/2 inch cubes.
3. Combine the brown sugar, paprika, salt, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder and black pepper, mixing to break up any lumps. Generously spread the mixture over the pork belly cubes, rotating the cubes to ensure that all sides are equally seasoned.
4. Place the pork belly cubes in your smoker with 3 to 4 wood chunks on the hot coals. Close the lid and cook for 2 hours.
5. Transfer the pork belly cubes onto a large aluminum drip pan and cover with aluminum foil. Place the pan into your smoker for another 2 hours.
6. Combine all ingredients for the Sweet & Sticky Barbecue Sauce into a saucepan and bring to a simmer for 10 minutes.
7. Uncover the aluminum pan and drain all liquid. Pour the Sweet & Sticky Barbecue Sauce over the pork belly burnt ends and mix until all cubes are evenly coated.
8. Place the pan back into the smoker and open the air vents to raise the temperature of the smoker to 350°F. Cook for an additional 10-15 minutes.
9. Remove the pan from your smoker and let rest at room temperature for 20 minutes before serving.

 by P. Shepard

Fresh Blueberry Cheesecake Pie
1 crust from 1 box (14.1 oz) refrigerated Pillsbury™ Pie Crusts (2 Count), softened as directed on box
1 package (8 oz) cream cheese, softened
1 cup sour cream
2/3 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla

Blueberry Topping
1/2 cup sugar
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 cup water
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 cups fresh blueberries

1: Heat oven to 425°F. Slowly and gently unroll crust. Place crust in ungreased 9-inch pie plate; press firmly against side and bottom. Fold excess crust under and press together to form thick crust edge; flute. Line crust with 10-inch parchment paper or foil circle. Fill bottom of crust to about 1/2 inch deep with metal or ceramic pie beans (use rice or dry beans if you don’t have pie beans). Bake 10 minutes.

2: Reduce heat to 375°F. Remove parchment paper and beans from crust. Return crust to oven; bake an additional 4 to 6 minutes or until bottom looks dry and is just starting to turn light brown.

3: Meanwhile in a large bowl, beat together cream cheese, sour cream, sugar, eggs, and vanilla with electric mixer on medium-high speed just until blended; pour into crust.

4: Cover edge of crust with strips of foil to prevent excessive browning. Bake 25 to 30 minutes or until filling is set but center still jiggles slightly when moved. Cool 1 hour at room temperature.

5: Meanwhile in 1 1/2 quart saucepan, mix sugar, cornstarch and cinnamon. Stir in water and lemon juice until smooth. Stir in 1 cup blueberries. Heat to boiling over medium heat, stirring constantly. Boil 2 minutes or until thickened and most of the berries have popped. Stir in remaining 1 cup blueberries.

6: Spread blueberry mixture over cooled cheesecake. Refrigerate at least 3 hours before serving. Store in refrigerator.

 by Vince H

Vince’s Homestyle Cream Pie

1 pie shell, store-bought or homemade
2 cups heavy cream
1 cup sugar
1 cup half-and-half
2 egg yolks
1/3 cup all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg, optional
1/4 teaspoon salt

Preheat oven to 350º F and place pie dough in a standard pie dish.
Combine sugar, flour, nutmeg and salt in a large bowl and whisk toFUCK’ER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY
bake for 9 months
kill yourself

 by David

These guys earn their stars by providing a fun and light podcast with a firm stance on freedom and firearms. My only complaint is there isnt a "kyle" making a comment on every show. Hearing you guys tear them apart for their attemps at trolling gave me great joy. Thanks gents.

 by Pea Shooter

Can we talk about how hypocritical Herron is??? Hates cancel culture, first one to say the latest company he’s cancelled. Only he can be crude for crudity’s sake, hates .22 while getting his ammo free. Fuck right off. Other guys are great, except savage.

 by David Lettuce

I love this podcast but it's very hate filled.
For example, Jeremy hates commies and poor people while Nick seems to hate clean toilets and functional Internet. Savage hates capitalism and succinct comments. Aaron appears to hate steady employment and reasonable, well thought out conversation. And then there is Shawn... he only hates silence and older poon. Great show, keep up the hate work!

 by johnnyBee

I'm actually sick to my stomache that Jeremy is single handedly destroying 246 years of Marine Corps tradidion. Every single time there is a highly technical question getting incorrectly bashed around by the rest of the cast... in comes Jeremy with the right answer. Then he polishes it off with accurate facts and figures.

