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Cutting into the Universal Magazine Concept

What a perfect world it would be if only a magazine made for one pistol could fit and function, equally well, in another pistol. Glocks have had this concept nailed down since the 80’s but, surprisingly, not many other firearms manufacturers have caught on to this.

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Holosun 2MOA Red Dot Review

It used to be the case that if you didn’t have a lot of money, there was no chance of being able to acquire a red dot optic that was tough enough for serious abuse, that had tremendous battery life, and that was lightweight. That all changed a few years ago when a new startup out of California decided to shake up the industry by offering extremely high-quality optics at prices that the common joe-blow could afford.

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Strike Out! No more Strike One

It’s a rare day when the incoherent ramblings of a fuddy old polymer-pistol hating youtuber turn out to be true. Just the other day, TheYankeeMarshal released a video where he recalls a recent email exchange he had with the great folks from Arsenal who have been selling the highly praised Strike One.

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X-15 Skeletonized Drum Mag

This innovative offering from X Products has been on the radar of a lot of people over the last year. Many prominent youtubers from Tim of Military Arms Channel to Eric of Iraqveteran8888. I can now count myself among those lucky few who get a chance to play with this unique drum magazine.

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Guntec USA 12″ Keymod and M-Lok Handguards

There comes a time in the life of an AR-15 owner where the blandness and minimal utility of the classic plastic handguards lose their charm. While lightweight and good at dispersing heat, the old guard(s) are bulky, clumsy, and add a somewhat unnatural bloat that makes the sleek design of the rest of the AR look interrupted and incomplete.

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Guardian Reporter: Offered chance to clear the air about SHOT show ejection.

The NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation) does not generally allow major media outlets to cover the events that go on at SHOT show. Their primary reason being that SHOT show is an industry trade show focused on showing off new products of guns, ammo and firearm related accessories. Regardless, the organizers did allow reporters from The Guardian (AP) to attend with stipulations that they would focus on what the trade show is leaving politics aside. The NSSF informed the Guardian reporters that they should not be injecting politics into their questions, that they should have an escort at all times,...

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