WLS Double Tap 324 – Aaron Has Gas

Join us tonight as we answer your questions, and talk about Gas issues, Thermal Optics, and long huals that won’t blow your budget on episode 324 of We Like Shooting Double Tap.


Our CAST is Nick Lynch, Aaron Krieger, Jeremy Poz and my name is Shawn Herrin


J C: Where can we comment on the “engaged in the business” rule?

Federal Register :: Definition of “Engaged in the Business” as a Dealer in Firearms

Link Shawn’s Comment

Joe J: 

I feel like nick today. Extreme diarrhea in a construction portajohn.


Trucker Matt: 

Hey ladyboys. What is the legality of a non-FFL/non-SOT civilian owning an M16 full-auto parts kit and any AR15 lowers under the same roof? Is it okay as long as none of the lowers have the dreaded third hole, even if they have the full-auto shelf cut in the receiver? What about owning an AK full-auto parts kit if one doesn’t own an AK? I’m assuming that’s legal.

Thanks. Keep up the great work. Listening to you guys make my routes driving tractor trailer a lot more bearable.


Chad R: 

Got a seeing in the dark question for you.

I currently run a WP gen 3 elbit pvs14 on a Team Wendy bump and a holosun 321 for a laser. It’s a decent “budget” setup but I’m now interested in supplementing with a thermal. I am somewhat interested in something that can be helmet mounted and potentially bridging with the 14.

Digging around on the interweb,

where everyone is a former Delta operator, I see mix opinions on bridging a pvs 14 with a thermal (can’t be collimated so it causes headaches, etc.) but some people say it’s good to go. Wonder if any of you have had any actual experience with a setup like this because I’m pretty sure the majority of internet people are 16 year old kids echoing whatever they read on Reddit and pretending they know what they are talking about.

Looking at the StingIR 640 as it can be QD’d mounted on a rifle as well as helmet mounted/bridged with an 14. Any experience with it?


Chad F: 

Just watched a “short” on YouTube about dropping the slide on an unloaded pistol. They said it would damage your gun. Does a cartridge cushion the action enough to not damage the pistol or is this bullshit? Love the show.

  1. Everyone needs an Aaron in their life


Jason S: 

Love the show keep it up. I am looking for a FFP Lpvo and I was wondering your thoughts on Arken Optics EP-8 1-8X28 FFP scope. it’s $300-$400. Or would you wait for swampfox to come out with their 1-8 FFP scope. it’ll be going on a zastava m77 for mostly for hunting but also target shooting.


Alex W: 

Do y’all know of any reputable suppressor companies that sell solvent traps that the customer can then drill out after getting a tax stamp? I know JK suppressors used to but I guess they don’t anymore. I like the idea of being able to spread out the cost of the suppressor and tax stamp. I’ve also heard that manufacturing tax stamps tend to come back faster than stamps for just buying an NFA item. But idk if that’s true.


Kaleb K: 

Does the cast have any experience with the products made/sold by T.Rex Arms? I believe I have heard reference in past shows to the content put out on the YouTube channel, but what about the holsters, plate carriers, pouches, etc? Are the products any good or just over-priced hype ?


Shawn IsAGunBunny:

Expanding in Jeremy’s “standing while wiping” comment. Do you wipe, and then fold the toilet paper until it’s all used up or wipe once per paper. Also if you buy a round toilet over an elongated you should be put to death. #teamwipefoldwipefoldwipefoldwipefoldwipe


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