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WLS Double Tap 149 – Stinky Stella

WLS Double Tap 149 – Stinky Stella


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Welcome to We Like Shooting’s Double Tap, Episode 149 Where we answer your questions, talk about new tech in the gun world, and touch base on gun industry news.


Our cast for tonight is Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger, and Jermey

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Since S C D can’t offer coverage in N Y S can you recommend a company that does? Wouldn’t a law that restricts my ability to purchase FLP be an infringement on my right to bear arms? If I can’t afford to use my firearm I would think that’s the same as saying you can’t own one unless you’re rich.


What’s up guys. Just a quick question about bringing a new person into the gun world. My fiancé is relatively new to firearms but she wants to carry. The hang up is that she is not comfortable around guns yet and I’m wondering if you have any advice for getting her more at home behind a pistol. Thanks and keep the #SSB clean for the coronapocolypse


I am looking to get a trigger guard holster for my bedside pistol that I have in a small speed safe. The idea would be to tie off the holster to the safe internally so that when I grab the gun in a sleep, or let’s face it, drunken stupor, I don’t accidentally grab the trigger. When you pull the gun out, the holster will stay with the safe. I believe I saw Rob Pincus talking about this once. I know that Black Rhino makes these but I can’t really find one that is made for a pistol with a light installed. Do you guys have any experience with these? Any idea who would makes one with a light installed. Thank you and keep up the great work!!


Long time listener, I’ve even gotten the wife to where she will listen and enjoy all of the antics you guys pull.  But I think you will get a kick out of the fact that we have 5 year named Stella Beaux.  She may or may not listed with us regularly on family car rides.  We have her convinced that SSB stands for Stinky Stella Beaux.  Poor girl doesn’t even know but she will say “they just said SSB”.  I hope you enjoy the knowledge that your SSB is corrupting my 5 year old little girl. 

I hope you are doing well with all of covid 19 stuff. 

I do have a quick question for you do you have a coupon code for blue alpha gear?  I feel like you used to talk about a code for them, but I dont think I have heard you say a code for them lately.  

Nick T

Shawn are you starting to worry about having to cash in the SSB? Does your heart skip a beat every time the governor or president announces something new that freaks people out? Do you worry Jeremy will kidnap you and use your SSB to get everything he wants from people?


So, my understanding is that muzzle loader /blakcpowder rifles are NOT legally guns. Soooo….. Can I walk into a Starbucks with one? Can someone shoot one in their 20ft by 20ft townhouse backyard? Do you have to check them in with TSA? you know where I’m going with this.


Have any cast members seen Disney/Pixar’s “Onward”? And if so, on a scale of 1 to 10, how hard did you cry?

I came in around a 7.



Where can I get a pen gun? They seem like something cool to play around with. Shawn do you keep one in you SSB. Does anyone on the show have one?

Notta Postal-worker

I know a lot of people say they’d rather violate company policy than to go to work unarmed. My unnamed company considers it a federal violation to carry a firearm on property, including company vehicles, including on your person when you’re off the property and not in a company vehicle. If a situation arose where for some reason I was discovered to be carrying while working, would second call defense cover me? #jointhecult #dicksoutforharambe #epsteindidntkillhimself #covidwasahoax


Not sure what Nick’s condition is but after years of fighting gut issues myself the book “the SIBO solution” changed my life. I couldn’t find a doctor locally that even knew of the disease let alone test and treat it. I was finally able to order and do all the testing myself and get a doctor to work with. I had to travel from NYS to Seattle to get treatment. I was able to do everything with natural “medicines” rather than prescriptions. It’s not cheap but after a decade of being sick, it was worth it. I hope this helps.



Hey y’all tidepods here…

So I’m listening to the story about Oakland and I’m like wow this is awesome but then I started listening louder and I heard what she was actually saying or this article at least.

From the article

“Rather than waiting for violence to occur, teams of community members, law enforcement officers, and social service providers contacted high-risk individuals and delivered a message that the shooting must stop. At the same time, they offered job placement, legal help, counseling, and other support designed to address root causes of violence through a network of social service providers funded by Oakland Unite, a city agency. “

There are several key phrases here that peaked my interest. Legal help job placement and other support.

So I downloaded 107 page report a case for hope.

I don’t have time to analyze the entire thing so I just skipped down to page 37 about social services.

Drug crime, which law enforcement and others had estimated was associated with 

80% of homicides in the city, actually motivated just 5.3% of homicides in Oakland. 

In reality, group and gang dynamics played a far more significant role in driving 

serious violence at the city level. As many as 84% of homicides citywide were group 

member–involved, and the majority of these homicides were the result of personal 

rivalries between and among groups, rather than disputes over drugs.

The problem analysis also showed that most victims and suspects had large numbers 

of interactions with the criminal justice system. In fact, homicide victims and 

suspects in Oakland were arrested an average of 10 times prior to a killing. Seventy-three percent of high-risk individuals had been convicted of a felony, as many as 80% 

had been on probation, and approximately 84% had been previously incarcerated at 

some point.

So essentially they’re saying gun control doesn’t work. They admit it in this paragraph and it’s a data point we need to talk about.

Obviously the 10 prior average arrest is infuriating…. But the smoking gun in this bitch is the 73 % of them convicted of felonies!  

Now personally I believe this felons can’t have guns shit needs to go because if you get let out of jail you’ve paid your time and all your rights should be restored…

Now let’s look into incentives…

Oakland voters passed two bills that were the backbone of this reduction in shootings.

Measure y (2004) and measure z (2014)

From page 47 of the report…

“that formerly incarcerated individuals face in transitioning to 

the workforce, the Center for Employment Opportunities offers 

transportation assistance and daily pay to clients in transitional 

opportunities and then continues to provide incentives for clients to 

retain permanent employment.”

But again that’s not really saying anything. What are the incentives? What it sounds like to me is they’re paying people to stay in their program..

Looking at this program overall we see that (according to them, I haven’t checked their stats via gov websites for

Shootings, homocides etc)  it works … and works quite well. 

 So we then have to ask ourselves do the ends justify the means?  I’m absolutely against socialism but if they’re actually changing people’s lives and lifting people out of a hopeless shitty world of poverty and crime then …. Fuck my principals, it’s worth it.


Thanks for some good shows here lately I listen when I can. Y’all doin good work

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