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The Caldwell AR Mag Charger

Almost 3,750 of you have watched our Caldwell AR mag Charger video we posted from SHOT 2014, and we finally have one of our own to use and evaluate. For those of you unfamiliar with it, the Caldwell AR Mag Charger enables you to load 50 rounds of .223, 5.56 or .204 into magazines in as little as 15 SECONDS! The Mag Charger is designed for the user to dump a 50 round box of ammo, tips up and aligned, into the tray. Next you insert an AR magazine, and pump the spring actuated handle back and forth, loading five...

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American Tactical Apparel Battle Pants

Like most concealed carry permit holders, I am always looking for a comfortable and easily accessible way to carry my pistol.  I usually carry a compact, but sometimes I carry a full-size, usually in a cheap Uncle Mike’s fabric holster in an appendix carry, one-to-two-o’clock position. On a lark, a while back I did a search for concealed carry pants and I came across American tactical Apparel’s Battle Pants. The American Tactical Apparel battle Pants are pants specifically designed with concealed carry in mind. Designed by Brian Hoffner, who spent 30 year as a policeman and is a master...

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APEX Gun Parts

For the collector of classic military firearms, parts are often difficult to source. Of course you have Numrich Gun Parts and Sarco Inc., but what if they do not have what you need, or you want another source for unique or one of a kind parts and militaria? In comes the Armory Parts Exchange, Inc., also known as APEX Gun Parts. APEX got its start over a decade ago in owner Jeff Selvig’s basement. Jeff had previously worked for Century International Arms and was able to acquire parts taken from surplus firearms during the 922R compliance process. He and...

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MDT TAC21 Chassis Initial Impressions

Recently Modular Driven Technologies sent us one of their TAC21 chassis for review. The project rifle is a Remington 700 in .300 Winchester Magnum, so the model they sent us was for the Remington 700 Long Action. The chassis is designed to be modular, enabling the shooter to install accessories as needed for the mission, hunting trip or range session. The chassis features a V-shaped bedding area, which with the recoil lug area is one of the only two places the receiver touches it. The barrel is completely free-floated. The chassis itself is milled from aluminum then hard Anodized...

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Iron Hammer Armory AK47 HAMMER TRUNNION

I am a relative newcomer to the AK variant world. Sure, I fired one once or twice while I was in the military, and my dad has had a MAK-90 for 20 years, but I never had the Kalashnikov itch. One day, however, I walked into my LGS and found the most beautiful/ugly thing I had ever seen. It was a WASR-10, which someone had lovingly uglified: it had a Galil style handguard, a Tapco commercial AR style collapsible stock and an AMD muzzle brake (fortunately a Tapco original style AKM muzzle device came with it). I was given...

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Crazy Frazee Forge? Unique name, unique knife

Crazy Frazee Forge Knife Review I am one of those guys that is always carrying a knife. I rotate between a Benchmade auto opening, a couple of Gerber’s (one of which I won in a contest on, very cool site, check it out) and a Spyderco. Recently I was asked to check out a knife from Crazy Frazee Forge for the site. Located in Tumwater, Washington, Crazy Frazee forge is owned and operated by Daniel Frazee, a “physical therapist by trade and a knife maker by obsession.” His shop is located in his garage, where he performs every...

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Garrett Container Systems Multi-Mission Pack

  Being in the military has certain advantages, one being that I sometimes get some pretty good gear; on the other hand I also am limited in what gear I can use, such as backpacks. When I first joined in the early ’90s we didn’t have all of the “cool guy” stuff folks are issued now. I had a pair of field pants, a field jacket, and a couple of wool sweaters for the colder months. No Gore-Tex, no poly-pro, no super-comfy boots. To carry our gear we had the plain Large ALICE rucksack, a couple of duffel bags,...

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So Many Projects

If you should happen across our little site, then welcome. If you like it, take a look around, leave a comment, and check back with us from time to time; if you don’t like it, we really don’t care. We will be posting our many projects as well as whatever else we want on here — some prepping info, a review or two — who knows what will end up...

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