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Welcome to the We Like Shooting Show, episode 472. 


Our CAST is Jeremy Pozderac, MG Moses, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn Herrin.


Gear Chat 


  1. Aaron – PSA JAKL vs BRN 180
  2. Shawn – Sightmark Latitude spotting scope


#Gun Fights!



Shawns Longrange shooting escapades 

NFT sale getting close. On twitter, check out @sickcity7

#Aaron’s Alley

Trigger Con, worth the travel?

#Going Ballistic

Summarize / Editorialize / Go to the cast for comments  


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Jeremy  Reads 

Five Stars from Jeremy’smomslover6942069:

Big Good


Five Squares from Richard Cranium: 

5 Squares! I will keep this short and to the point unlike Savage’s news segment. The show is great and provides good information on guns while also being completely ridiculous at the same time. The cult Signal group is always a good place to share information, get a laugh or argue like retards over something completely useless. The show and the cult make a great community to share ideas and listen to like minded individuals. Keep up the good work.


Five lotion bottles from Brian G:

Listening to this podcast is like an episode of COPS where the drunk boyfriend starts beating on his girlfriend, and she calls 911. The police show up to the trailer park and get pointed to the right place by denizens who they’re on a first name basis with. They wade through piles of bud light cans, and start dragging him off, and the girlfriend starts screaming at them about how he didn’t do anything wrong and starts throwing things. Meanwhile, the backup arrives and start chasing a couple of randoms who bolted because of warrants. Like COPS, it’s a lot of fun and very educational.





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