Condor 1/4 Zip Fleece Pullover Review

Condor 1/4 Zip Fleece Pullover Review


When I was in the Corps, we were issued fleece pullovers as a kind-of intermediate weather garment. Ever since I got out I’ve been looking for something other than my old worn-out PT sweatshirt that could fill the gap between a parka and just a T-shirt. While sweats are nice, they just don’t cut it for comfort and feel like a fleece does.

I was shopping around for one and came across some Under Armour, but at 80-some-odd dollars for a fleece I put it right back on the shelf. The Condor fleece retails for about $30.

It’s been previously established (and Aaron likes to remind me) that I am a giant. While I think the sizes run a little smaller than I thought they should, the sleeves actually fit me. I never find that. Also with the Condor brand, the cut fits like I feel clothing should, as they don’t assume that because I’m tall I weigh in excess of 400 pounds. So I don’t end up with them fitting in the shoulders and having enough fabric at the waist to hide a family of 12. It hangs quite nice.

As far as being warm, boy is it. I walked around with one on for a bit on a slightly chilly day and had to unzip it and pull the sleeves up. Not itchy, fits right, and stays out of the way when I wear my firearm.

The sleeves also have thumb loops built into the cuff if you need some hand-warming.

They also come with a zip-up pocket on the left breast for whatever is needed and a high collar to keep the wind off you.

I would recommend these for anyone for those days when a jacket is too much but a shirt just isn’t enough.

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Jeremy grew up in a small farm town in Ohio He started shooting at 8 yrs old with a lever action Marlin Gold Trigger. He spent four Years USMC and was awarded the company high shot. He also spent five years riding bulls, and worked several years as a security agent for a heavy metal band. Jeremy is also a NRA pistol instructor. You can also find Jeremy on his website at

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