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My name is Shawn Herrin, And our Guest is Taylor Rhodes of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners



Taylor D. Rhodes is Rocky Mountain Gun Owners’ Executive Director and serves under a volunteer board. He handles all executive decision-making and lobbying concerns for RMGO, Colorado’s largest gun rights organization. Taylor brings RMGO a record of exceptional leadership and a strategic vision for winning campaigns, building grassroots organizations, and effectively influencing elected officials.  


A Fairfax, VA native, Taylor earned his bachelor’s degree from The University of Southern Mississippi. While at Southern Miss, he founded USM’s College Republican Chapter, served as State Treasurer for the Mississippi Federation of College Republicans, and was heavily involved in Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc.


Taylor then founded his political consulting firm in 2014, Rhodes Consulting, LLC. Since the start of his firm, he has run, managed, and advised political campaigns, advocacy groups, and PACs, from municipal level elections to presidential races. After Taylor joined RMGO in 2018, he has worked tirelessly to restore Colorado’s individual liberties by using non-traditional, no-compromise lobbying tactics that many others at the Capitol simply don’t have the guts to use. 


Using bold tactics, Taylor has gained nationwide recognition and continues to put RMGO at the forefront of Colorado politics.









Rocky Mountain Gun Owners @rmgo_official



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