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Bullpup Unlimited Remington 870 Kit

Bullpup Unlimited Remington 870 Kit

The Bullpup Unlimited Remington 870 stock kit is a pretty awesome upgrade to your old warhorse if you are in the market for a space gun. In addition to working with most Remington 870 variants, this kit will also work with the chinese brand Hawk 982r. You want to avoid variants that have a vent-ribbed barrel because that will not fit the conversion kit. Along with being compatible with the 870’s, it will also accept magazine tube extensions, which I talk about in the video below. The $360 price tag might be a bit high for some, but combined with a used 870 or Chinese knockoff, can come in at or just above the same price range of a Kel-Tec KS7, which is the closest analog.

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Savage One

Savage has been shooting and pursuing the hobby of guns, tinkering, and learning about them. He started a YouTube channel at the beginning of 2007 as an experiment and for fun and it has grown into a kind of hillbilly bubba making gun, ammo, and accessory laboratory since then. He lives and works in and around the Spokane area, where there is a vibrant shooting culture and lots of great places to do it in. He has met and worked with lots of great people in the firearms industry there and plans on exploring that more in his videos in the near future. For now, it's all about shooting things and having fun.

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