Bedding a Remington 700 Scope Base (It’s Not as Racy as It Sounds)

The Remington 700 is an excellent platform to build a precision rifle on, however, it does require a little bit of elbow grease. Because of the methods used to manufacture these actions the top doesn’t typically line up quite right front to back. Because of this, a one piece scope base will often be forced to bend when properly torqued. This puts stress on the receiver, the base, and the scope and cost you valuable accuracy. In this video I lay out my simple method for bedding a one piece scope base on a Remington 700 receiver. Bedding the scope base ensures that the rail sits level, which in turn alleviates stress and should improve your accuray.

We Like Shooting and the author are not responsible should you jack up your gun. That’s on you.

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Nick has been working in the firearms industry since he was 18. He has worked as a barrel maker, a gunsmith for a high-end rifle company, and a consultant. Nick is an NRA certified instructor. He joined WLS near the beginning. In 2016 he moved from his home in Montana to Colorado, and has been raising hell with Shawn ever since. Nick is currently the manager and gunsmith for a small shop in Colorado Springs.

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