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WLS Double Tap 193 – Lady Leprechaun

WLS Double Tap 193 – Lady Leprechaun


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Welcome to We Like Shooting’s Double Tap, Episode 193 Where we answer your questions, talk about new tech in the gun world, and touch base on gun industry news.


Our cast for tonight is Shawn Herrin, Nick Lynch, Aaron Krieger, and Jermey

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The McLaglen-Peskett Close Combat Weapon


Bart Simpson

Have any of you guys used any SLR rifle works handguards for the ak ? Looking at a 9″ for a m10 pistol. Is 9″ worth $188 ?? Oh wait thats what she said ! Great show

Andrew W

A couple of years ago I picked up a Remington 870 Wingmaster manufactured in 1973 for hunting. I haven’t really used it much for hunting since I have a semiauto. Instead, I’ve been thinking of converting it into a general purpose utility shotgun. I know Wilson Combat does custom work on 870s, but do you guys know of any other shops that work on 870s?

Jessica R

I’m going to be getting my conceal carry gun soon, once I turn 21. And I want to know what gun you would suggest for a woman to conceal carry. Do your wives conceal carry and do they have any tips on how?


With the ATF starting to focus on AR pistol braces again, what are your thoughts on using a 1x prism, since it does have an eye relief to it?

Sam H

Hey guys, love the podcast. I have a 14.5 5.56 barrel from Aero Precision, I want to pin/weld and muzzle device. Which should I choose? I’m leaning flash hider, in the unlikely (or likely depending who you ask) scenario of the big luau or any conflict it seems like a very valuable addition to a rifle. But so is rounds on target which a compensator could provide. However 5.56 isn’t all that much kick. Then there are combo devices but I can’t get a good grasp on how worth while they are and I’m being lazy and asking you guys. Fyi, I’m an AR rookie and haven’t experienced a compensator. Thanks for your time.

Desert D

I’m looking to buy my first suppressor and I need a recommendation for a 45 can that will primarily live on my Omega HK UMP 45 clone. My first choice was the Rugged Obsidian 45 based on reviews and the fact that there’s 3 lug option because the UMP only has a 3 lug. However I found out that the 3 lug Rugged sells for their cans is for 9mm 3 lugs not 45 AARP.

My ideal suppressor would have multiple direct thread adapters available along with a booster on top of the correct 3 lug as I only want to own 1 pistol can. I won’t be firing rifle calibers through it but it’d be nice if it can handle higher pressure pistol rounds like 10mm and 5.7. I liked the feature the obsidian has where you can shorten the can but it’s not a deal breaker if your recommendations don’t have that. User serviceable is required but I think most cans have that.

I love your show and I can say it’s the only gun podcast I truly listen to and never miss. Keep up the good work and fuck Savage.

Nick T.

Can a 5.56 suppressor be used for a 22-250 bolt gun? Specifically my Stealth Project Stealth-Ti. After you had the Stealth Project Team on the show a few episodes ago I used your discount code and made an impulse purchase. It gets so dam confusing with all the different manufacture recommendations and limitations. I know Jeremy is going to be a dick and say yes it does dumb ass. My issues isn’t hole size its what it is reted for. Jeremy is still the best cast member.


Travis M

Hey guys

I’m looking at getting a new scope for a CZ457 to compete in NRL22 style matches that are offered here in Canada called the Canadian Rimfire Precision Series. We shoot out to 300

metres – 330 yards with 22LR. Production division allows optics valued at upto $700 US. I’m looking at a Vortex Diamondback Tactical or an Athlon Argos BTR Gen 2 both 6-24x50mm. They are very similar except the Athlon has a zero stop and 60 moa of adjustment while the Vortex has 65 moa of adjustment and no zero stop. I am leaning toward the Athlon because I like the idea of having a zero stop but I’ve heard you lose the last turret rotation with a zero stop installed.

Can you confirm this is the case and if so how much adjustment would you lose at the bottom end of the Athlon scope? With a 30 moa rail and zero stop installed do you know if I would be able to use the entire bottom half of the 60 MOA of internal adjustment. If not it seems pointless to have a zero stop.


Karl F

Hey all, you guys host the best firearms related podcast out there, keep up the good work. I was hoping you could clarify something for me; there are three things I’ve heard with regards to the 5.56 and 300 blackout calibers which seem to contradict, and I’m hoping you can provide some insight as to which one isn’t true.

1. Given a barrel length of 10.5 inches or greater and a target which is within 100 meters, a quality 5.56 round will have better terminal ballistics than a quality 300 blackout round. IE if you don’t care about the hearing loss, 5.56 is better for home defense.

2. 300 blackout is a decent round to hunt deer.

3. It is inhumane to hunt deer with 5.56.

Clearly one of these is incompatible; I’m guessing #3 but would love your input.

Thanks, Karl


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All about the long range tonight

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