Shawn Herrin


Our meanest review ever… Deadpoint Lights

Deadpoint Lights joined us on the show a while back and it took us a bit to get to the review. This is our opinions based on how we would use this and the efficacy of the product in our use case. What do you think?

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Shawn’s ULTIMATE AR Pistol / Nick is bipolar / Rosco Mfg Sauce Pack

Well, I guess it’s time to tell you. Nick has Multiple Personality Disorder. You know, like in those M Night Shyamalan movies. Shawn has been living with this and during a recent filming, it was captured on video.

Nick put together his Gucci AR and I decided to put together an awesome AR Pistol using a Rosco Mfg Sauce Pack upper.

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WLS 314 – Mufasa

Listen to the show We need your help to keep the show going! Check out to find out how you

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Nick’s Gucci Fantasy AR-15 assem-build!

Ya’ll heard Nick talking about his new fantasy build. Titanium all the things! He loves it and now you can too. Links to everything and the pricing chart is under the video! Thanks to Faxon Firearms, Swampfox Optics and Brownells for supporting this build. Spreadsheet of parts in the link below! Shawn doesn’t know what to do not being in the spotlight and acts out a little bit.

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Boogaloo Training

Boogaloo training 3: Refueling with MRE Nation

We decided to start training for the boogaloo. You know the big igloo, the big luau, the schism…. cowabunga it is.

In this video, we were tired from training and ready to refuel. Thankfully I threw an MRE from MRE Nation into my bag! Nick and I had to share it, which really sucked and we didn’t bring enough for Steve. Look, it’s the boogaloo, tough choices had to be made!

Code: WLS5 saves you on MRE’s at MRE Nation:

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