Shot Show 2016 – ESEE Knives

At Shot Show 2016: 1095 carbon steel knives with a no questions asked, transferable lifetime warranty. What’s not to like about that?

The “Hagane” Carbon steel knives are the choice of advanced users and professionals who seek superb cutting performance. It requires extra maintenance, but there are many carbon knives lovers for it’s special advantage and taste. We offer high-end hand forged carbon blade knives from Japan’s top skilled craftsmen and forge-smiths.

Carbon steel is typically defined as an alloy of Iron and Carbon in which the main interstitial alloying constituent is Carbon (Ranging between 0.12–2.0%). Some definitions also state that their total mass should contain no more than 1.65% Manganese and no more than 0.60% Copper. Unlike Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel contains either little or no elements that reduce corrosion, which means that it can discolor and rust relatively easily. Consequently, it requires more care and maintenance than Stainless Steels.

It is also especially important to dry the blade and handle of Carbon Steel knives after hand washing because any remaining water might lead to discoloration and eventual rusting, this knives are not only used for cooking but as Self Defense Knives, favorite ones in martial arts. Before storing the knife, we advise that the blade is given a very light coat of a non-perishable oil that is relatively P.H. neutral, such as camellia oil (Tsubaki Oil), jojoba oil, Ballistol All-purpose Oil, or mineral oil. Place a small drop of the oil on a soft clean cloth, kitchen paper, or a disposable tissue. After oiling, please put the blade back inside the folded piece of corrosion-inhibiting paper that it was originally shipped with, as it will help to prevent corrosion.