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Author: Nick

Concealed Carry Showdown: Glock 43 vs. S&W 642

Why a concealed carry showdown? There are many rivalries in the firearms world; .45 vs 9mm, AK vs AR, Polymer vs Steel, it goes on and on. As someone who tries to see the world as shades of grey, I see pros and cons in most of these arguments. But one of the biggest debates I find myself having with friends and strangers alike is subcompact semi-auto vs snub-nosed revolver for concealed carry. In my opinion, they both have their valid uses. In this article, I’ll do my best to lay out my arguments as to why both are relevant in today’s world of polymer framed wonder nines.

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American Built Arms Mod X – is it X-cellent?

As the name suggests, American Built Arms Co is an American based manufacturing company that specializes in firearms related parts. Founded in 2010, AB Arms is veteran owned and operated. While they’ve made a few small parts and pieces the Mod X is their first entry into manufacturing a product that incorporates all of those parts and pieces. It also marks their first entry into the multi purpose bolt action rifle market.

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