Buckeye Targets – Steel Challenge

Two years ago, this Christmas, the owner of Buckeye Targets was gracious enough to send me the Steel Challenge model, one of the many steel target offerings he has for sale on his website. This review is LONG in coming, and I should probably apologize for that, but the number of times I’ve been able to go out and shoot have been few and far between, so my opportunities to use the product were limited.

That being said, I have taken it out nearly every time I go to the range, and each time I am extremely grateful for having done so. There is a problem when shooting paper at distances 100 yards or more. Unless you have a very powerful scope or spotting scope, you have no way of knowing you’re hitting your target. Steel allows you to audibly hear when your bullet makes contact, you can see it move, and if you spray paint it prior to shooting, you can see exactly where the bullets are grouping via the lead splash. Additionally, the modularity of design, ease of assembly and disassembly, make this target low profile and easily transportable so that trips to and from the range, as well as carrying it around, are extremely manageable. In my opinion, the $155-$180 price range is well worth it.