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One question; Is the show worth $1?

Do you think the show is worth a dollar? For the price of a soft drink, you provide so much for our mission. Just be pledging a dollar you get a WLS sticker! Become a patron today!

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When you buy from the WLS store, we use that money to provide content and more cool products every month!

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Just by sharing our show you earn points. Your points are automatically turned into WLS swag and prizes! Leaderboards, badges and more. It’s easy and it’s free.

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Our sponsors support the show, the 2nd amendment and you! Show them some love. We personally order from them as well. They are the companies that we trust to not just take care of us, but to take care of our audience as well! They all have discounts ready for you right now.

For just $1 per episode, this puppy can have clean drinking water.

What? Sarah McLachlan does it… (model is the beautiful Annie.)

Where does the money go?

As I’m sure you can imagine, doing what we do is incredibly expensive. Here are some of the costs that go into bringing WLS every day.

  • Website hosting costs
    • Our website is ridiculously fast and reliable. That doesn’t come cheap.
  • File hosting
    • The Firearms Radio Network sponsors much of our bandwidth costs but there are still substantial costs.
  • Travel
    • If we didn’t travel to events we’d quickly run out of things to write about and talk about. We have to keep the content flowing.
  • Editing
    • We employ an audio editor that edits the show every week. This is a huge job and costs several hundred dollars per month.
  • Equipment
    • Cameras, soundboards, testing gear and more. Extremely expensive
  • There are┬átons more costs not mentioned here.

You might also be interested to know, that we don’t draw salaries. Every penny that comes in goes back into making WLS the absolute best firearms media company┬áthat we can be.