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Join us tonight as we talk about the Gun laws, the ATF, and keeping your powder safe on episode 522 of We Like Shooting.


Our CAST is Jeremy Pozderac, Savage1R, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn Herrin.


Tonight we’re going to talk about: 

Gear Chat 

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  1. Shawn – 
    1. Fanny pack carry
    2. Bear Gun – damn you assholes and your 10MM
    3. DOE selects Primary Arms LPVO?
    4. Upcoming Reviews on Dangerous Freedom
      1. Foxtrot Mike M102
      2. Swampfox Optics Raider
      3. Hi-Point YC-9
      4. JMAC Customs AK stuff
      5. RMA Armament plate testing
      6. Springfield Armory Echelon
    5. RMA 1155 NIJ
  2. Nick – Gideon Omega


Gun Fights!





#Aaron’s Alley

Lets talk about chainsaws and chainsaw safety.

Going Ballistic

All news stories are brought to you by Pew Report! https://pew.report (code: WLSTRIAL for a free month!)


Summarize / Editorialize / Go to the cast for comments  


Jeremy  Reads 

 Five Stars from Nick: 

Best shooting podcast ever. Love what you guys do for the 2A community. I always look forward every week for the shows to release and they do not disappoint. Nick’s sarcasm adds extra spice to the show and his name is Nick so that makes awesome, Jeremy’s brute force and knowledge add an extra edge, Shawn ties all the guys together and keeps them civil…kind of. Savage’s (the talking thumb) news section keeps me up to date on 2A news, and Aaron, well, he’s Aaron. Give this podcast a listen if you enjoy a dang good time!

Five Stars from Sparky: 

Love the podcast, feels like Friday night standing around drinking beers in the garage with old friends. Shawn’s the friend who’s always got stories to tell and is great to have around. Jeremy’s the friend who would always suggest some sort of fun idea, but would definitely get you in trouble if you get caught. Aaron’s the friend you like to hang out with, but always pulls the “I forgot my wallet” trick when you go out to eat. Nick’s the quiet friend who loves to throw out some quick one liners at opportune times and always makes the night better. Savage is the friend everyone loves to pick on and doesn’t really pay attention to when he’s talking. Overall I’ve enjoyed listening for the past few years and look forward to new episodes every week.

Five Stars from Froderick Marpenstien: 

still enjoy

Wrap up 

Just a reminder join a gun-related advocacy group, such as the FPC, GOA or SAF (ask the guest about their state) and we always give out the Suicide prevention line- the number to call is 1-800-273-8255


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Always prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery