Liquid Transformations: New Services, New Products!

I had a chance to stop by my favorite local gun shop, Liquid Transformations the other day and talked with Steve Waters about what’s new. When we stepped into the back shop, he pulled out his latest creation that really caught my eye! Steve produced a beautifully crafted, convertible OWB/IWB kydex holster that looks like it was fresh off the factory press. I though for sure that it was a new product that they had ordered and were carrying in the shop, but no, Steve is hand making them now, completely customized and competitively priced! He also showed me some of the most insane fiber optic competition sights that are also being produced here in Spokane. Give the video a watch and then drop by their website at or run by their shop if you’re in the area, these are two products you won’t want to miss out on!