WLS Double Tap 329 – The Floor is Lava

Welcome to Double Tap, Episode 329! Tonight we discuss favorite and least favorite firearms within each brand, discussions about 3D printing firearms, Sig Spear rifle barrels losing zero, Australian gun laws and the preservation of buried firearms, trustworthiness of a Sig 556XI in a crisis, preferred suppressor attachments, the impact of higher bore axis on pistol recoil, and the effectiveness of low light pistol classes that teach unconventional flashlight and pistol techniques.



John P:

So instead of a question, thought i would toss you a show idea. How about for a series of shows, you take a specific brand and tell us your favorite firearms and your least favorite firearms for each brand? This could apply to anything in the world of the 2nd Amendment. I know the other show has gear chat, but this would be more or less a positive or negative infomercial. Thanks!


Hugmuffin The Real: 

Question for Nick; How long until there is a metal extruding 3D printer that is both firearm-capable AND cost effective enough for the home user? I’m getting tired of picking fragments of my ka-boomed PLA+ printed slides from my junk.




Jive AI Dig: 

I caught some vids by Scorpius Tactical, man, showin’ Sig Spear rifle barrels losin’ their cool zero when they put the squeeze on ’em. Folks in the vid are thinkin’ there might be somethin’ funky goin’ down where the barrel meets the receiver. Y’all got any info on this? Do you reckon it’s still worth scoopin’ up a Sig Spear?


Aussie Dan: 

I live in Wiradjuri county, outback Australia I own 32 rifles including semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, all registered .The only inconvenience I’ve had in my life as a gun owner is having the police inspect the “safe keeping” of my rifles 3 time in 30 years. All three inspections were pre arranged with over a weeks notice given each time.

I’m old enough to remember Australian gun laws changing in 1996, when semi-automatic rifles were heavily restricted..The trend at the time, instead of handing in or registering the restricted guns, was to bury them in a length of poly pipe, packed with bearing grease and sealed at either end. My question is, now 27 years later do you think those rifles would still be ok? Just asking for a mate.


Branson B: 

I have a Sig 556XI that shoots flawlessly. Is that a gun y’all would trust to carry if shit hit the fan?

Also, what 30 cal suppressor do y’all recommend that’s full auto rated?

Thanks guys and Savage!


Combat Zoupa: 

What is your preferred silencer QD attachment? I am considering a Lahar 30 or Polonium K, both of which are only available in direct thread. The can will be shared between different length 5.56 guns


Barry Mc****inner: 

Looking at the echelon and p320, cassette/ fcu type pistols seem at a disadvantage because the slide has to sit higher to accommodate. With a higher bore axis it is going to increase felt recoil. Have any of you noticed this in any meaningful way?



Chris W: 

I was at my local gun store the other day and i saw an advertisement on a low light pistol class that stated a weapons light wasnt needed. Instead they are teaching that weird cross arm flashlight in one hand pistol in the other thing that police do on tv. What do you think about such a class?


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