Cult Pledge: Chosen ($15 per show / Coin)

$60.00 / 4 weeks

[box type=”info”] This is our patreon replacement. If you take the pledge and join the cult you will be charged once per month. If you pledge $1 per show, you would get charged $4, once a month, etc. The charge is recurring and you can cancel any time. Rewards are fulfilled one time. Be sure to check your email for your rewards after you sign up![/box]

Congratulations Chosen, you have taken the first step to join the family. Your realized benefits are immeasurable.

You will get:

-1 free Gun Cult Challenge Coin. (Immediate fulfillment) NO WAITING

– Access to the member-only MeWe group

-Option to purchase the Chosen shirt from our store.


Please don’t sign up, get the swag and cancel. The cult will deal with treachery in its own way.