WLS Double Tap 330 – Shawnstipation

Welcome to Double Tap, Episode 330! Tonight we discuss the top 5 last-minute shopping items before a perceived threat to freedom in November, opinions on the quality of hardware produced by PSA and an assessment of the likelihood of a national attack on home soil and whether another country would attempt such an act.



Matt P:

I have two AR-15’s, a few mags, and around 500 rounds. I am trying to decide if I want to build an AR-10 for longer range, buy armor and plate carriers or buy ammo

Question 1) How much ammo should one person have. “All of the ammo” is not a good answer.

Question 2) in theory how would you split your budget between the above options. For example should 60% of the budget go to ammo? Should 20% go towards gear and 20% go to builds? How much should go towards training? 


I am just now getting into this and have not started training just yet. I am a decent shot. I have shot shotguns most of my life ( trap shooting, rabbit hunting, ect…


Range buddy app

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Duke of Crude:

Hey fam,

Since the end of freedom will be coming in Nov 2024 . What is everyone’s top 5 last minute shopping items before we can’t shop any more?

Thanks for all you do and good luck!

Duke of Crude


Carl P: 

Despite their mission statement, which I agree with & appreciate, since I’m a poor, what are your thoughts on the perceived hit ‘n miss QC or as I’ve read countless times on forums & Facebook strait up trash quality hardware cranked out by PSA?

As I only have a sample of 1 (16″ barrel w/ 13″ Ltwt M-Lok handguard upper) & haven’t got to go shoot yet, I just hope all the shit talk I read on them is just Chads online being Poor hater dicks.


Hugh Mungus: 

Hey guys, new listener love the podcast. In y’all’s honest opinion. How close would you think we are as a nation to having an attack on our home soil? You think another country would try such a thing? Stay strapped or get clapped. Thanks fellas


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