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WLS Double Tap 203 – Nick Hates Llamas

WLS Double Tap 203 – Nick Hates Llamas


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Welcome to Double Tap, Episode 203, your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Nick Lynch, Aaron Krieger, My name is Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!


Our cast for episode 203 is Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger, Jeremy Pozderac!

#WackyWeapons (where we weigh the pros and cons of types of weapons) 

anti-infiltration’ boots


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Hound Dog

PLEASE HELP Great Cult Leaders! I am so confused after listening to the #TheMeateaterPodcast last week. They were discussing SSSB, which at first I just assumed meant Shawn’s Sweet Sweet Butthole. But then they explained it meant Same Sex Sexual Bucks. I don’t understand! Is the exchange rate on an SSB equal to a Buck? Is Shawn Same Sex Sexual? Is Shawn a Buck? Is Shawns’ Butthole a Buck? Is the Butthole Same Sex Sexual? Where they wrong and it’s really Same Sex Shawns’ Butthole? Are Shaw and Sexual Synonyms? I’m so confused please help. #HoundLife #4/16/21


Dustin G

Jeremy, your sorta wrong about 6.5 Grendel/6 ARC bolts. Hornady limited the pressure of the ARC down to accommodate the thin bolt. To say it’s inevitable to break is misleading. And 6.8 SPC/224 Valk use a different bolt with a thicker wall than the 6.5G bolt.

Knowing the target that’s on the back of Pistol Braces, isn’t it doing us a disservice for manufacturers to add them to factory firearms? A criminal would likely either use it as is, which falls back to the AWB argument, or because they don’t care about laws, make an illegal SBR. Either way, the only people adding pistol braces are responsible gun owners.

#5squares #waterboardaaronalready


long live king trump blank

How long did it take for jeremy to come out of the closet considering his size? Also what would be a good brand and type of bullet to use in 22lr for rabbit hunting or would 12 gauge birdshot suffice? #jeremylovesthessb


Jack B

Why does a 40 S&W work in a 10mm auto? I didn’t realize it did until I bought a FK BRNO and saw it in the manual. The internet told me that most 10mm guns can shoot 40 S&W even if the manufacturer doesn’t admit it. I found my 10mm Witness can fire 40 S&W too. But it doesn’t make sense. Being a rimless cartridge they should headspace on the mouth and the 40 S&W is clearly shorter than the 10mm. The 40 S&W should chamber too far into the barrel for the firing pin to hit it.

#itsapoundsign #ssb


Dan T


I’m looking to build a quiet little 22lr plinker to host a suppressor and fit young and old. I am interested in modifying a level action pistol to have an adjustable pistol brace/ threaded barrel. Please comment on this build and provide insight into the base gun to start with.

#I appreciate you!


Casey B

Trying to decide on the optic for the pistol I’m building. Got a poverty pony sitting around and a White Label Armory 10.5 complete kit coming tomorrow. What optic would you put on a shtf build. Waiting on a White Label Armory lower to come in stock to complete it, but got the pony for $50 shipped.

MRO vs Aimpoint PRO vs Holosun 503/510 is my starting points.


Justin F

I am looking to do a 5.56 RECCE rifle style build for my next project. Looking to stay around the 1200 dollar mark. What would you guys recommend for a barrel length, barrel manufacture and optic? I’m expecting this rifle to be capable of CQC out to about 600 yards. Thanks for all the great laughs and helping to get me through the work day. You guys are the best!


Ray G H

O glistening pustules filled to bursting with wit and wisdom,

A listener wrote that he stopped listening to the podcast while “she who must not be named” was on.

Who was SWMNBN?

Was this listener venting his personal spleen, or was there a more widespread dislike of this cast member?

Can you tell the story of SWMNBN for relatively new listeners?

Thank you in advance for slopping my skull hogs.

Five squares.

171 spelled backwards is tacocat.


Ray Gene Hardaan

Submit your questions to


# Not Guns
What animal do you hate



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