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All aboard the laser train(ing)

All aboard the laser train(ing)

LaserLyte LTS Training Cartridge – 9 MM (LT-9) Review

IMG_4944 One of the more surprisingly useful pieces of “gun-related gear” I have come across recently is the Laser Training Cartridge made by LaserLyte.  I have one in 9mm, although they come in most other calibers.  (Some calibers, like a .308 or a .300 require a .223 Laser Training cartridge plus an additional sleeve to make them fit properly in the chamber.)  LaserLyte says the cartridge is good for about 3,000 shots per battery.  3,000 shots is about 60 boxes of ammo, and with the price of ammo these days, that could save you over $1,000 – over and over and over!  In these times when ammo is scarce, or extremely overpriced, this little gadget can save you a lot of money!


This Laser Training Cartridge is also good for just hanging out in your house and getting trigger time. We put a small one inch target sticker on the wall, and practiced pulling the trigger.  One thing this trainer does, which may not be evident at an actual range, is you can see where you were aiming when you pulled the trigger, and the movement of the light along the wall if you are pushing in any direction with your trigger pull.  If you can remove that movement, it will go a long way to helping your trigger pull at the range with actual ammunition.

Getting started is easy.  First, you have to have to unscrew the rear of the cartridge, and drop in a battery.  (It comes with three 377 batteries, but these batteries are not very expensive if you need more.) The actual laser only shines when the rubber plunger on the rear of the cartridge is depressed, for example, when the firing pin strikes the plunger.  This causes the laser to “shine” for 100 milliseconds with each strike of the plunger, or with each “shot”.  Watch this short video for an example of the laser light showing the “intended impact” with each pull of the trigger.

After the battery is installed, you are ready to place the cartridge into the pistol you are using.  Safely ensure the pistol is unloaded, and lock back the slide.  Place the cartridge with the laser end toward the front of the gun into the chamber, and then move it forward into the chamber until it is firmly placed. There are rubber rings that hold it solidly in place and will not allow it to travel down the barrel with the firing pin hits the plunger.

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 6.14.48 PM

Once you have the cartridge securely in the chamber, drop the slide and fire.  Some pistols, like my XD45, would require one to rack the slide with every trigger pull.  This might be annoying, but you can look at that as practice too.  I tested this 9mm cartridge in a friend’s Heckler & Koch P7, which may be the perfect gun to use with this type of cartridge.  It cocks and de-cocks simply by squeezing the grip or letting go, respectively.  Because of this feature, you can fire over and over quite easily with this training cartridge.

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 6.27.07 PM

The H&K P7 used to test is on the left and on the right, the laser training cartridge in the chamber.

When you have finished your practice and want to remove the cartridge, simply lock back the slide and insert a pencil (eraser end first) into the front of the barrel and the cartridge will pop right out. (Use the eraser so you do not damage the laser.)  I was a little surprised at how expensive this cartridge is ($100.00+), but the good news is that if you supplement your normal range time with this laser trainer, you will actually save money in the long run, while honing your skills.

LaserLyte also makes an electronic target that will give you feedback in conjunction with these laser training cartridges.  If I get my hands on one of those – I will let you know how well it works!  We really had a good time “playing” (practicing) with this cartridge.  I loved it so much I want a .45 model so I can practice with my XD and my Nighthawk!

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  1. herrin

    I am seriously considering getting some kind of laser training system. Tough to decide which one!

  2. Savage Chromasign

    That’s an awesome idea for dry fire practice. I’d like to see the reactive target in action as well. For glock and striker fired pistol users, it’d be good practice for clearing a jam.

  3. Kimberly Hankey

    My husband and I use this laserlyte with the target for our 9m’s and 45’s. Great tool! Only had a little trouble with the Kahr K9. All other guns worked great. Was able to use it with the Kahr, but had to keep pushing it back with a pencil. Very much recommend getting the target for it. Great to get feed back on your shots.

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