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M1A Scope Mount Comparison

M1A Scope Mount Comparison

SO I decided after un-bullpupping(?) my M1A that I wanted to to scope it up and maybe try and see how that would work. The problem is with so many options to choose from which one do you get? So we got in contact with our friends at Brownell’s and they were kind enough to send us two different M1A/M14 scope mounts.

We received a Sadlak Industries mount and an A.R.M.S. Inc, mount. I compare the two side by side and give my personal opinions on the two. I only wish we could’ve had more to test, but nonetheless it was nice to see two in comparison.

About The Author


Jeremy grew up in a small farm town in Ohio He started shooting at 8 yrs old with a lever action Marlin Gold Trigger. He spent four Years USMC and was awarded the company high shot. He also spent five years riding bulls, and worked several years as a security agent for a heavy metal band. Jeremy is also a NRA pistol instructor. You can also find Jeremy on his website at


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