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Welcome to Double Tap, Episode 228, your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, My name is Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!


#WackyWeapons (where we weigh the pros and cons of types of weapons) 

WTF is this?






Dr. Buttshit: 

10.5 ar for boogle activities. Prism or lpvo and which ones. Also jeremy for president.”


Sam H: 

Should I buy bulk 5.56 or .223? I need something to stock pile which is duty grade, so to speak. I have a 10.5 1/7 twist. And a 14.5 1/7 twist. Both 5.56 nato chambered. I Thought m193 was king for the speed but the internet disagrees sometimes. I realize I should buy smaller quantities and test and I will but I wanted to ask first. Thanks guys and sorry if I wasted your time again Jeremy.


Big Dub: 

Sup buds, if you guys were to choose a 9mm subcompact to carry, which one would you choose and why? Im between the glock 43 and p365, others options would be appreciated, thanks


Gerald S: 

Hey fellas to make a super long story short I was raided in October of 2020 by my state police. (Aron may recognize what happened then as a fellow Michigander) I was raided in connection to some bad dudes that I was boog prepping with. I was never charged with any crime but they still took all of my firearms and all electronics in my house. It’s been nearly a year now and still waiting for my stuff back. I want to pursue a career in the firearms industry will this event hinder me from getting an FFL and such. Just for clarification I got my CPL after the raid as well have bought many firearms since thanks guys #poz4prez


Josh R: 

Hey guys, looking to build an ar in alittle of a different caliber, I’m considering 204 rugar, 224 valk, 6mm arc, and 6.5 grendal, I would like to keep the rifle to more of all purpose but with alittle more capability than 5.56, also before Sean says anything, I’m alittle hesitant on 6mm arc simply because it’s new and I don’t think I’ve even seen ammo for it anywhere near me yet, and hesitant on 204 rugar because technically it’s illegal to hunt with in nc, I’m really leaning towards 6.5 grendal but what are your thoughts thanks guys


SoutheastCO Dave: 

What is your opinion on Boyd’s stocks? I know the 350 Legend builds were Boyd’s but never heard much about the quality. I’ve got a Browning X-bolt in .300wm that is in need of a new stock. Due to it being a pickup gun for a couple years, it’s been dinged, scratched, and have recently noticed that it’s touching the barrel in uncomfortable ways. McMillan has one fiberglass stock for around $700 and GRS has a few for just about $800. Other than those, Boyd’s is the only other manufacturer I’ve found that makes stocks for a long action x-bolt. Applications will be hunting and some longish range steel ringing. I don’t care about weight, so if there’s a chassis option that I don’t know about, I’m all ears (take that as you will, Shawn


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