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E3 Arms Omega-15 Polymer Lower First Impressions Review

The Omega-15 Poly lower is a new twist on a new idea. It takes ideas like using high strength polymer to lighten the weight, yet maintain much of the durability, it uses an enlarged trigger guard to accommodate for gloves and a flared magwell to aid in loading magazines. There are a lot of other details that went into the making of this interesting new product, so sit back, relax, and let me show you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Overall, I’d give the lower very high marks for high quality parts and great design. It gets a small ding for the small bits of plastic flashing, but other than that, is an extremely well made lower receiver.

About The Author

Savage One

Savage has been shooting and pursuing the hobby of guns, tinkering, and learning about them. He started a YouTube channel at the beginning of 2007 as an experiment and for fun and it has grown into a kind of hillbilly bubba making gun, ammo, and accessory laboratory since then. He lives and works in and around the Spokane area, where there is a vibrant shooting culture and lots of great places to do it in. He has met and worked with lots of great people in the firearms industry there and plans on exploring that more in his videos in the near future. For now, it's all about shooting things and having fun.


  1. Karen Nicholas

    Thanks so much for all the great information! Just learning to build my own, and this is invaluable!

  2. Jeff Lehman, KC8QCH

    Love the show and all the information you guys provide here. Thanks for the info on the e3 lower. Something I will definatly look at for my next build (thinking of going 300 blackout)

    • herrin

      Awesome! Thanks for listening and entering!

  3. MaryAnn Grace

    I appreciate the information

  4. Lenora English

    Great information!

  5. Steve Sanders

    I think the lower would be perfect for the new lightweight AR build I’m doing for my daughter.

    • herrin

      It’s definitely lightweight!

  6. Paul Bailey

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  7. Spencer Bennett

    Great Info !!!!!!! Fixing to start a New Build !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • herrin

      I love building new ones!

  8. Micheal Domayer

    Very nice looking lower. It didn’t look like polymer at first glance.

    • herrin

      Agreed, it looks great!

  9. Hiscore

    Do they make an ambi lower?

    • herrin

      Doesn’t look like it.

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    I really like your pages! Keep up the great work!

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    Ok, you would have had to ask nicely.

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  29. Savage Chromasign

    My god, I haven’t checked this page since I posted! Thank all of you for replying and the kind words! I hope this review was helpful.

  30. Charles

    Great video, love the new technology.

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  34. Anum Hellspark

    This is a great initial review. Polymer lowers are something to watch in the future now. Thanks.

    • herrin

      I agree, thanks for checking it out!

  35. Redneck Raider

    Gonna have to look into polymers for my next build.

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      Thanks Eric, that is really nice man! We appreciate your support!

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    Even though I carry a polymer handgun, there’s just something about a polymer lower that doesn’t sit right. I’m a big perfectionist and the flashing would be a no-go for me. One question though, can you cerakote these? I would assume if you cut the flashing off and cerakoted it, then you might end up with a really nice and lightweight piece.

    • herrin

      Not sure about the Cerakote. We’d have to ask someone who does it.

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