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“NICS Gun Sales Skyrocket: Forget Santa, Uncle Sam’s Sleigh was LIT in 2023!”

  • Issue Discussed: Record-breaking NICS firearms sales in December 2023 and for 2023 overall.
  • Background: The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), a U.S. system for verifying eligibility to buy firearms, experienced an unprecedented surge in 2023, and gun enthusiasts couldn’t be happier, while gun control advocates are sounding alarm bells.
  • Relevant Details: December 2023 sales recorded 1.74million checks.
  • A Yearly View: The overall number of NICS checks in 2023 shattered prior records.
  • Final Thoughts: Whether this trend is alarming or celebratory is a matter of perspective; let’s hope responsible gun ownership prevails.
Click to read more about Uncle Sam’s wild sleigh ride in 2023.

“Golden State’s Concealed Carry Roller Coaster: Cali’s CCW Rules Get Blocked…Again!”

  • The main issue is California’s restrictions on concealed carry have been once more overturned.
  • Cali’s lawmakers are known supporters of tighter gun-control while gun owners and pro-2A groups consistently fight for less restrictions.
  • Due to the recurring cycle, carry-enthusiasts feel like they’re on a constitutional roller coaster, while policy makers insist it’s for the greater safety.
  • The specifics of this ruling revolve around the “good cause” requirement for CCW permits, highly contested as it’s considered arbitrary and discriminatory.
  • As a gun owner, and a believer in 2A rights, watching California do the cha-cha slide with their carry laws isn’t as entertaining as it sounds. It’s a stark reminder of the constant tug-of-war between gun control advocates and those fighting for individual freedom.
Read the full article here

“Illinois Shoots Blanks Trying to Register Guns: Residents Say ‘No, Thanks'”

  • Issue: Despite laws in Illinois requiring gun registration, masses of noncompliance reported.
  • Parties: Illinois lawmakers set law, gun owners and Firearm Safety Act Committee shoot back with resistance and confusion.
  • Details: The Firearm Safety Act includes a hefty fee and embarrassment of paperwork hassle, sparking a civil disobedience movement.
  • Thoughts: Reading this feels like a cinematic standoff, minus the well-timed tumbleweed. Looking forward to seeing how the wild-west of Illinois handles this political shootout.
Full Story Here

“Everytown’s Whopper: ‘Strict Gun Laws Save Lives’… Everything but the Truth!”

  • Specific Issue: Everytown for Gun Safety is promoting the assertion that stricter gun laws result in fewer firearm-related deaths.
  • Everytown’s Stand: A gun control advocacy group that propagates the idea that tighter laws can significantly reduce gun violence.
  • Counter Point: Critics including Second Amendment advocates and statistical analysts argue that the group’s claims lack substance and overlook major details.
  • Relevant details: The article discusses various studies and data manipulation tactics used by Everytown to justify their argument which critics say is misleading.
  • Final Thoughts: The article posits the need for real discussions on effective solutions for safety, rather than misleading rhetoric from gun control groups.
For more information, find the full story here.

“Pump Shotgun School Tragedy Misunderstood by Antis Ranting for Assault Weapons Ban”

  • The specific issue is the public outcry for an assault weapons ban after a school shooting where the crime was committed with a pump-action shotgun and a handgun, not an assault weapon.
  • Those pushing for the ban (The Antis) are gun control advocates, using this tragedy to re-ignite the conversation about banning assault weapons in the US. Opponents highlight the fact that the incident did not involve an assault weapon, pointing out a misuse of terms and lack of understanding of firearms.
  • The article discusses how the misunderstanding around firearm terminology feeds into this controversy, emphasizing the danger of implementing regulations based on hysteria rather than fact.
  • At its core, the article points out a crucial need for better education about firearms and firearm safety, rather than a blanket ban on firearms that were not involved in the incident.
  • The event once again shows the divide on Second Amendment interpretations but also highlights the importance of accurate information when discussing firearm regulation.
For more, read the article here. Let’s take a moment for common sense before we charge into the controversial wilderness, shall we?

“NRA’s Big Cheese, Wayne LaPierre, Packs Up – Future of NRA Unclear”

  • Issue: Wayne LaPierre, long-standing CEO of the National Rifle Association (NRA), announces resignation.
  • Background: LaPierre has held his role since 1991 and significantly shaped the direction of the NRA. His leadership has been both influential and controversial.
  • Details: LaPierre’s departure leaves a power vacuum within the NRA and questions regarding its future direction. There has been no indication of who his successor may be.
  • Final Thoughts: While some may fire celebratory rounds into the air at LaPierre’s departure, the question still remains… who’s aiming to take the helm next?
Full Story Here

“Washington Gun Prohibition Lobby Unveils 2024 Agenda – How Not to Make Friends and Influence People”

  • The Washington Gun Prohibition Lobby is pushing their 2024 legislative agenda, presenting a renewed challenge for Second Amendment Advocates.
  • The Prohibition Lobby’s primary goals include stricter gun ownership laws for increased public safety, while opponents argue for individual’s right to bear arms.
  • Key points in the proposed legislation includes a ban on “ghost guns”, restrictions on open carry, and ammunition limits.
  • Opponents argue that these measures infringe on law-abiding citizens’ rights and won’t necessarily deter those intent on harm.
  • As an expert in firearms, I believe that a focus on mental health and societal issues, rather than further gun restrictions, may offer a more comprehensive solution to gun violence.
Read Full Article Here

“Michigan’s New 2024 Gun Law: A Classic Case of Aiming at the Wrong Target”

  • Issue: Michigan’s newly minted gun laws for 2024 designed to reduce violence, though experts believe they may instead infringe on citizens’ rights.
  • Background: The ‘for’ camp advocates for tighter gun control citing recent violent events, whereas the ‘against’ camp comprises of gun rights activists who believe in uncompromised Second Amendment rights.
  • Details: The law includes stricter background checks, raises minimum age for gun ownership, and mandates secure storage of firearms.
  • Effect: Critics argue these laws won’t reduce violence but act as stumbling blocks for law-abiding gun owners.
  • Final Thoughts: An effective focus should be on tackling the root causes of violence, instead of putting another lock on our gun safes.
For further reading, check the full article here.

“Gun Rights Org Throws Hat into the Ring in PA Drama”

  • Issue Discussed: The dispute is over a Pennsylvania case, focusing on denial of gun rights.
  • Background: An eminent gun rights organization has filed an amicus brief to support the gun rights appeal in Pennsylvania.
  • Article Details: The Ammoland article highlights the organization’s firm belief in Second Amendment rights, and their active involvement in supporting key litigation.
  • Final Thoughts: Just when you think bureaucracy couldn’t get any more tangled…
Read the full story here
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