Concealed Carry Showdown: Glock 43 vs. S&W 642

Why a concealed carry showdown? There are many rivalries in the firearms world; .45 vs 9mm, AK vs AR, Polymer vs Steel, it goes on and on. As someone who tries to see the world as shades of grey, I see pros and cons in most of these arguments. But one of the biggest debates I find myself having with friends and strangers alike is subcompact semi-auto vs snub-nosed revolver for concealed carry. In my opinion, they both have their valid uses. In this article, I’ll do my best to lay out my arguments as to why both are relevant in today’s world of polymer framed wonder nines.

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Magpul MS4 vs Chinese Counterfeit.

We’ve all been there. You find a piece of gear that fills some need that you have. It’s made from quality material, it’s made in the USA, and it’s beautifully designed. It couldn’t have been more perfect if you designed it yourself! But then you scroll down and see the price tag. Damn, all that sleek beauty and quality craftsmanship comes at a price. A big one. So you get on eBay to look for a used one. Maybe you’ll save a little money on a lightly abused model. Then you see it. Isn’t that the thing, the perfect thing,...

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Mantis X May Not Always Hit the X

Shot Show is an annual trade show for the firearms industry. It’s one of the largest in America. Thousands of people come to set up booths and convince buyers and media that their product is the best thing ever. The main floor is dominated by the massive giants. The companies that everyone has heard of, with the products that everyone has seen. But stretching out are corridors and smaller rooms. They contain the smaller booths and smaller companies. These are what interest me. I’m the kind of person that is much more interested in what some little guy is...

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Polymer80 PF940c: 80% Awesome, 20% Awesomer

The Glock 19 is the Honda Civic of the handgun world. They’re affordable, reliable, and very utilitarian. They’re not especially pretty or refined, but they’ll work when you need them to. Likely the most popular of Glock’s pistols, the model 19 finds itself in a convenient niche. A balance between usability, Conceal ability, and capacity means that it is the pistol that many pistols are modeled after. And while Glock refers to their pistols as perfection, we all know that firearms doctrine changes faster than many manufacturing giants can keep up with. As a result, countless companies have sprung...

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Bedding a Remington 700 Scope Base (It’s Not as Racy as It Sounds)

The Remington 700 is an excellent platform to build a precision rifle on, however, it does require a little bit of elbow grease. Because of the methods used to manufacture these actions the top doesn’t typically line up quite right front to back. Because of this, a one piece scope base will often be forced to bend when properly torqued. This puts stress on the receiver, the base, and the scope and cost you valuable accuracy. In this video I lay out my simple method for bedding a one piece scope base on a Remington 700 receiver. Bedding the...

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American Built Arms Mod X – is it X-cellent?

As the name suggests, American Built Arms Co is an American based manufacturing company that specializes in firearms related parts. Founded in 2010, AB Arms is veteran owned and operated. While they’ve made a few small parts and pieces the Mod X is their first entry into manufacturing a product that incorporates all of those parts and pieces. It also marks their first entry into the multi purpose bolt action rifle market.

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Talon Retention Systems Holsters

With so many companies offering kydex holsters these days, it can be tough to know what manufacturers offer a quality product, and what manufacturers do not. Warner Blake began playing with kydex as a hobby in 2013. He’d grown tired of the high costs, and long turnaround times of many holster companies. Mr. Blake set out to do what any good red blooded American would do: he honed his craft, developed a fantastic product line, and founded Talon Retention Systems. He offers custom and production handmade holsters, magazine carriers, light carriers, knife sheaths, and nearly any other carrier you can...

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Limitless Gear’s OPFOR MCR Features Limitless Applications

Limitless Gear is a new company to enter the world of molle compatible magazine carriers. Their flagship product, the OPFOR MCR, is something I’ve been looking forward to for some time now. With its initial release earlier this year, I was able to acquire two samples for testing and evaluation. The OPFOR MCR mag carriers are a rather original design that flies in the face of traditional mag carriers. Unlike most mag carriers and pouches, the MCR is made of molded polymer. They feature two sets of teeth like tabs on the back. One set points downward while the...

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Multi Holsters Hybrid Light Bearing Holster: It’s About Time

I’m a fan of weapon mounted lights. Most self defense shootings take place in dark environments. I also happen to live in a part of the country that has long winters with very short days. I like the idea of being able to identify anything or anyone that may wish me harm, as well as having the ability to keep one hand free, should I need it. I also prefer to carry my defense handguns concealed in a hybrid style holster. I’ve found through a little trial and error that hybrid holsters seem to offer the most support and...

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