Feather River Tru-Weight Tension Scale

If you ever plan on working on guns, one of the most important tools that could be considered invaluable to any toolbox is a good trigger gauge.

More often than not, you will find that the first thing you are going to want to modify or change in a firearm is the trigger and/or trigger components. Whether it’s a simple mainspring replacement, a sear polishing or the whole trigger group, having a trigger gauge can help you to accurately track and gauge your results. The Feather River Tru-Weight Tension Scale is an excellent option for a very reasonable price.

Having replaced a number of springs on my pistols before, it’s easy to feel the difference, but until you put some hard numbers down on paper, there’s no other effective way of measuring it.

Check out the video below:

As you can see, the scale is very easy to use, is consistent, and is very affordable. The only inconsistent part of this test was the trigger pull of the 6906, which is actually due to the gun rather than the scale.  That’s a good thing to discover using this tool. This tension scale, which measures from 0-10lbs can be found on Brownell’s website for $23.95 and its sister product can measure from 0-25lbs for $1 more.