WLS Double Tap 328 – Combat Poo

Welcome to Double Tap, Episode 327! Your guides through the fascinating world of firearms and all things pewpew are Jeremy Pozderac, Dr. Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, Jon Patton and Shawn Herrin. We go the distance in talking about optics, hunting in California and Turkish-made 12 GA shotguns in episode number 327 of We Like Shooting Double Tap.



Montague Cholmondeley-Smythe The Third: 

I was cogitating upon the acquisition of load-bearing apparatus and encountered a formidable quandary when deliberating between the options of chest rigs or plate carriers. I am keen to solicit your perspective on these two choices and also beseech your counsel on alternative recommendations for the conveyance of magazines and ancillary accoutrements within a military or field-based context.


James D: 

I’m starting to get in to hunting in commiefornia (trust me I hate it here) and I’m wondering what should I look for in a affordable pair of binoculars? I’ve heard people say they bring spotting scopes for glassing but are there some binoculars out there that would work for ranges of 100 to 300 yards? Would it be better to pack in a spotting scope or binoculars?

Thank you for your time.


Mike G: 

Hey fellers.

I wouldn’t say it was recently, but I had the opportunity to try out someone’s piece of shit Turkish 12GAids. What was neato was that it worked, and do did the dot on it. Really well actually… It made me want to put a dot on my 1187, my bird gun.

It doesn’t have a rail or anyplace to put a dot so, I think it would need to be drilled or…something.

The question is thus: how the absolute fuck do I go about this?

Secondary question: Midwest Gun Works 1187 mag extensions. Thoughts? Better options?

Thanks guys.

#WLSislife #LGH #savagehuntinforawig



On a recent show, Jeremy said he’s not racist, but he thinks some cultures are better than others. I wonder what the cast thinks of Michael Bloomberg’s comments at the 2015 Aspen Institute, where he said that 95% of criminals fit the description of black or brown male, that you should just throw them against a wall and frisk them, and that young minority males aren’t responsible enough to own guns -those comments are barely paraphrased. As one of the bean people, I find myself personally offended by his comments, but don’t deny that there is some truth to them. Although I did some stupid stuff as a kid, my father (who was present) taught me gun safety and I was way more afraid of his wrath than anything the police might do. I frequently have discussions on this with BIPOC friends and associates, so I’ve already heard many views and I promise to not be offended by the cast’s discussion.


Josh B: 

Hey guys and Aaron

I have an Ohio knife carry question. Why is it illegal to carry a knife for self defense? You can carry a knife in Ohio but if it is used it’s considered a deadly weapon? You can shoot someone in self defense but you can’t stab them to get them to stop if hand to hand happens. I believe Jeremy is in Ohio. Didn’t know if he had any input on this. Thanks love the show. I thought that I was witty but this whole crew is fast as hell. Keep up the good work.


Aaron K.

Here is a question for all you fools, What’s your favorite piece of firearms-related advice or wisdom that you’ve received over the years, and how has it influenced your approach to firearms training? 



What is the most memorable or unique firearm you’ve had the opportunity to shoot or review on your show, and what made it stand out for you?


Dr. RTardis

Aaron has often brought a unique perspective to the show. If any of you were to create your own line of firearms accessories, what would it be, and what would you call it?


Winner: DrScaryGuy


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