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WLS Double Tap 136 – Cheney Mania

WLS Double Tap 136 – Cheney Mania


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Welcome to We Like Shooting’s Double Tap, Episode 136, Where we answer your questions, talk about new tech in the gun world, and touch base on gun industry news.


Our cast for tonight is Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch and Jermey

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Mr. Roboto

I’ll be looking into getting a plate carrier after the holidays. Do you guys have any recommendations? I’ll also need to buy some plates. I would assume I could get it all in a bundle together.

Steve L

Thank you for reading and discussing my long winded question on episode 134. I really just wanted to get a conversation going about changing our message, as the one I hear doesn’t seem to be working. I do think my point wasn’t made correctly. The tax I was referring to is the Pittman-Robertson act. That tax is there and that ship has sailed. I don’t think it is reasonable to think we’re going to get it repealed. Instead I think we can influence how it is used better; to protect our 2A right. There are a lot of conservation projects and organizations vying for that money. If we find one that works with us, we can be a lot of support that they would not otherwise have, towards their project. A tit-for-tat thing. We help them get their project if they include something (like a range) in their project. So we get to use the conservation funding for something protecting our 2A right and we help the conservation. I understand and appreciate what Othais was saying and appreciate that input. With that thought I like Jeremy’s idea of organizing the content creators to do some kind of themed time period. Then it shows a unity in the community and it does not come off disingenuous. Anyways thank you for giving my thoughts exposure and keep up the great show. #SSB #WLSISLIFE #GUNCULT

Bronty B

I’m looking at getting a new O/U 12ga for shooting clays. I’ve used the same cheap Stoeger for the last 10 years and it has a lot to be desired. Extraction is unreliable and it just doesn’t have a good fit, feel and finish that makes manipulation unpleasant. I know I don’t need to break the bank since I outshoot half the fudds with blasers but what could I get for under 1k that’s an upgrade from the stoeger. The new cz all terrains look nice.

K Dubbs

Quick question. Why is Uncle Jeeto (Jeremy) not a fan of BCM? I’m not a fanboy just curious. I do own one of their mid-lengths and think it’s a sweet shooter. And I use their stocks, grips and charging handles. Their muzzle brakes work

Well too. Shit…I am a fanboy.

Thanks for the content!!

Matt L

Dear WLS,

Unfortunately I know none of you are lawyers but I figured it would be a good question to ask considering some of you have an sot now. If you use a registered NFA item such as a SBR, SBS, or suppressor in a self-defense situation can the cops legally confiscate your NFA item? Technically speaking that item is registered to you as an individual. As far as I know if you hold a tax stamp and are pulled over in your vehicle or even at the range shooting, a LEO (or whoever) can ask to see the tax stamp but I’m sure you dont have to show them and can tell them to fuck off. This was just something that I was thinking about considering I now keep a suppressed 300 Blackout as just one of my guns for home defense.

Thanks for everything





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