Which Glock is Best for Your Buck?

Which Glock is Best for Your Buck?

This is a question that I had to spend a lot of time pondering. I bought a Kel-Tec SUB-2000 a few years ago, and it came with the Glock 17 magazine compatibility, so I have been on the hunt for one ever since.

Last month, I had gotten beyond my point of desperation. I NEEDED MY GLOCK. Now, I’ve had a Winchester 70 Stealth in .308 for about five years and though I had quite a bit of fondness for it, I had only taken it out to shoot maybe once per year. It was beautiful, big, heavy, expensive to feed, but I just needed to get my pistol.

I posted it for trade for a Glock + cash or something interesting. I got a reply from a guy who had a Glock 22 (.40 cal), a Wolf 40-9 conversion barrel (threaded as well), six magazines (40 and 9 mm mixed) and a Walther P22. It was too good a deal, in my eyes, to pass up. We met in a parking lot, exchanged and it was love at first sight.

Now, I wanted a G22 to begin with because my plan was to get the 9 mm conversion barrel to use with my lead reloads, so the package was perfect. The other bonus of the G22 is that you can change it to a .357 SIG with a simple barrel change and you can use the .40 mags for not only the .357 SIG, but for the 9 mm as well. Advantage Arms also sells a .22 conversion kit, so by getting a G22, two barrels and a conversion slide, you can effectively have four flavors of guns in one. All this, and the mag compatibility with my SUB-2000 means I have to buy only one kind of magazine and one type of ammo and it will work on both platforms.

If you wanted to push compatibility even further, a new firearm, the Aero Survival Rifle by TNW, is coming on the market soon. The Aero Survival Rifle uses Glock magazines and will be able to convert between 9 mm, .40, and .45.

There are new and exciting guns and a trend of modularity coming to the firearms industry that are getting pushed by innovative companies (such as Kel-Tec and TNW) that want to build on and compete with the big boys.

The mix of tried and true with cross-compatibility translates into effective, reliable, and economic firearms that everyone can enjoy, even on a budget.

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Savage has been shooting and pursuing the hobby of guns, tinkering, and learning about them. He started a YouTube channel at the beginning of 2007 as an experiment and for fun and it has grown into a kind of hillbilly bubba making gun, ammo, and accessory laboratory since then. He lives and works in and around the Spokane area, where there is a vibrant shooting culture and lots of great places to do it in. He has met and worked with lots of great people in the firearms industry there and plans on exploring that more in his videos in the near future. For now, it's all about shooting things and having fun.


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