We Like Shooting 550 – Soft-J

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Welcome to the We Like Shooting Show, episode 550

Our CAST is Jeremy Pozderac, Savage1R, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn Herrin.

 Tonight we’re going to talk about: 

Gear Chat 

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 Aaron – Foxtrot Mike’s Hyperfire trigger

  1. Shawn – Vortex Impact 4000
    1. Kestrel 5700x Elite
    2. Vortex Customer Service experience
    3. Strike BT Tracker Holder
    4. Listener Survey
    5. Tattoo

Gun Fights!



ATF Inspector Stops Firearm Purchase Claiming Buyer Smelled of Marijuana

#Aaron’s Alley

Gun Ban for Non-Violent Illegal Immigrant Found Unconstitutional

Going Ballistic

All news stories are brought to you by Pew Report! https://pew.report (code: WLSTRIAL for a free month!)

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Jeremy  Reads 

Five stars from Kevin: 

You guys are the best I look forward to listening

To you ever week. I listening from episode 1 about 2

Years ago thanks for all the laughs and knowledge.

Five Stars from Dustin R: 

Hey guys. Please read in annoying funny voice. Great show. Basically the only podcast I listen to. Been listening to the show for the last 5 years and tried to listen to every episode, some were just awful. Anyway. Aaron’s adventure with a 22 suppressed pistol. Most 22 pistols will always be subsonic due to barrel length. Keep up the show and play the mariachi intro for Jeremy. Five stars

Five Stars from We Like Shooting Survivor: 

5 Stars. This show is highly offensive trash, but you kind of like it. The guys will viciously assault your earpussies with their word dicks and pump their warm gooey gun knowledge right into your brain. Then when you think its done they will fly you to their private sponsor island and let the coupon codes violate your walletpussies. The large one will have his way with your dogussy and the handicap cast member will make you undress and solve complex math problems on chalkboards that are too high. Hopefully this review has satisfied your eyepussies. I’m going to go take a very long shower with water that can’t get hot enough. Remember the last Wednesday in April is denim day so wear your jeans!