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Get medical training!

Car accidents, household accidents, mass shootings, crazy people, shooting ranges. Shit happens, we all know that. Sometimes though when it doesn’t happen to us, we assume we are safe. I don’t want to shatter your fantasy world, but you are not safe. Bad things happen. Every day. Often we can’t control these things, what we can do, is train and prepare to respond to them.

By our reckoning, there are 4 key areas to train in. Firearms, medical, combatives and survival.

Medical was very high on my list and late in 2015 I was able to follow through on my plan. I was able to take a very advanced class and get Tactical Combat Casualty Care certified. TCCC is a Department of Defense course that introduces evidence-based, life-saving techniques and strategies for providing the best trauma care on the battlefield. Put simply, you learn to plug holes and keep someone alive until the real help arrives.

Whether it’s TCCC, CPR, First-Aid or all three and more,¬†get the training, get the kits and be prepared. Now for some humor.

Thanks to Ebbs from Haus of Guns!

Special thanks to Livefire Armory and PDTSS for the range. Thank you to Dark Angel Medical and Skinny Medic for discounts on the IFAK’s.

Dark Angel Medical

We talked to Kerry Davis from Dark Angel Medical.

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Shawn Herrin

As a certified NRA instructor, fervent shooter and IPSC competitor, safe, responsible, ethical and legal gun use are my passions. Whether handloading, practicing, studying or reviewing items, I am constantly focused on guns and shooting. Staunch supporter of the Bill of Rights and very proud American.

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