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Best Gun Type for Women

Hey, ladies, I know what you are thinking: I don’t want to carry a giant cannon, it won’t fit in my purse, even though we all know purses are like bottomless pits to Narnia. Sometimes a nice small handgun is what you need. One that fits in your hand perfectly, and is small enough and light enough to carry. Did you know women are more prone to being attacked on the street than men? This article will try to set out what is the best handgun for you, a woman to carry. You will hear often that a woman...

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Four Basic Shooting Positions

As I sat at the range packing up my gear, I watched a father telling his son about the four common shooting positions for his rifle: standing, kneeling, sitting, and prone. I was pleased that this boy’s father was passing on useful knowledge, but I could not help thinking that a lot of people have no idea about these, so I wanted to give our readers a more in-depth look at rifle shooting. Many shooters will sight in their firearms by using the bench shooting position. This is also a great shooting position to learn rifle and pistol shooters...

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Dominant Eye Shooting

Some people say I can kill with a look. Actually no one says that, but if they did I am sure I would have to line it up with my dominant eye. Because no matter what you are shooting — rifle, shotgun or handgun — you will first need to determine which of your peepers is dominant. What is the dominant eye? It is the eye you will use for sighting purposes. Ocular dominance is the tendency to prefer visual input from one eye to the other. The dominant eye is the stronger of your two eyes. The dominant eye can...

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Marlin Model 60 Review

There are three things I plan on leaving my son when I pass from this earth: my baseball mitt, my collection of National Geographics, and my father’s Marlin Model 60. While the mitt and the magazines are nice, the Marlin is amazing. I can see why it has been referred to as the “most popular 22 in the world.” A few reasons why I like the Model 60: It’s small, light, holds a fair amount of rounds, and is super cheap to shoot. This is a perfect gun for kids to start out on. At just over 3 feet...

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Practical Tips for Home Defense

Guess what: Someone has broken into your house, and he’s in the next room. You have your firearm drawn and ready to defend yourself and your family or maybe it’s just you and your fish (I have a Beta fish named Sushi). If you are required to shoot an intruder you should think about some things. TIP 1: Be mentally prepared.  Practice awareness of your surroundings under pressure.  Certainly decide if you could respond to an intruder with lethal force.  Being in a life and death situation and suddenly realizing that you cannot respond is not a situation that anyone...

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What Time Is It? Where Do You Carry?

  Ever since I got my CPL (concealed pistol license) I have kept my gun on my hip at the three o’clock position. Why? That is where everyone keeps them right? No, it turns out I was wrong and hey I can admit that, and according to my wife, I am wrong most of the time. I personally have noticed that the three o’clock seems the most comfortable for me and it allows me access to my strong-side draw, however when I’m in the car it can be a bit uncomfortable and nearly impossible to reach because of the...

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Fat Gunners and In the Waist Belt Holsters

Discriminate? No, we love all people of all sizes. OK, I admit it: I am fat. Not plump, not snuggle bear big. As my son says, Dad, you’re fat, and while his honesty is admiring it earned him a timeout. Sometimes being on the larger side means my holsters just don’t fit correctly, or when I pull out my gun it means pushing through an extra layer of me. I went to the well of knowledge known as Reddit to find out what other plus-size models are wearing for concealment holsters, and this is what I found. Simple and...

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Ballistic Gel, a How-To

How do you make something that won’t cost you an arm and leg, but that mimics an arm and a leg? Let me tell you. If you want to accurately test the effect that ballistics have on a flesh-like substance you need to create ballistic gel, which mimics human flesh. Or another solution is to use a dead pig, as their bodies are similar to humans’. But since I am not flush in dead pigs, unless bacon counts, ballistic gel is the more practical solution. Step 1 Ingredients and Setup Start making ballistic gel by getting some Knox gelatin...

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Stoeger Cougar 8000 Review

Initial Impressions: I was given this gun as a gift from my father-in-law. He is a 1911 man and prefers them as his primary carry weapon. The gun itself is sturdy and did not feel like they skimped on the parts. As a former product of Beretta (Beretta Cougar) you see they have passed the quality along on the product. The safety features are great. With a flick of the safety, the firing pin is moved to a vertical position, lessening the chances of a drop fire situation. The barrel itself also rotates versus tipping upward when a shot...

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Kel-Tec PLR-16 Review

  Initial impressions Bigger in real life. I ordered the gun sight unseen, expecting something I could just slip on my hip and walk down the street with. No. This thing was heavy, massive, and beautiful. Out of the box I was in love. The gun itself is too heavy to shoot like a conventional pistol and the fore-grip is needed as the barrel heats up in no time flat. It shoots .223 or 5.56×45 mm Nato rounds. On day one I slipped in the 10-round factory magazine, charged it, released the safety and pulled the trigger only to...

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