WLS 530 – Bit Dub You Dow

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Tonight’s We Like Shooting Show Episode 530 covers topics that include the aftermath of a tragic mass shooting in Maine, exposing media misreporting, government lapses in tracking individuals with mental health issues, and the debate around gun-free zones and proposed AWB regulations. It also delves into the 2022 FBI Crime Report, highlighting concerns about unreliable data due to the FBI’s new system. In addition, the show covers an ATF employee caught gun running to Mexico, a federal judge’s decision regarding gun charges and drug use, and an Oklahoma lawmaker’s call for a grand jury to investigate an ATF raid on an FFL.


Our CAST is The Poz, Savage1R, Nick Lynch, Dr. Aaron Krieger with and my name is Shawn Herrin.


Gear Chat 



Gun Fights!

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Dr. Aaron Kriegers Alley


Going Ballistic

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Five Stars from We Like Shitting: 

I listen regularly. I have learned so much about exciting topics like colitis, the philosophy of TP use, flatulence frequency, and more! Sometimes they even talk about guns.

Five Stars from Hawgman: 

The wholesome cast of this family friendly podcast make a wonderful addition to my weekend routine of playing podcasts to orphans.

Shawn is the most humble of the bunch and is always considerate not to take up too much limelight. I’m sure that he could tell long drawn out stories about hunting trips but since he doesn’t, the other cast members actually get a chance to talk.

Aaron is a wealth of gun information. I sometimes wonder if there is anything about guns he does not know. He is also the most trustworthy, fair, and honest member of the group.

Nick may not know the most about guns, but his overwhelming enthusiasm and excitement bring a nice lively energy to the show. He is also very constipated, so he never has to leave for bathroom breaks.

Jeremy is the friendliest most tolerant member of the group. He is always very inclusive and never tries to make people feel dumb if they slip up and make a little mistake. He is also very respectful towards dogs, which is very wholesome

Savage is the leader of the group and the best at delivering news stories. His summaries are succinct, and his commentary is well thought out and not just repetition of comments in news websites.

Five Stars from Ghey: 

In the heart of the rugged wilderness, where echoes of gunshots rang through the mountains, there existed an epic journey known as the We Like Shooting Podcast. It was more than just a show; it was an adventure that beckoned to those who dared to explore the vast landscape of firearms, gear, and the camaraderie of shooters.Our story begins with a diverse band of hosts, each possessing unique skills and knowledge, united by their passion for all things firearms. There was Jeremy, the sharpshooter with a quick wit and even quicker trigger finger. Shawn, the tech guru, armed with knowledge of the latest gear and gadgets. Aaron, the mad scientist, who concocted the perfect blend of humor and insight. Nick, the calm and collected voice of reason, and Savage, the enigmatic wildcard, known for his outlandish ideas.Together, they embarked on a journey, traversing treacherous terrain, from the depths of historical firearms to the dizzying heights of modern shooting sports. Along the way, they encountered a host of remarkable characters, from legendary gunsmiths to seasoned marksmen, each adding their own chapter to this epic tale.The heart of their quest was to educate and enlighten, to ensure that all who listened would leave with a deeper understanding of the firearms world. The hosts, with their trusty microphones and encyclopedic knowledge, were relentless in their pursuit of knowledge. They unveiled the secrets of ballistics, unlocked the mysteries of firearm modifications, and guided listeners through the labyrinthine world of regulations and safety.Yet, amidst their serious endeavors, they never lost sight of the joy and camaraderie that bound them together. Laughter echoed through the valleys and resonated off the canyon walls as they shared humorous anecdotes and playful banter.The We Like Shooting Podcast was more than just a show; it was an odyssey, a journey into the heart of the shooting world. Their passion ignited a fire in the hearts of listeners, drawing them into the fold of the shooting community. As the podcast continued to evolve and grow, so did the epic adventure, promising even greater discoveries and exciting tales for those brave enough to join the ranks of We Like Shooting.So, my friends, if you seek an epic adventure that spans the depths of knowledge and the heights of camaraderie in the world of firearms, gear, and shooting sports, embark on the We Like Shooting Podcast journey. For it is a tale of passion, learning, and above all, the unbreakable bond of those who share a love for the trigger’s call.


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