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SeatCarry Holster

SeatCarry Holster

Car Carry?

The SeatCarry holster is a simple, resilient, and useful system. Even if you don’t carry a gun regularly, you will find use for it. In its basic form, the SeatCarry is a seat cover that fits over the bottom half of a car seat. It features a large pocket that hangs from the front of the seat, covered by a flap.

Made from a durable vinyl material, the SeatCarry has polypropylene netting on the underside (similar to what you would find under rungs, or in kitchen drawers) and two nylon straps with plastic buckles. The straps go through the rear of the seat where the back meets the bottom, and then they loop back under the seat before buckling in the front. Then you simply cinch the straps down till the SeatCarry is secured and you’re good to go. Installing the SeatCarry lead to the discovery of $25 in change, and a handful of old french fries. The polypropylene netting provides a firm grip on the seat, no matter if it’s made of leather, vinyl, or cloth. I’ve been using the SeatCarry in two different cars for a few months now, and have only had to make one or two small adjustments. It sticks firmly in place.

The pocket to the front is spacious, and has no problem handling a large handgun. I’ve carried a 1911 equipped with a 10rd magazine and a tac-light, and still had plenty of room in the pocket. For those that do carry a firearm, the SeatCarry places the gun in an easy to reach area that is very discrete while operating a vehicle. I commonly pick up hitchhikers, and the positioning of the SeatCarry puts me at ease when strangers enter my car. [editor’s note:  whah?]

Even if you don’t carry a firearm daily, the setup is extremely useful for things like cell phones and wallets. Anything you may need quick access to, but don’t want floating around in the car. Because of the SeatCarry’s construction, it’s very easy to forget it’s there while driving. It will not change the way your car seat feels. The SeatCarry offers a good, discrete storage option for trips to the beach, or nudist colony. Anywhere you don’t want to carry your wallet and keys.

The SeatCarry comes with a one year warranty, as well as a money back satisfaction guarantee. It’s available in black, gray, and tan. The SeatCarry is also made in the USA.

So far, the one complaint that I’ve been able to come up with, is that the flap that covers the pocket proudly displays a tag labeled “SeatCarry”. In my opinion this would be better suited on the inside of the flap, as it draws attention to what otherwise looks like a seat cover. While I do think the $69.00 price point is a little high, I understand that it is a niche product, and production costs are always an issue.

The SeatCarry is a fantastic product that I highly recommend. If you’re looking for a discrete way to briefly store your firearm in your vehicle, offer quick access to your firearm, or just want to make it easier to get to your wallet in the Taco Bell drive through, the SeatCarry is an excellent option.


The SeatCarry holding a full sized 1911 with a 10rd CMC magazine.


At a glance, the SeatCarry looks like no more than a seat cover. The profile of the pocket is very thin. Looking closely, one can see the kydex sheet that retains the front pocket’s rigidity and shape.



Note that the pocket doesn’t sag or show any obvious gun shape, despite the hefty pistol held within.


Drawing from the SeatCarry is as easy as lifting the flap, and grasping the pistol.


A pistol can efficiently be deployed in a reasonable time.

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