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Welcome to the We Like Shooting Show, episode 551

Our CAST is Jeremy Pozderac, Savage1R, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn Herrin.


Tonight we’re going to talk about: GunCon 2024, plate carrier placard drama, an ATF shootout, and more!


Guest  Information: Jon Patton

GunCon 2024: https://guncon.net/

IG: The Gun Collective @theguncollective


Gear Chat 

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Shawn – 

  1. Plate Carrier Placard drama
  2. 3D Printing – MacDaddy V2 – DB9 Alloy
  3. Suppressor wait times
  4. DD H9 vs Sig Xmacro Comp and why IG users are retarded.
  5. WLS Tattoo
  6. Larry
  7. Listener Survey reminder


Nick – Mantis X Blackbeard


Gun Fights!




ATF Shootout

#Aaron’s Alley


Can or should the NRA survive the onslaught of all their other lawsuits?

The NRA is involved in three major lawsuits: NY v. NRA et al, DC v. NRA Foundation, and NRA v. Vullo.

  • NY v. NRA et al involves allegations of self-dealing and misappropriation of funds by NRA executives, with a trial scheduled for the Remedy phase in July.
  • DC v. NRA Foundation alleges improper diversion of funds and could lead to significant problems for the NRA and the Foundation.
  • NRA v. Vullo focuses on government suppression of free speech rights and is pending a Supreme Court decision.

Going Ballistic

All news stories are brought to you by Pew Report! https://pew.report (code: WLSTRIAL for a free month!)


Jeremy  Reads 

Graham W: Five stairs.

Five Stars from Nunya Biznus: 

Hopefully i time this review right. In honor of black history month I thought I would write a review comparing the cast to famous black people.

Shawn is like Oprah, a rich fat windbag who likes to talk.

Aaron is like Sammy Davis Jr because Shalom.

Jeremy is like Chris Dorner for minecraft reasons.

Nick is like Tyra Banks because of the IBS.

Savage is like Uncle Tom because he seems like the Uncle Tom equivalent for gun people.

Five Stars from Trucker Matt: 

I listen religiously on Spotify each week while I’m driving my truck routes, as my work schedule only allows me to attend the live shows when I’m on paternity leave. After three little tax breaks, I’m done popping out rugrats.

I love the banger between friends and Jeremy telling the other cast members he’ll kill them, but you know if any of them are in a bind he’d be one of the first ones there to help.

I always learn something new from each episode, and often go back and reference old episodes. There’s a lot to take away from this show, and not just about firearms. An avid reader, usually the likes of Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, Mark Greaney and Brad Thor, I’ve lately been into a lot of post-apocalyptic/SHTF books. Having finished the most recent books in the “Home” series by A. American and the “Black Autumn” series by Jason Ross and Jeff Kirkham, I’m in the middle of “One Second After” based on the fact that Jeremy makes mention of it often. Also because of what Jeremy has said, I’ve started purchasing manuals on homesteading and Army manuals on small-unit tactics, defensive fortifications and even improvised munitions.

I wish I could rate this show as higher than five stars, as I don’t believe that five stars is enough for what I’ve taken away from We Like Shooting. My only complaint is that I wish the shows were longer, but I know most of you have lives outside of WLS.

Keep up the great work, and I hope that if I run into any of you when The End Of The World As We Know It happens, you think twice about shooting me right away.

P.S. when my dad died unexpectedly this past May, I wasn’t doing too great mentally, but having you guys to listen to each week helped a lot. So thank you.

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