Do Ladies Really Want a Pink Gun?

Do Ladies Really Want a Pink Gun?

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 4.00.08 PMI am asked from time to time, do women really want a pink gun? So I decided to conduct a nonscientific study to figure out.  I asked the question on my Heels and Handguns Facebook page and via Twitter. I do have an opinion, but I didn’t state my own opinion with the question so I didn’t sway anyone. I was surprised how many responses I received! On my Facebook page this question so far has 179 comments. On Twitter I received about 15 responses. Out of 194 responses, I counted the results and found that 76 women either want or have a pink gun. This means that about 39% of the women who responded to my question are in favor of pink guns.

Ladies who would rather not have a pink gun: There were more ladies who said they did not want a pink gun.  There were many reasons for this. One of the biggest was that it was too stereotypical for a woman to have a pink gun.  The experiences in gun shops ranged from male salesmen trying to “push” a pink gun to a knowledgeable woman, even though she told him several times she wasn’t interested in pink to a woman who held several guns to find one that fit her hand best, and when she felt satisfied with one (which happened to be pink) the salesman actually said, “you only like it because it is pink.” (She was about to ask him if he had the same gun in black before he made that ridiculous comment.)

Conceal-carry was mentioned several times as a reason not to have a pink gun, as many women said concealing a pink gun would be more difficult. I didn’t really question this until my friend over at “Mama’s Got a Gun” tweeted to me that she loved her Raspberry Ruger LCP.  She wrote a great article, “In Defense Of Pink Guns” where she discusses that sometimes, when a woman is wearing lighter summer clothes, a pink gun may be easier to conceal and if it accidentally showed just a little, it would not scream “GUN!”  This made me think about who makes all the rules for what is and is not better for a conceal-carry weapon, and for the longest time it has been men. We are taking over this sport and rewriting the rules!

The fact that a pink gun could possibly be mistaken for a toy was a major reason that people were against pink. I understand this point, but many ladies also said that a child who is not trained on the dangers of a gun and proper respect for a gun, might play with any gun, no matter what color. Responsible gun owners will keep a gun away from a child at all costs, and will also educate their children on the safe use of firearms.

Many people simply stated that shooting is serious business and a pink gun is a novelty, that it is not a “serious” enough color for a gun. A few ladies said they like guns that are the same color as their husband’s gun, that they want to be taken seriously, and believe that will be more likely with a regular blued or black gun.

Ladies who love their pink guns: Well, what about the other 39%?  All those fantastic ladies who love and own pink firearms were very outspoken and had great reasons why they are proud to own a pink pistol or rifle.

Yankee Born Rebel Heart at AKs & Cupcakes commented on my Facebook page saying,Pink is just a color. The firearm is still as deadly. That being said, I don’t appreciate the way that pink guns are marketed as if women are too stupid to be attracted to the fact that it is a firearm…that we have to be lured in by something shiny or pink. I’ve been insulted by shop owners that try to steer me towards the pink gun just because it’s pink. It’s like shopping for a car and the salesman showing me the vanity mirror that lights up when I’m asking about the size of the engine. I had a purple AK-47 that I stained myself. I made a baby blue one for a friend of mine when his son was born. It’s just a color.”

One of my readers, Taja Berg said, “I have a friend whose husband is a federal prisons employee. He says a pink handgun is a criminal’s nightmare. For one, if a woman is frightened enough to pull it out, you’re sure to get shot. Second, when the guys on the cell block find our you got shot with a PINK handgun, you’re never gonna live that down.”

Andi Mooney, whose husband is a Police officer said, “I have a pink Glock .27. I have had burly guys make fun of it. I am 100% sure that the bullets travel at the same velocity, and would have the same effect as those coming out of a normal “man” gun. I love my gun, and know how to use it. It is perfect for me.”

Robin Dawson, who owns a pink digital camo Walther P22, said she met a women who called their women’s shooting group “all those women who shoot pink guns” and same lady said if she was going to carry a gun she wanted people to “take her seriously.” Robin said she couldn’t quit laughing because she has talked to many of her male friends and they said that if they were ever shot by a pink gun that that would be a real kick in the teeth. Robin said the guys thought that if a pink gun was  introduced into evidence during a trial, it would be very embarrassing for the bad guy.

One of the best comments came from Barbara Bobbie Walker, she is also 70 years old.  Barbara says, “I was a feminist more than 50 years ago, and after all that, I evolved. I’ve been considering a pink gun. Think that I’d like a ‘Hello Kitty’ Combat Commander. I’d look damned good. Actually, with or without a pink gun – I’d still look damned good. Doing alright for an old gal!”  Barbara – you are doing more than alright in my book!

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 4.05.22 PM“Pink or purple guns are kinda neat,” Says Carolyn Gochee, “It is a way of saying this is mine not his. Sometimes, men will see women with something that does not quite fit into their gender roll, so they assume it must be their man’s. As a woman, I enjoy accessorizing with any outfit. If I had a cute gun to go with it, even better. It would make the men laugh and roll their eyes. I think the pink guns also help the younger girls find shooting more appealing. “If it’s pink, it can’t be that bad and it would be mine and not my brother’s”  So my opinion is the pink guns definitely sets us apart from the men (in a good way).”

McKinsey Trattner says, “The negativity behind pink guns proves how stereotypical our society still is. I think by saying pink guns are less ‘serious’ or that they are ‘weak’ tends to imply that pink, which often represents women in our society , is weak and not serious. It all depends on the person holding the gun. If you are going to be using a gun, you should know that the color of the gun doesn’t change a thing. It still needs to be treated and handled with respect.

As I was finishing my research, I asked my own 16 year old daughter what she thought about pink guns.  She said, “I don’t think I want one, I would rather have black.  Because, if I had to use it for defense and I was hiding, I think a pink gun might give away my position.”  As a mom I was proud of her, because wether you agree with her or not, for a 16 year old girl – that was a rather well thought out response.  I was expecting her to say pink – but, that means even I was stereotyping!

If I had advice for salespeople at a gun store, it would be this, “Do not assume ANYONE wants a pink gun.”  If a woman is looking at guns, just talk to her about the guns, if she gravitates  toward a pink gun, just talk to her like it was black.  If she asks for a pink gun, do not assume she does not know, or that she will never understand guns.  There are many, many reasons a woman may want a pink gun – and many of them are very personal.  As a side note, many, many ladies – including me, want purple or lavender guns.  Of course, I want a serious long range rifle with a custom McMillan stock swirled in purple and lavender.

Face it, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to ladies and pink guns.  What is my personal opinion? If a pink gun will get a woman to the range and get her out enjoying the sport I love so much – get that woman a pink gun! Pronto!

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