Sheesh, 246 years of building an image of "dumb as a rock", "let them draw and they eat the crayons", etc etc. All out the window! Now what will they do with all the crayons ?

 by Myles

I look forward to you show every week. Y’all make me laugh and keep me informed. Jeremy is the angry Brandon herrara, Sean tried but fail to keep the show on the rails, nick is the game show host want but don’t deserve, savage is the only one right when it comes Canik, and I like Aaron but not enough to risk my rights to keep and bear arms enough to water board him. I can see me being charged for torturing a will party. Keep up the good…work?

 by Mike Hunt

5 of the largest squares you can find.

I drive for a living and it always makes for a great day when I can start my morning off with WLS, it's the best god damned podcast on the whole fucking internet.

I've realized that this show (or any of the spin-offs) are a lot like pizza; even when it's bad, it's still pretty good. In fact, you can sum up the hosts like the toppings on a pizza; Shawn is like the cheese that holds everything together, plus he's pretty cheesy.
Jeremy is the sauce because without the sauce it wouldn't be a fucking pizza at all, would it? No, it'd just be fucking cheesy bread... Plus, Jeremy is saucy...
Nick is the pepperoni, it's a classic and everyone is cool with it.
Aaron is the jalapeños, not because he's spicy, but because sometimes I'm feeling it, and sometimes I'm not.
Finally, Savage is mushrooms... Because mushrooms are fucking disgusting and I don't want them anywhere near my pizza...

I love this shit and I hope you guys never stop.

Bring back the Positively Pozderac song before the reviews start.


 by Bourbon sipper

Love this show, I look forward to every episode. Shawn is the driver behind this craziness and kinda steers the bus while whiskeyfied, hitting dead horses and sacred cows. Aaron is supposed to be helping with directions but he got distracted by the udders on one of the sacred cows (female, duh) and is saying, "Whoah!". He forgot to wear pants. Jeremy is sitting grumply looking at the ceiling wishing he could mount a Ma deuce up there and single-handedly end communism. In Mindcraft? Nick is in the back and is...well you know what Nick is doing, uh, making his brain bigger, yeah, with brain things. Savage is on his phone on Reddit not paying attention to anybody while trying to sell his bread to various groups of people with gluten allergies or on keto. For Better or Worse the exhaust fumes of the bus is actually airborne cocaine which is why I keep coming back for more. Please, don't stop.

 by Casey

[] [] [] [] []

Love the show! Not even mad that the unedited stream is free now, after joining the cult twice! Hopefully I can get to a meetup eventually!

Love the dynamic of the cast!

 by Jennen Shaffer


Been listening for years now and cant imagine my life without the we lile slurpies podcast. While y'all are technically our cult daddies most of y'all are like the uncles we all have. We all have thay one "know it all" (nick), the one "smartass" (Aaron), the "crazy one" (thumb), the one thats "always got issues" (Shawn (sickness and women), and the "cool uncle (Jeremy). But theyre all people you cant live without even if they annoy the piss outta you (aaron). But heres a question for you all, if the cast was utensils what would y'all be? I think Jeremy would be a spork (always useful), Savage would be a "collectable" spoon (useless), Nick would be a steak knife (always cuts to good stuff), Shawn would be a fork (white cake eating fatty), and Aaron would be a gold spoon (Jew known why). Thanks borthers, keep up the craziness and LETS GO BRANDON.

 by Galactamos

Come for the gun related content, stay for the community.
When I started listening to the WLS podcast I was initially looking to increase my knowledge on firearms and related content. In addition to checking that box the episodes never failed to make me laugh and I soon found myself addicted. Each of the cast members contributes something unique to the show creating an informative and often hilariously inappropriate masterpiece. Oddly, the other listeners, in spite of being weirdos, make the show watching experience even more dynamic. Bottom line, love the show. #WLSisLife #SSB

 by Fucking Bill

5 triangles
New to the show and it is amazing.. it feels like a good hang with your buddies. There is a lot of semi-friendly ribbing mixed in with some really good information. I jumped back a bunch of episodes to try to catch up on some of the inside jokes. I really wish you’d bring back that lady that sounded like the nanny. She carried the show
Love what you all do.. thanks and shoot straight.

