More Top 10 Youtube Gun Channels

While the last Top 10 covered the best of the old and some of the new YouTube channels, this list focuses in on some other awesome folks who have grown very quickly because they are just so damn good.

  1. Hank Strange: The top spot on this list goes to a good friend of We Like Shooting; the Strangeness, Stranginator, Strangeasaurus Rekt! Is it nepotism? Maybe. Sycophancy? Most likely. Honestly, Hank and his wife, Lola, have put together a powerhouse of a YouTube channel that covers everything, everywhere, all the time when it comes to new and cool guns (especially from Kel-Tec). With his iconic mohawk and stylistic attitude and delivery, this is one of my favorite youtube channels.
  2. Forgotten Weapons: Ian and Karl are a powerhouse team who have access to some of the most rare and interesting weapons you will ever see. While channels like LifeSizePotato will specialize in some rare and expensive handguns, The Forgotten Weapons team travels to auctions all around the US, finding one of a kind guns that range from pistols to rifles and cannons. They explain the mechanics and history as well as give exciting competition demonstrations of them working in action.
  3. The Ammo Channel: This guy is the alchemist of guns. Not only does he reload and test all kinds of ammunition types against things like steel, fruit, ballistic gel, but he also has an extensive knowledge of machining. His most recent project is re-welding and re-building a belt-fed semi-auto 7.62x54r machine gun and the process has been amazing. For anyone who is a gear head, this is the channel you should be watching.
  4. EnglishShooting: I’m putting this guy in the #4 slot because someone has to throw the Brits a bone when it comes to guns and it might as well be me. Though this channel focuses on laws and shooting sports in the UK, it’s more than entertaining for us across the pond. EnglishShooting does an excellent job explaining the shooting culture in the land that gun rights forgot and he breaks down the politics to encourage new shooters in the Isles to start on their journey towards gun ownership.
  5. Mrgunsngear: MrGnG is an extremely experienced op8r and is one of the most prolific YouTube gun and gear reviewers, you certainly can’t complain about that. With 2-3 videos per week, you will always have something fun to watch. He has a military background and an extensive knowledge of just about every firearm there is. He probably owns every firearm there is as well.
  6. MattV2099: Are you Operator as fuck? No, you’re not, because you’re not MattV2099. Operating operationally in operations with 600 round clipazines and abusing the hell out of his poor glock and AK’s, MattV will shove any kind of food or liquid substance into every crack and crevice of a gun and shoot it to see if it will work. His 360 no scopes are always on target, and he never holds back when giving his opinions on the awesomeness or shittiness of guns.
  7. Fireman1291: Let’s be honest, he’s only here because he complained about not being on the last list. Truthfully, Fireman does extensive qualitative review on everything NFA. From full auto’s to SBR’s/SBS’s and every silencer in existence, Fireman has hundreds of videos covering just about every NFA product you can think of. It’s very informative to watch him compare the effects of several different pistols using the same can’s and whether they are run dry or wet.
  8. CarniK Con: Hands down, flat out, the absolute funniest gun related channel on YouTube. To say his videos are legendary is an understatement of epic proportions. Bringing an amazing amount of wit and talent to his gun reviews and comparisons, Dugan Ashley and his team will have you laughing your ass off and ‘Hold an AK’ is a music video that will give you feels you can’t understand. Unfortunately, Dugan was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) and has had to end his time on YouTube due to his complications. As short lived as the channel is, the videos are timeless.
  9. Taofladermaus: Clearly, the oldest of the newish YouTube channels, Tao has some of the best slow motion gun related videos. With multiple slow motion cameras, Tao is able to capture the action from multiple angles, be it a wax shotshell, a steel dart shot shell, a roll of dimes shot shell, silly putty shot shell, or anything else that he can squeeze in a shotgun (That poor giant gummy bear…). Some of his most memorable videos involve using a propane torch to heat test tubes filled up with various liquids or playing with extremely dangerous substances, such as mercury, in a controlled environment of course.
  10. Royal Nonesuch: I think it’s well known that I am what is known as ‘bubba’ when it comes to guns, Nonesuch takes the idea of bubba, cuts it, welds it, and shoots it with reckless abandon. While this guy is just a kid, his fascination with and construction of home built shotguns of every possible kind is downright impressive. Though often flimsily constructed, and usually dangerously so, his creations are functional and always entertaining to watch.