WLS 520 – Sword of Testuhclees

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Join us tonight as we talk about Over priced gear, Congress, Flash Bangs and more on episode 520 of the We Like Shooting Show. 


Our CAST is Aaron Krieger, The Poz, Savage1R, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn Herrin.


Gear Chat 


  1. Aaron – Tombstone 9MM
  2. Shawn – NVTS
    1. Hera Arms Link
    2. Mischief Machine
  3. Nick – CZ Shadow 2 Compact

Gun Fights!

If you’d like to get in on the gunfight, go over to reddit.com/r/welikeshooting and find the post titled Gun Fights Poll Episode ___ stickied to the top of the page. Vote for the person you thought provided the best argument and they’ll win a bonus point next week. Leave a comment telling us what answer you would’ve chosen. If you have a question for gun fights, send me a PM on Reddit or Instagram, or send an email to nick@welikeshooting.com.

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Aaron’s Alley

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Going Ballistic

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Five Stars from Warrior Of The Weekend: 

The We Like The Gun Collective Show.

This show was started in 2016 by John Patton. After making a name for himself in the gun industry he sold the show to a ragtag bunch of autistic diabetic idiots who can barely keep it together. It often strays from a gun podcast and morphs into a “how to home improvement, what’s the real ingredients in chili, let’s argue about something stupid” show.

Every now and then you’ll get some good gun advice but don’t count on it often.

Once or twice a year the owner, John Patton stops by to check on his bitches. He needs to make sure the milkshake still brings the boys to the yard if you know what I mean. Gay sex.

Anyway, I’ll list one good thing and one bad thing about each cast member.

John Patton:

The good- he has great hair.

The bad- he left the show to these knuckle draggers.

Scheawne Herrin:

The good- has sexual dominance over the cast.

The bad- doesn’t know how to shut the fuck up sometimes. Oh wait. That’s Arron. Nevermind.

Arron the Jew:

The good- mother fucker takes a lickin’ and keeps on Jewing.

The bad-. Mother fucker takes a lickin’ and keeps on Jewing.

Nick Lunch:

The good. He has retard strength when it come to logic and keeping the show from completely being derailed.

The bad- he poops a lot. Like so much. I’m actually worried. Nick, are you taking a good probiotic to replenish good intestinal gut flora? Is it IBS? Don’t know what’s going on with you but I’ll help if I can. Get you in a cleanse or something but for fucks same get your shit together.

Jeremy Positively/Derrick:

The good-he’s the guy you want with you at the end of the world.

The bad- he’s the guy you don’t want to run into at the end of the world. Especially if your a dog.

Savage One Are;

The good- this page intentionally left blank

The bad- this page intentionally left blank

All in all, this stupid show is entertaining, informative and my favorite gun podcast. I love these fucking retards, my dream is to someday be on the show with them and just talk guns. I feel like we’re at the point where we could finish hers sente……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Five Stars from Michael C: 

This review is long overdue and outside the parameters of usual reviews. I discovered WLS after listening to the original AR15 podcast hosted by Jake circa (that means about) 2014. I’ve listened since episode one and have had the privilege to meet all the cast, except for Savage 1R (does he need an exit visa for the Peoples Republic of Washington State?) on several occasions and feel comfortable in saying we are friends. The firearms community is better off for having this eclectic group to entertain us all. The short meeting at SHOT show 2023 did not give me enough time to thank them, or buy them drinks, for an episode they produced around July 9, 2020.

Short story long: In the morning of July 9th, 2020, I left my house for my father’s funeral. My father meant the world to me, and I really did not know how much he had accomplished in his life until his funeral and wake. My father was an Army veteran who served in the Korean war, but never really talked about it too much. His two favorite stories were getting stranded in Hawaii for a month and having to share Hawaiian shirts, shorts, and sandals with his team members as they didn’t have enough money to buy their own attire. So, they pooled their money and bought 3 sets and they rotated through the team. His other favorite story was driving a motorcycle off a cliff at night and ending up in the Sea of Japan. Swimming to shore they waited for daybreak to see if they could dive and salvage any gear. Then they saw the motorcycle and gear on the rocks. Turns out he and his teammate had the good fortune of driving off the cliff at high tide. So good luck for me!

Five Stars from TJ: 

Hey guys new to the show. You guys are awesome in helping me understand lots of stuff about guns that I didn’t know about so I have to thank you there. Being someone new to optics so much so I have a 40 year old scope on my coyote rifle and me really wanting to upgrade. Would you guys recommend a swamp fox lpvo or red dot with magnifier. Again thank you guys so much. Keep up the great work.


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