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Welcome to the We Like Shooting Show, episode 546

Our CAST is Jeremy Pozderac, Savage1R, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn Herrin.

 Tonight we’re going to talk about: 

Gear Chat 

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  1. Aaron – more SW22 Tandomkross adventures
  2. Shawn – Listener Survey
    1. Dillon Precision – Reloader.com
    2. Dangerous Freedom Video
    3. Anderson Mfg – Kiger 9C Pro
    4. Arken Optics
    5. Primary Arms starting to release ACSS Vulcan red dots
  3. Jerambe –  
  4. Savage1r – Completed Paragon-9
  5. Nick – Ace XR

Gun Fights!



Lets laugh at Sig

#Aaron’s Alley

Really well said from Eric, at Nutrient Survival. 

 There is a movement afoot to erase our history. To purge both defining moments and ugly scars  alike from our memory. To remove the evidence of the struggles we have endured as a Nation that have shaped our very being. To find fault in every forefather to virtuously justify boxing them up and putting them away, removing their remembrance from  the record.  The objective is clear.  Without proof of our past, we will be told what to believe, and this will soon become our collective new truth. That’s where it’s headed.

Going Ballistic

All news stories are brought to you by Pew Report! https://pew.report (code: WLSTRIAL for a free month!)

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Jeremy  Reads 

Five Stars from Jesse K:

The members of this podcast seem like the guys who could be your best friends…if you like being friends with assholes. Thank you.

Five Stars from Hareeb Alls: 

Great podcast, I try to time the episodes with my commute to work. I realized that I was failing as a parent as my kids had never seen the Goonies so while watching with them, I couldn’t help but realize how closely the cast matched some of the characters.

Shawn is obviously Mikey the main character with delusions of grandeur, horribly failing at trying to keep the show on the rails while mainly focused on finding ways to attain new gear (treasure) to keep for himself.

Nick would be Brandon, Mikey’s older brother. Not for his athleticism but because he seems like the quiet older brother type who at times will drop in with some wisdom or just a desire to shit on both literally and figuratively other’s ideas or dumb moments all while hanging out with those that he feels are below him.

Aaron while it seemed would be close between Mouth because he never knows when to shut his and Chunk for his inability to do anything positive other than provide some comedic relief with the “truffle shuffle” it doesn’t really matter because they are just supporting characters that don’t bring any depth to the story.

Savage would clearly be Data both in stature and always wanting to provide some physical thing to make the group story better because they are both empty inside. Every now and then they will come up with a win and cling to it.

Jeremy, clearly, is sloth. A large overbearing presence who desires to be the center of attention but always comes through in the end even when someone like Aaron (Chunk) needs help. I can just hear him yelling “Hey you guys!” in my head.

All in all, highly recommended for anyone who wants to listen to a handful of friends talk and discuss firearm related material.

Five Stars from I dye my pubes, too: 

Shawn, lately I’ve been hearing you use the term “gun people” to refer to those in the firearms industry. Frankly, I find the lumping of the diverse individuals in the gun community under a single term to be racist, homophobic, and overall bigoted. As a rimfire-American, you owe it to those around you to show proper respect for others’ background and struggles.

Nick is a good upstanding centerfire-American.

I’m not sure what Jeremy is but considering he was made after 1898 I believe he may be illegal for civilians, or if you have to ask how much you can’t afford it.

Aaron is a shotshell-American. Just remember, it’s a major faux pas to ask him his ga(y?)uge.

Savage is a muzzleloader.