WLS 528 – Dude n Save

Tonight’s We Like Shooting Show Episode 528 covers topics that include Jeremy’s adventures in backpacking, reactive seasonal targets and the latest news affecting you today.


Our CAST is The Poz, Savage1R, Nick Lynch, Dr. Aaron Krieger with special guest Jon Timothy Patton and my name is Shawn Herrin.


Gear Chat 



Gun Fights!

Action packed event where your hosts test their knowledge of how much firearms are worth



  • Lets talk more about Jeremys Pack

Dr. Aaron Kriegers Alley


  • Basic White Girl Shit (Reactive Targets time of the year)

Going Ballistic

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5 Starz from Hogman:

I would give the show 6, but one cast member (Savage) is the most racist and misogynistic piece of shit I have ever heard. Sure, the other guys have some racist jokes, but they come from a place of love. Savage is just hateful.

Speaking of hate, The Lord of Hate, Jeremy is a fun lovable oaf who really loves guns. He loves guns so much I bet if they barked and had a tail he would fuck them. His quirky anti-government attitude and happy go lucky disdain for communists really add to this shitstorm of a show.

While on the topic of shitstorms I can also bring up Nick. He spends most of the show pooping, but when he is on, he provides a monotone wealth of esoteric gun knowledge that is perfect to sooth the autistics in the audience. He always hints at suicide which is sad, but if he wants it to be painless, he should climb up Savage’s ego and jump off. I really hope he doesn’t because I will miss his big cock energy of I know more than you but I don’t feel the need to tell everyone.

Conversely, there is big cuck energy with Aaron. He always feels the need to sound smarter than he is by opening that big mouth under his big nose just to get shutdown by Nick or Jeremy in the most embarrassing fashion. I do appreciate the devils advocacy, but I get the feeling he thinks it is his job to disagree, and unfortunately, this is the only job he has been able to keep. (I do actually like Aaron, but I feel obligated to insult him after hearing other reviews)

Overall, the show is funny, informative, and makes my commutes tolerable. The chemistry of the cast is fantastic, and I really like it when Savage gets all defensive, squirmy, and woke-ish when accused of racism/hating women. Get a sense of humor and quit being the personification of a participation trophy.

Three Stars from Lil Stan: 

Leave the fuckin manufacturer interviews to unloaded, listing to a bitch peddle their shit for an hour on the main show is something that needs to remain gone. I loved when that shit got moved to unloaded, no one missed it being on the main show. Great show, Patton needs to be a regular.

Five Stars from Ryan W: 

Best podcast, hands down! I listen to WLS over and over. Never gets old. Well, the cast gets older, but don’t we all. I listen an average of 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. Favorite episode: 171. Favorite show title: Great Peter Defeater. Favorite cast member: Jeremy, for the random angry rants set off by random topics.

Keep up the good work bros.


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