WLS Double Tap 325 – Posse of Cai

Join us tonight as we answer your questions, and talk about the farm report, mexican bean soup, and a little bit about guns on episode 325 of We Like Shooting Double Tap.


Our CAST is Dr. Aaron Krieger, Jeremy Poz and my name is Shawn Herrin


Justin T: 

How long is too long to wait for an order to ship? I ordered 3 shirts from 1776 United on Christmas Day. Still hasn’t shipped and they don’t answer emails anymore. They were more than happy to take my money though.

  1. If anyone has contact info other than their customer support that would be greatly appreciated.



Good evening my fellow pewpew enthusiasts (said with an atf slur). Today I was doing a delivery to a pawn shop that is notorious for carrying the widest selection of guns (new and used) and ammo in town. I overhead a customer asking about the difference in specs between two pistols to which the salesman response was “well this one is a Taurus so it’s super reliable and the other one may have qc issues”. I looked over their way when I came out of the back room and saw they were comparing a smaller Taurus pistol and a glock. Ffs, why can’t people in the gun sales realm not be re-res?!?! I virtually don’t go to any local gun stores because crap like this. O wish we could publicly shame them some how. Yes Jeremy, I know this doesn’t happen at your store…..

But seriously, how can we as gun owners help change these lies spread by those who should know the things?

One last thought, how many times do you think an average human takes a crap in their lifetime and do you think Nick is a 9 or 10 times that?

#wlsislife #canwereplacesavageyet #whyisaaronapos


Chris K: 

I’m drooling over a MAT-9 upper…here’s my question. I have a BRN-180M lower, never got around to getting an upper on it. Would the Matador Mag-X work in that lower with the MAT-9 upper?


Justin Sharpenshoota-farfanugen:

I have been a long time fanny-pack wearer, I would like to start conceal carrying my hellcat pistol in my nut-ruck. I’ve been looking for holster options, but can’t seem to find anything. It’s looking like I will have to find a fanny pack that is designed for concealed carry and has an integral holster. (in-teg-er-ral) there you go Aaron you can pronounce it!

Does anyone or specifically Shawn recommend a concealed carry focused fanny pack, or holster option I can use in my nut-ruck I bought from Nick at bus built systems?


Ryan W:

I’m looking to get an hk sp5. I want to sbr and suppress it. What is the difference between the European imported vs the US model? I’ve read about the 922r stuff but it’s rather overwhelming for a simp like me. Love the show. Thanks



You guys have all gone back and forth on the chili bean question but now another chili controversy has raised its head locally: Is Chili Soup?

Some say it’s not soup because it’s too thicc, or that it’s stew which some argue is different.

The other side is angry.

What say the cast?



Question, “Y, D, FuK”, Does the cast not use a PTT (Push To Talk) system for the podcast? many episodes ago Shawn went on a rant about how a mute that he spent many peso’s for did not work, an burnt out the USB port on another cast members computer. Using a PTT system coupled with a foot petal to activate PTT would have the desired effect (when used properly) of cutting out unwanted burps, farts, kids, dogs, un-lubed masturbation, or any other unwanted noises that we hear when cast members are not speaking. Depending on what software the cult uses to connect and record the podcast, it should be easy to enable and cheap PC foot petals are less that $20 and higher quality petals for $50 to $100. I dont know about the rest of you guys but I feel this is the best question of the night! Give this guy the Tee shirt, or Patch, or whatever our cheap asses arent spending money on as prizes!

Love the show, keep up the good work


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