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Benchmade 375 Adamas Fixed Blade

Benchmade 375 Adamas Fixed Blade



I was taken back a little bit by the beautiful design of this blade. I love a good fixed blade and appreciate the artistry that goes along with the design.

First thing I did after removing the blade from the package was to check the edge on the blade to see how sharp it was. Plain and simple, it took the hair off my face, no joke. (Don’t try that at home, or ever for that matter.) It has one hell of an edge on it. After that I went to the pile of cardboard stacked in my basement for the wood burner and proceeded to carve apart about 10 boxes. It pushed through with ease, just slicing right through. Then I went and stabbed a few pumpkins just for good measure and cut apart some aluminum cans. At the end of all of that it still takes the hair off my forearm. I’m sure more rigorous use will be done in the near future, but for doing all that it seems to be holding an edge.

Wrapping the handle was a breeze. The video on the Benchmade website explained it well. It took me probably 10 minutes or less and it came out looking good. Just be careful and pay attention and you can have it looking good in no time.

Balance of the knife is good. It’s right about the top of the handle just before the finger guard. Spent a few minutes throwing it into a box. Handled well, though with the wrap on the handle it throws the weight off when throwing.

The serration on the back of the blade is aggressive. I cut through a 2-inch branch on a tree outside in a matter of minutes. Sure it isn’t a chainsaw, but it should do in a pinch.

The belt clip seems a little convoluted. When worn vertically on the belt it rides too high for my liking. Feels like I’m going to flay my side open every time I pull it out. Wish it sat lower down off the belt. That being said, the belt clip does fit on MOLLE webbing. I attached it to my plate carrier with ease. Though it does feel a bit floppy when sitting on there.

I like the solid one piece construction. Doesn’t get too thin in any area where breakage could occur.

All in all, I think I’m in love with this blade. It’s going on my combat rig and will see plenty of use in the future. I recommend this to anyone who needs a good survival knife or might be heading downrange.

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Jeremy grew up in a small farm town in Ohio He started shooting at 8 yrs old with a lever action Marlin Gold Trigger. He spent four Years USMC and was awarded the company high shot. He also spent five years riding bulls, and worked several years as a security agent for a heavy metal band. Jeremy is also a NRA pistol instructor. You can also find Jeremy on his website at

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