 by edged91

5 squares!!!!! ok guys, hear me out. episode 459 gunfights. the part that is most important to not cheap out on is a bolt carrier group. because if you cheap out on the BCG parts could be out of spec. such as the firing pin or the extractor. these can cause malfunctions. you can buy the best and most expensive barrel on the market but if your rifle keeps having malfunctions it isn't going to matter if you got the best barrel money could buy, because the AR will not function properly? what do yall think?

also the podcast is FANTASTIC.
thanks for all your work.

 by P. Shepard

Key Lime Pie
2 cups graham-cracker crumbs

8 tablespoons (1 stick) unsalted butter, melted and cooled

1/4 cup sugar

2 cups sweetened condensed milk, from 2 (14-ounce) cans

8 large egg yolks

3/4 cup freshly squeezed Key lime juice

2 tablespoons grated Key lime zest

Heat oven to 375°F. Combine graham-cracker crumbs, butter, and sugar in a medium bowl; mix well. Press into a 9-1/2-inch deep-dish pie plate, and bake until lightly browned, about 12 minutes. Remove from oven, and transfer to a wire rack until completely cooled.

Lower oven to 325°F. In a medium bowl, gently whisk together condensed milk and egg yolks. Add Key lime juice and zest and mix until smooth. Pour into the prepared, cooled crust to the top edge. Shake to even if needed.

Return pie to oven, and bake until the center is set but still quivers when the pan is nudged, 15 to 17 minutes. Let cool completely on a wire rack.

Chill before serving, using the freezer to quick-chill for 10–15 minutes if in a hurry. Garnish with whipped cream (about 2 cups liquid).

 by Edged91

5 squares! Dudes can we please get a podcast where all of you get super drunk. Like the one episode where Shawn got shitfaced. But you all need to be on that level. It would be AWESOME!

 by Rainer B

I came for the giveaways and stayed for the people for years after they stopped. Jeremy brings knowledge and anger to the table that I agree with more than whats legal, Aaron is the break in the echo chamber thats needed at time and I enjoy his crudeness, Nick is the little brother that this group needs and hes a damn good voice of reason, Savage is our thumb of news and random loud laughs. Shawn is the stressed dad figure most of these guys need to keep shit in line. They dont know everything but theyre honest and try to stay intellectually consistent and thats a rarity. #wlsislife, #needanotherLil

 by Scary Dr

Screw these guys.
1. They end every podcast asking for money. They ask if it was worth a dollar. I say generally it is not. I give them money every month anyway because they're so inedibly useless in life I consider this charity to be my good deed for the month.
2. Everybody on the show acts like they know everything, but they clearly do not. Basically only the big dumb one will acknowledge the limit of his own knowledge, but then he'll curb that by claiming that if he doesn't know then nobody else could possibly know
I really don't understand how the big dumb one could be the least stupid of the bunch. But there it is.
3. Maybe they're pro gun "millennials" but they're still not pro gun enough. Thir leader has finally moved them away from using other people's platforms, but he still checks them when anybody tries to say what reallyneeds to be said. Oh but now they can swear. How edgelord of him.
4. The best thing I can say is that if you're stuck on a long drive and need something to listen to, this technically is something to listen to.

 by Sven S.

If the cast of this shit show was on pornhub. Jeremy is definitely the glory hole type, Nick would specialize in Cleveland steamers, Aaron would be a hitchhiker with no way to pay for ride, Shawn would be a piss whore and savage is the stepsister stuck in the drier.

 by Earl J.

Best Podcast ever. Better than the rest. Like a 300 blackout round mixed in your buddies 223 magazines, this show is a blast. I'm not an OG listener, I started when I heard Shawn at the Gun Collective Panel 2019 and the This Week in Firearms podcast, so professional and cordial. Then I branched out to WLS... well now it's the only podcast I listen to. I can only describe Shawn as a human mullet: business in the front (smooth balls) and party in the back (SSB). This year the cast upped their game with new segments and new shows like unloaded/master of none ( Savage for 2023 please fucking summarize, editorialize, turn to cast for comments). Over the years this podcast turned me into a single issue voter: the right for personal freedoms. If Aaron wants to smoke crack and fuck a listener's wife, do it. If Jeremy wants to vibe check drug dealers/ gangbangers/ p o l i t i c i a n s in Mein Kampf - pardon me- minecraft, so be it. If Nick wants to Bus Build a new colon, great! And if Savage wants to read the news from reddit by rote... no fuck they/them. Savage you need summarize, editorialize, turn to cast for comments. Love the show please play the psycho Jeremy song. #waterboarAaron

