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Welcome to Double Tap, episode 347! your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, and me Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!

Tonight we’re going to talk about:

Policy and Powder


Tom M: Hello,

I am picking out an optic for an 18 inch barreled, DMR style AR build. I’m currently looking at either the swampfox Warhawk 2-10, or the Kentucky long 2-12. The warhawk is about $60 more, and the Kentucky Long has slightly more magnification. Beyond this, I don’t see a ton of differences. Does anybody have experience with both or a recommendation one way or the other? Or, are there other recommendations for this magnification range in the $400-500 price point you would recomend? I know I could do a 1-10 LPVO like the Arrowhead, but I have LPVOs on other rifles and am wanting something a little different for this one.


Heffe Lagarto:

Real hungry, out of pocket cheese. Shooud i eet thes mushrom i find or the berries? Its raininnng have poncho. What if there s a poop? Thank yu the show i like. Hongry. I woud even eet chilee wit no beens

Josh B: 

Heys guys. Looking into getting a Trijicon sro clone. Was looking at the swamp fox justice 2 and the Gideon optics omega and the holosun 507 comp. But the comp is huge. Not really digging that one but an option. Have you guys used any of these optics this will be going on a shadow 2 compact. Love the shows thanks again guys and Aaron.

Real Deal: 

When the SSB becomes the main currency and we all have to grab the rifle to defend it, Why 16″ over 11.5″. Shawn in past had espoused his SHTF rifle as an 11.5 from a former sponsor. Now he is ride or die for his 16″ from a current sponsor. Sponsor not withstanding, Why 16″ over 11.5″ now? Are you planning on longer distance engagements? CQB is not your concern? Love the show but that had me thinking! Keep up the dangerous freedom and protect that SSB!! #SSB #WLSisLIFE #CheeseSelection

Greyson Duh

You down with OPP? Who’s down with OPP? We know Aaron is but when it comes of Other Power Possibilities what are the casts thoughts on alternate power supplies? I know Jerambe has a 40,000 kWh diesel generator but not everyone does. Whats the thought on solar “generators”. Ive been looking at a portable generator that is dual fuel (gas/propane) that could run things in house and the camper. But Solar ones are quiet and offer great portability. Talk it out and let us know what you recommend so we can shill the doll hairs towards it.

Brendon W

Hey guys so I’m in the market for a marlin 1895 dark series in 45-70, with the intent to suppress it. Jeremy mentioned this combo briefly in a past episode. In your opinion what is the best quality suppressor for this. Thanks

Jerry H

Ok, here’s the scenario: The zombie apocalypse has begun and your local law enforcement has given citizens carte blanche to eliminate all zombies. As hundreds of them approach your house you grab your rifle, a dozen mags, and your ear buds. Question: What song do you choose to play on repeat as you dome zombies?

My choice is Iron Maiden’s Die With Your Boots On


I mean is this too much??? I’m on board for a bitty 32 can. Vers375 by the way. I do have a Rugged Obsidian 9 in jail, hoping that the short configuration is pretty good for this combo in the meantime.

Zac C:

I have recently inherited a World War 1 era military surplus Colt 1911 from my grandfather’s estate. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, someone got the bright idea to try to Chrome/Nickle plate the pistol, which is now falling off. I want to restore the pistol to its original factory condition, but I also know that you shouldn’t restore guns like these. With all this in mind, which is the better thing to do, leave the pistol as is, or restore the firearm?

Winner Tom M:

Submit your questions to welikeshooting.com/dearwls


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