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Author: Lil Chantilly

Radians Shooting Gloves Review

I operated my Springfield XD45 with these gloves, and once I got used to the feel of the trigger with the gloves, I could shoot just as accurate with or without the gloves. The leather covering the index finger is rather thin, and I could tell it would eventually wear a little, allowing for an increase in trigger sensation while firing. The only issue I had while shooting was racking the slide.

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Top 10 Gun Blogs for Women

Out of my favorite top 10 Gun Blogs for women, The Cornered Cat is my very favorite of all! The Cornered Cat is about women and guns, not about cats. But in a way, it’s about the cornered cat in all of us. It’s about the determination to get away from an attacker if you need to. It’s about making the decision to say, “Not me. Not mine. Not today.”

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SOG Access Card 2.0: An EDC knife for skinny jeans!

Ladies, I have found the perfect knife for us! I have been looking for a good neck knife or at least a good knife that I could carry in my jeans pocket without adding any bulk. The SOG Access Card 2.0 Knife would be good for either purpose. I know that it would be discovered with a metal detector, but short of that – no one would know you had it on you, even in skinny jeans, maybe even in yoga pants. It is the perfect Every Day Carry (EDC) knife and it will now be on my person at all times – unless I am heading to the airport!

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Bushnell Fusion One Mile ARC Range Finding Binoculars

Back in April, at a long range competition at Thunder Valley Precision (TVP) in Ohio, I had the chance to put Bushnell’s new Fusion 1 Mile ARC 8x32mm Range Finder through it’s paces. (It is also available in 12x50mm and 10x42mm versions.) My teammate for the match had just purchased the Bushnell Fusion, they had only been available to the public for a couple months at that point, so it was exciting to try out the new “toy”.

Quickly, I discovered that they were made with quality in mind, rugged, strong, and solid.

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Review of the Universal Sight Pusher Tool by Fisher Solutions

This is a very well made tool. It is extremely strong, able to take a lot of pressure; built with precision, the blocks will fit various slides snuggly. Danny showed me mock-ups he had of an XD slide, and it became clear to me how much time and thought he has put into designing this tool. It is simply a rugged, professional, essential piece of gear for changing out sights. The model I wanted was the Universal Sight Tool, it comes with three different clamping blocks, allowing you to use one tool on most pistols.

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All aboard the laser train(ing)

One of the more surprisingly useful pieces of “gun-related gear” I have come across recently is the Laser Training Cartridge made by LaserLyte. I have one in 9mm, although they come in most other calibers. (Some calibers, like a .308 or a .300 require a .223 Laser Training cartridge and an additional sleeve to make them fit properly in the chamber.) LaserLyte says the cartridge is good for about 3,000 shots per battery. 3,000 shots is about 60 boxes of ammo, and with the price of ammo these days, that could save you over $1,000 – over and over and over! In these times when ammo is scarce, or extremely overpriced, this little gadget can save you a lot of money!

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Does anyone hold classes on how to properly utilize a pistol bayonet?

If you are out clearing the woods of zombies, and run low on ammo – this little guy will do the trick! Like Col. Jeff Cooper says “The purpose of the pistol is to stop a fight that somebody else has started, almost always at very short range.” If you are in extremely close range, and the ammo runs low – this bayonet may get you out of a sticky situation.

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Is an AR-15 the Deadliest Firearm? Can You Handle the Truth?

Considering how much attention these modern rifles are getting from the President of the United States, Congress, the media, and the citizens of this great country, it would be reasonable to assume they are the deadliest firearms on our streets today. Our lawmakers have access to the same statistics we do, and undoubtedly even more data that the general public may not be privy to, so if they are really trying to “Prevent Gun Violence” wouldn’t they focus on the area where they could make the greatest impact? I guess they can’t handle the truth.

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