 by P. Shepard

German apple pie
Pastry shell
1 ½ cups all-purpose flour
½ half teaspoon salt
½ cup shortening
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 to 3 tablespoons ice water
1 cup sugar
¼ cup all-purpose flour
2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
6 cups sliced peeled tart apples
1 cup heavy whipping cream
Whip cream (optional)
Pastry shell:
In a small bowl combine flour, salt. Cut in shortening until crumbly, add vanilla and gradually add water tossing with fork until dough forms into a ball.
Roll out pastry flat to fit a 9 inch pie plate. Trim pastry to ½ inch beyond edge of pie plate, flute edges.
For filling:
Combine sugar, flour, cinnamon. Sprinkle 3 tablespoons into shell. Later in half of apples, sprinkle with more sugar mixture. Repeat layers. Pour heavy whipping cream all over.
Bake at 450° for 10 min. Reduced to 350° and bake for 55 to 60 min. or until apples are tender cool on wire rack. Serve with whipped cream if desired.

 by Sleeperific

5 rectangles. The cast of the show is like a sub. Nick is the salami, he's a little dry but got some good flavor if you let it sit in your mouth a while. Aaron is the ham, when on point is a great addition, but can get slimy and ruin the whole thing. Savage is the banana pepper because a little bit is great but too much is overwhelming and you end up tossing it out. Jeremy is the tomato only because I know how much he would hate being compared to a fruit. Shawn Is the white bread holding it all together. All in all an excellent combo. 10/10, would smash again.

 by Dixie Normus

Awesome show! Super informative, with a colorful cast. Shawn operates in pure chaos but somehow pulls it off, Aaron is the classic smartass that everyone wants to strangle, Nick is that quiet guy that knows everything but lets everyone else dig themselves into a hole and finally Jeremy is the raging psychopath thats going to drop dead from high blood pressure caused by yelling at communists. They sometimes have a bald guy on there but noone really listens to him. But theres a few small problems.
One, the hilarious jokes they tell and the wacky conversations they have almost make me bust out laughing at work exposing that I have a hidden bluetooth in my ear.
Two, because of these beautiful, respectful humans my 3 year old can clearly say "Fuck" so theres that.
10/10 best show around, I look forward to all future episodes!

 by The Waco Kid

Giving this show 5 squares, just like the five square meals K-A-a-ron eats daily. So thinking of this show as a breakfast, Shawn is the eggs. I may pepper him with insults until he gets salty, but you can't have the show without him. Aaron is a tomato slice, because who ever wants that around? Nick is grits, a perfect vehicle for anything substantial and goes well with anything. Jeremy is biscuits with gravy - the best part of the meal whether you love him or hate him, and Savage is obviously milquetoast. Been listening for years, and hope to keep listening and watching live for years to come.

 by Fuckin’ Bill

Better than genital warts…
One of the best firearm podcast around .. almost as good as gun funny….
These guys talk about almost anything then finally get to a firearm topic. I am Loving the new segments (family fudd, hot seat, and gunfight). Keep it up gents

I need more Jeremy rants like I need more cowbell.

 by Dusky - E L

Eternal Squares for WLS!
Me Listen Long Time...

I have come out from hiding in the woods to leave a review for this fine show and all of it's glory.
These guys know their stuff. A bit above my head on some technical discussions but I enjoy them. Almost as much as watching that otter disembowel that snapping turtle. Cringe, laugh and learn, I couldn't have described it better. Jeremy, I'm doing this for you. A-A-Ron, I actually appreciate your input, sometimes. Commie is cool cause he likes shooting and the going ballistic segment is great. Nick, very imformative and entertaining. Shawn, keep on keeping on. Love the show, long live the cult.

WLSisLife SSB Jerombe 171 SeanTalkHunt [] [] [] [] [] Shoot Straight

 by Shawn H

The best podcast that I am on. Killing it.

 by Will Shevlin

Great show, Jeremy is my hero. Not entirely sure what Savage is for though.

 by Alex R

Love listening to the show, always enjoy the good conversations, especially the ones about Aero suppressors. On second thought maybe it’s just fun to hear Aaron get yelled at by Jeremy. Keep up the good work and loving all the new stuff.