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One of the Best Men’s Tactical Pants for 2018

VERTX DELTA STRETCH PANTS Price $89.95 Specs Weight 1.1 lbs Material 98% Cotton 2% Spandex Colors Available: GRAPHITE, SAND, TOBACCO, OLIVE GREEN, MOSS, MOCHA Our take Every firearms class I have taken I have heard the same thing over and over again, train in what you will be wearing every day. If the need arises, there is going to be very little chance to run home and change into “tactical clothes.” The Vertx Delta Stretch Pant, give you the look of a comfortable pair of casual pants with the ability to flex, run and move while being one of the...

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Sonic Boom Tannerite vs a tree stump

Sonic Boom exploding targets claims to have taken its time to research and custom build their targets using the best possible raw ingredients available, which provides one of the largest explosions and loudest booms of any exploding target on the market. This is exactly what we were looking for. A tree stump vs. 2lbs of sonic boom. Come at me bro! Using our Dez Tactical 308 custom rifle, we set up 100 yards away from both target and stump alike, and prepared to watch twigs traveling to places unknown. The ammo, JCAA .308 WIN – 150 Grain HPBT Centerfire Rifle...

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WLS gets their Strokes On. Troy Sporting Rifle.

  Aaron and Shawn take the Troy Pump Action Rifle to get a feel for this 50 state legal sporting rifle with a bit of delicious freedom with a taste of pumping mixed in. The Troy Pump Action Rifle takes the battle tested fit, feel and modularity of the AR15 platform and brings it to the modern sporting with a manually operated pump action for both sporting and defense. With the TRX2-style handguard and full top-rail this, rifle is optic ready and conveniently storable with its folding telescopic stock It is available in .308 Win, 7mm-08 Rem, .243 Win, .338 Fed, .223 and...

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All the Single Ladies

Hey There Shooters! All the single ladies. Dear Single moms, I get it, you are in my area, you need love too, but I already have a mom. Sure if times were different, and I was an orphan, or maybe still in college, and maybe yeah, maybe then, when I needed a hot dinner or my laundry done, yeah totally, or heck maybe even when I found out my mom forgot my birthday that one year, I could have fallen for you as maybe a rebound mom, but no. No I will not seek you out. I mean Kids,...

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Hello from the other side

Hey, There Shooters! As I tell my kids, who I love dearly,’When I feel like talking to you, I will look at you’. Right now I am looking at you, why? Because there are so many great things going on right now and I want to dish. We have the shoot out challenge still in full effect, check it out here. Our sponsors are coming up with great products, our friends are producing great content, and me… well I shaved today, so booyah. Speaking of shaving, you know those hairless cats, gross right, and they cost so much. So...

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In A Galaxy Right Near You

Hey, There Shooters! NRA Annual Meeting is around the corner we can’t wait, can you? Speaking of around the corner, Aaron spent the weekend at Jeremy’s house and now is suffering from the Zika virus. We know as responsible journalist that when we write “speaking of” it should have something to do with what we were talking about, however also being who we are, we just lack the ability to care. But speaking of caring, did you know that the mass of the moon is equal to the mass of the Death Star. Really? We have no idea, but...

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Tinlid Hat Company: More Hype than Hat?

This is a different kind of review, but hey, we all wear hats. I am a hat guy, who am I kidding, I am a hat whore. I own baseball caps, cowboy hats, helmets; modern to pith. I even have a leather aviator helmet because, hell, I think they are cool. When I heard there was a company that plants 15 trees when you buy one of their hats I was thinking, “cool, I like trees”. I have a couple of them around my house, and I like hats… they fit on my head, so… BOOM, I could get...

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Aaron becomes a shooter: Training at Close Quarter Tactical, Handgun 1

I woke up to the smell of bacon. Not because it was cooking in my house, and no this fat guy was not having a stroke, but because ‘Merica! That and the fact that I knew I was going to do some badass training at Close Quarters Tactical; any chance to squeeze a few hundred rounds of ammo off makes me feel free. I hopped into the family Tactical Minivan and realized no, this called for the full hardcore experience. I decided this trip was to prime for the Combat Recon Vehicle or Honda CRV for short. When one...

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Bond Arms Mama Bear

This is not a review, just a product that caught our eye. Inclusion in this video does not represent a product opinion from WLS. Bond Arms offers their newest model, the Mama Bear. The Bond Arms Mama Bear is a Special Edition Bond Arms Handgun Made for the tough Mama, finished in stainless steel. It comes with a special Bond Arms Pink Grip. The Mama Bear is chambered in 9mm. but also includes a 3″ .357/.38 barrel.  with a weight of 20 oz. and overall length: 5″ you can tuck this thing in almost any pocket. It comes with pink...

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